O=Ono Kensho (Purple), H=Hanae Natsuki (Orange), I=Ishikawa Kaito (Blue) O: It’s time for PUBG Mobile
H: It’s here~! I: YAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~Y
H: Thank you very much!! O: Huh?
H: Huh? O: Who’s that? I: Hello, hello! I: I’m Ishikawa Kaito (playing as this ^^^^^ character) I: Thank you for having me!
H: Uwaa, finally!
O: lololol finally! H: Kaito-kun has somehow came onto this channel like nothing happened I: It’s the first time that I was able to be on this channel H:First time!! O: Waa, amazing I: I’m very happy to be here~
H: Shall we go get “donkatsu” (1st place) today?! I: Yeah, let’s do it!! H: I’ve already been playing heaps so just leave everything to me I: Same over here I: I’ve been making videos on PUBG on my channel called “SeiYouTube” I: So leave everything to me H: That’s an amazing name O: lolol I: Yeah, it’s pretty good I: But I didn’t come up with the name myself I: You know I’ve always wanted to have my own channel H: Then… as a foothold I: As a foothold… I: As a stepping stone
O: It’s starting I: I will use this opportunity to promote my channel
H: Is it starting? I: lolol
O: As a stepping stone? lol H: Then surpass me I: Is it possible to surpass you? I: I think that’s impossible O: Let’s go!!! I: It’s starting
H: Let’s go!!! H: Today as well, Yukinyan has joined us

Box: “Yukinyan: A very reliable friend who carried Ono Kensho and Hanae Natsuki to victory” 😉 H: Last time Yukinyan was seriously invincible

Box: “Yukinyan: A very reliable friend who carried Ono Kensho and Hanae Natsuki to victory” 😉 O: But also we have Kaito with us today H: Yeah, today we’re bringing Kaito with us I: This plane is really cute, isn’t it? I: With this Halloween-looking person design T/L: I have no idea what he’s saying here lol sorry T_T H: Does Ono Kensho voice this person? I: Yes T/L: “Donkatsu” is a pun on “Winner winner chicken dinner” I: GROSS! I: After watching that video I also wanted to do it I: I thought for a second “Does this person not understand speed rules?” O: Shut up H: Shut up H: First is looting O: Today we’re aiming to get a 1st place finish with everyone alive, right? H: Yup
I: I see H: All “donkatsu”, yeah? I: I want everyone to “donkatsu” H: Oh yay, I like this weapon H: It’s really easy to use
O: Which one? H: The shotgun H: The one that shoots twice O: Nice H: Just like your older sister (?) I: My older sister? I: Specifically, what do you mean? O: That’s something that you shouldn’t ask I: Huh, so it’s actually something really dirty?! I: No way… H: Oh, a M16A4 H: I like this weapon the most *Ono laughing because he guessed what’s coming next* H: It’s the same feeling I get about your older sister I: Ahhh, I understand now
O: Mhmm H: Do you really understand? I: I understand. Perfectly. I: There is only understanding H: What do you mean? I: Huh? I: Well, you know… it’s that, right? H: Why do you understand if even I don’t understand? H: Why do you understand if even I don’t understand?
I: Hey, wait… I: WAIT>:( I: I know you’re my senior but…. I: Wtf were you talking about earlier then?! O: Scary… O: Scary…
H: Scary… I: No, I mean- I: Then why- I: Why were you guys speaking in that tone? I: Breathing out slightly when you respond- I: and saying those kinds of things? O: Nah nah, we never said those kinds of things
H: Scary… I: But that’s just mean 🙁 H: It’s because you only focus on building muscle I: What did you say? H: Does it also make your voice heavier? I: But doesn’t that have nothing to do with building muscle?! H: You know my channel… H: It’s a wholesome place where everyone gets along I: HAH
O: yesyesyesyesyes H: If people don’t give off a calm demeanour, you know.. H: I’ll be in trouble I: THEN WHY DID YOU CALL ME HERE?! H: Ah see? O: That’s not a very good way to behave, Kaito-kun~ I: Ah, sorry sorry
H: Getting angry so quickly H: The air that you’re giving off is too thick I: Should I thin it out then? H: Yeah yeah, like that I: Okay then- I: Let’s go with this vibe for the rest of today~ H: I think that’s a bit… H: Disgusting H: Disgusting
I: But why?? H: What was that? O: Huh? H: Where was that? O: What’s wrong? O: Don’t tell me… I: No, it’s just that I thought I could see the enemy- I: Wait, no, I just made a mistake H: Now you’ve done it I: Oh shit oh shit oh shit O: You’ve done it now I: nonononono I: Why do I have to go through this I: Even though I only made a mistake? I: He’s angry- oh shit
O: *angry shooting* O: Ah, Yukinyan is here H: Gyeh I: Okay, then us two are going to go ahead for now I: BYEBYE H: I guess your only option is to run away I: IYAAAA~ H: Well well well well, the fun begins now O: Yeah we’re still not close to the enemy O: Ah time to change vehicles H: How do- H: How do I get out? O: You should be able to get out by pressing the button to get out *angry shot* H: OOIII *Hanae can’t find the button to get out* H: I can’t get out!! O: It’s the one that says “gessha” H: “Gessha”? There’s no “gessha” though… O: No “gessha” button? All: No “gessha” button?! H: Ah, is this the “gessha” button? O: How is it? Your first time driving Hanae-chan around? I: Well it’s actually kinda difficult H: I don’t think it’s that difficult
O: I don’t think it’s that difficult I: It’s easy to say that when you’re not doing the driving H: You’re mistaken H: It’s another feature that makes this game fun O: Yep I: I see I: Whenever I’m driving I end up disappearing O: Huh?
H: Disappear? I: Because I become unable to speak O: That’s not good
H: nonono that’s not good I: What’s the trick to being able to talk while driving? H: I wonder… I: What is it, Kensho-san? O: Say appropriate things I: Say appropriate things? lolol H: Mmm, yeah H: Anyways, speak using your brain H: What was that? *chaos* H: What was that? What was that? H: Oh, that was a bombardment zone Moe voice: Even though I hid behind a tree… I: Oh, I think there are enemies here H: We’re here I: Is this going to be okay? O: Let’s do it All: All clear H: All free O: All free H: All free I: What is “All free”? I: Oh sorry I: I’m not allowed to talk back right? I: That’s just the kind of situation I’m in H: Do your best from here on out I: I’m gradually getting used to it I: Gradually O: JOJO ni ne? O: Who is GiOrNnO GiOvAnNA? H: Be careful H: There are enemies in front of us I: Right now a small car just passed us H: Leave it to me I: Naisu
H: Nai-su! I: Go! I: Hanae-san, over there H: Here I go! H: ORrrrrrRA O: You ran him over H: Naisu O: Was that all of them? H: Doesn’t seem like there’s anyone else O: All right we did it H: It’s clear I: Good job good job H: Naisu O: Thanks I: Aren’t we pro? O: Now, it’s time for Hana-chan to drive H: Oh Hana-chan is driving? I: Hana-san is driving H: Oka~y Leave it to me~ H: This way I: That way, correct H: We’re going hunting I: Going hunting? O: Enemies behind us I: Behind us Hana-chan I: Turn around H: Behind us H: I’m going to go attack them first I: Alright, I’ll leave it to you
O: Alright H: Support me! I: Please go kill them for us
O: Let’s goo H: Over there over there over there O: Chase after them I: Go, you two! *Kaito with professional aim* I: This is going fairly good isn’t it? O: Yeah I: Is it okay that our movements are really split right now though? I: I’m going to go with Yukinyan! H: Ken-chan H: Car H: Drive O: Ken-chan car drive O: Ken-chan is already nervous so O: Let’s go with the two of us H: KeN-cHaN O: Ouu, a boat
H: KeN-cHaN O: Waa, a boat H: OcEaN! O: oCeAn! H: Ocean! O: Looks like Yukinyan is driving the boat for us H: i’M sInKinG O: For some reason I feel like I’ve seen this scene before I: Ahh, the scenery is nice~ O: Agreed H: This kinda of good weather, y’know H: Kinda makes you feel like not wanting to be in a match right now H: Let’s go home H: We should just raise the white flag O: Agreed
I: Agreed H: This is the kind of action game I was born fo- H: AH OVER HERE H: Inside, inside the car O: Where? *More professional aim by Kaito* H: Are we going towards the car? I: Aren’t there people there? H: Near the car? I: There’s people there H: Really? I: Yeah I: But it’s okay I: I’ll protect you H: Oh, it appeared O: How cool H: Knight Kaito is here I: Hana-chan be careful H: At the moment I’m running while shooting O: It’s the marathon sports carnival I: We have no other option but to run! H: Alright, it’s marathon training time I: It’s just the right time isn’t it? O: Huh? Are you… O: still talking about exercise? I: I was talking about the marathon traini- I: Wait, are we not talking about that anymore? I: Huh? Am I the weird one here? I: Or is everyone weird? I don’t know anymore H: The sports festival is in Autumn y’knoooww I: Then uhh, sorry I: Afterwards when you go to edit everything I: You’ll realise that I’m not saying weird things, Hanae H: But.. H: I’ll just edit everything so that in the end… H: I’m the one that’s correct I: Are you the devil?! O: You didn’t know? O: Hana-chan is a demon O: Me as well, I’ve been deceived countless times O: This captain is going to go to the base H: tO tHe bASe! I: If it’s like that then… I: The first one to die will be me I: There’s a loot crate I: YAN I: Ow! H: Aren’t they shooting at us from ahead? I: I’ll leave that to one to you Kensho O: Ah, seems like the air-drop is here H: The time has finally come to get seriou- H: AH A CAR IS COMING FROM THE LEFT I: Oh shit H: From the left? Car on the left H: I’m going in! O: Ah, Yukinyan is- *Hanae has retired* H: 7 people remaining *Ono has retired* O: Damnit! O: Huh? Did you do it? Killed them all? I: We killed all of those guys earlier O: Nice I: But now it’s just us two I: And the main members are no longer here! H: Oh well, it couldn’t be helped O: Yeah, couldn’t be helped I: I have to do it I: Ah? There’s tons of cars here aren’t there? O: All right show me what you’re made of H: The barrier is coming! I: Your voice is too loud I: Yukinya~n! Let’s go in the car~ H: Group up, move as a group H: You can do it H: He’s close H: Only one more left O: Barrier is closing in! I: owow it hurts H: Get in the car! H: Heal yourself first H: I said HEAL I: Come over here Yukinyan O: Yukinyan won’t get in the car H: Yukinyan looks like he won’t get in the car H: Ah, Yukinyan has already found the last person O: Go! RUN HIM OVER!!! H: Yukinyan is shooting H: Left side left side I: I’ll never reach him H: We can win this I: In the end it was Yukinyan who clutched it out! O: But the MVP was Kimekuma-san (Kaito) I: Ah, thank you very muuuch O: As expected~
H: Amazing~
I: Yayyy O: And with that we’ve wrapped things up O: That was impressive H: Yeah really O: In one game I: We were able to take the “donkatsu” H: Awesome O: That was awesome O: How was it? I: Cha-, channel master? H: Wait hold on H: I was… getting my reward just then H: I was receving my reward I: This isn’t Monster Hunter I: Does it really matter? H: But really H: I’m glad H: Your first time being here we were able to get the “donkatsu” O: Able to “donkatsu” I: Thank you very much, I’m happy H: We gave up on PUBG for a while didn’t we? O: Yeah we did didn’t we? I: You feel like stopping after a while right? I: For me as well, I want to do other things H: Oh? More first time appearances? I: As a first timer H: You want to do other things? I: Yeah, I want to do other things I: We ended up really easily getting the “donkatsu” this time H: Ah indeed H: Everyone was saying “donshou” (different Kanji reading) instead of “donkatsu” before right? H: Don’t lie to me Kaito-kun, H: Weren’t you the one who suffered the most throughout this experience? I: What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? I: I don’t like this feeling H: Let’s do something again next time for sure then I: Okay!
O: Okay! H: thanksforyourhardwork T/L Note: Hi all, this was my first time fan-subbing something so I hope it wasn’t too bad of a job>_