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gonna be an awesome day for your golf game talking backswing let’s go beautiful sunny day today hitting
directly into the sunlight so that’s fine because we’re talking backswing we
don’t need to see the ball fly it we’re working on our backswing so we can have
consistency and get our game in much much better shape today and as always
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let’s hop on to the my 5 keys of the back swing ok ah key number one oh and
all of these tips can be applied to every club or should be applied to every
club in the bag even you’re probably sort of your putter just kind of
adjusted accordingly but that’s that that’s a thing apply to everything so
key number one is you have to have some type of trigger to start the swing ok I
don’t care what it is you have to have something so you know Jack Nicklaus kind
of went you know did a little thing everybody has a little something so for
this video my trigger is gonna be just a little a little forward move with my
hips right here that’s what I like right boom and then I’m gonna start my back and if you don’t have anything just
invent something so you have something okay doesn’t matter but try to do
something where you get a little body motion first you can blink your eyes you
can think a thought you could just squeeze your lips together I don’t care
doesn’t necessarily matter but you have to something that says don’t kind of
like that starting gun in a race oh and you go right that’s the trigger you need
to trigger so here’s mine that’s it simple okay
have the trigger and the key about a trigger is you might need to switch it
up to find the one that works for you like that hip move might not work for
you you might need to do some with your hands you might need a little this fine
mess around with it try a whole bunch of something you just get crazy with your
thoughts because soon you’ll find something like oh that really works
right some people are like don’t we’ll try that you know try think whatever it
is get your trigger and then you don’t go to step two
okay we’re gonna do these on course now so that’ll be that’ll be great
step two is super exciting because here’s what I want you to think about
let’s say you’re playing tennis or something and somebody serves it to you
and what would you say is the first thing you move to return the serve is
your hips your your arm your you you see what I’m saying like that would never
make any sense what we’re gonna do is you have to move everything at the same
time all of it moves together okay don’t think don’t think I’m starting with my
hands I’m starting with my shoulders hips do it you don’t get caught in the
weeds here you want to move everything right if somebody threw some at you you
wouldn’t say oh let me first move my knees down and back up you it does it
doesn’t work you’re gonna think got my trigger trigger move everything trigger
move everything hopefully that one’s not too difficult
and you should be able to get that with a little bit of practice stop thinking
about all that the tiny little deals focus on just you know I’m gonna move it
all come on okay next up and don’t get worried about you okay there’s five
things to think about in your backswing because I don’t want you to do that what
I want you to do is practice each one individually and slowly they will all
come together and chances are you really only need one or two of these to kind of
complete your backswing where you’re making the biggest mistakes so do them
all practice them all and figure out which ones you need to keep and think
about and then just think about one at a time during your round or during each
shot pick one okay and this one is is great because so many times what happens
is on the backswing we get our hands too far out here and we get disconnected so
what I want you to think about on your backswing is keeping your hands just
tight to your body keep them really close to your back leg and let that be
the point at which you said okay I’m sitting close to my back leg at least
until I get past it and then you can do whatever you want but really keep those
hands tight to your leg don’t let them get out here you don’t want that practice swing it right in here tight to
my body right in here that’s what I do when I’m just doing my practice swing
that’s it you just focused on it right in here that’s my little practice swing
that’s it just a feel that will really help you stay connected in the golf
swing and that’s a really critical part of the backswing don’t get disconnected
hands tight to that body it’s a good one you only focus on one of these you need
all of them well that’s a good one come on all right number four and this
one kind of goes with the previous tip okay and it’s this you’re keeping the
hands close to your body and what I want you to do is I don’t want you to rotate
the clubface on that first part of the takeaway okay
so we’re keeping a very square face right through here
now the reason your hands kind of can get away from your body is because you
rotate early and you’re you’re whipping that club wide open and that pulls your
hands away from your body so we want to not rotate the hands at all at least to
here now if you’re not a rotator then you’re fine
to here and just keep it there but if you want to rotate the forearms and sub
open a little bit do it after you get to this point in your swing then you could
rotate a little bit and get that club there that’s okay I don’t mind that so
much but don’t rotate it first okay we don’t want to start the swing rotating
we’re starting with the whole body but keep that clubface square for that three
four feet back that way that way when you return it it’s actually going to
return in the same way you take it back so we want it square as long as possible
through the ball but if you whip it open first when you come through you’re gonna
whip it close at the end and too much whipping open
and close is gonna destroy your life on and off the golf course so don’t do that
square face for the at least till you’re here then you can do whatever you want
I’m not so picky after that point okay it will help you keep it in play and
your missus would be a lot better then if you’re doing other stuff out there I
got one more for you let’s go do it okay final piece of the puzzle here and what
conventional a lot of golf teaching conventional golf teaching says take it
back low take it back low here’s what happens I’m going to take it back low
and that’s gonna happen do we don’t want that to happen you see when you take it
back that low or you think low you whip that Club way too far to the inside and
then you’re stuck you’re back here and it’s hard to it’s hard to get back at
the ball and you’re gonna do this and you’re gonna come out of it and you’re
gonna hit it thin fat right laughs it’s gonna be a disaster and that’s because
you’ve been trained to take it back low and if you take it back low like this
keeping that club low to the ground your way in here and then that elbow does
this a lot of bad things happen if you take it back low the other way then
you’re way out here because you’re trying to keep it low straight back and
you get your hands way too far away from your body cuz you’re trying to take it
back low and you pretty much don’t want that either so we got to stop thinking
low now I’m not saying go high I’m just saying do what your body naturally wants
to do if you just turn and let your arms hang loose where are they going right
there that’s where I want them just if I just
did this they’re not gonna go like that’s not natural it’s just right
here okay so you’ve got to let your hands come up a little bit right in here
get them right to your shoulder so just stop if you just stop thinking low to
the ground with that club head you’re gonna be fine
put your hands low by your legs but then let that club work up a little bit as
you rotate okay and that’s really gonna help you out in terms of that first part
of your backswing I’m just letting it come up I’m not thinking here don’t do
that then you’re really gonna be able to to
hit good solid shots you’re not gonna come too steep and hit down on it
because you’re just naturally letting it all happen and because you’ve done
everything else your body’s rotating correctly you’re all synced up things
are moving in the correct direction and you’re gonna hit much much more
consistent shots alright thanks so much for watching I hope this video has
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