Here’s the idea: I’m going to talk to the people as normally as possible while starting each individual sentence with the next letter of the alphabet. Now, each… sentence ends as soon as they interrupt me. Ayyyy! Bag of meds here. Come get it. Teammate: Get what now? I don’t have much space left in my bag. Rev: Da meds! Aloha. Teammate #1: Hello? Rev: BOOOOOYS? Teammate #2: Hello? Teammate #1: Hey, Scarecrow, how are you doing? Rev: Cumming my ass off. Teammate #1: Okay… Rev: Don’t worry about it. Teammate #1: I’m not worried.
Teammate #2: I think we will win. Rev: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAFFFFFPH- -whooooooooooooooooaa! Rev: [laughing] I don’t know if that counts as…!
Teammate #1: Why are you- why do you yell? Rev: Only because I found a sniper rifle silencer! Teammate #1: Oooookay. I would [inaudible] too. Teammate #2: Do you need any extra sights? Rev: Just a red dot. Teammate #2: I’ve one for yer. Rev: Keep it. Guys… Can I tell you something? Teammate #2: Yeah?
Teammate #1: No. Rev: Have you seen The Emoji movie? Haw, guys. Like, say anything, just be annoyed at me in the very least, so we can get a conversation goin’… Otherwise I’m just talkin’ to myself, being like a crazy person. Teammate: Why- why you talk so much? Rev: [quietly] Wut? Quit complaining, this is, uh, a conversation game, we’re supposed to- we’re supposed to talk… …We’re supposed to, y’know, communicate, right? That’s the whole point, right? That’s why people- Teammate #1: Yeah, [inaudible] we don’t care about no ‘moji movies… Rev: Right.
Temmate #1: We try and win the game. Rev: Sure. [Rev sighs loudly] Xylophones. Used to play the xylophone as a kid. Don’t do it anymore, I really am out of practice. It was my dream, as a kid, to be… a famous xylophone player and I just- I don’t keep up with it anymore. I just… don’t. Teammate #1: Hey, knock it off, okay? Rev: Anime, you in it? Y- are you into it? You better tell me if you’re into anime. Teammate: No, I’m not. Rev: Cartoons at all? Teammate: I like Simpsons and stuff like that. Rev: Dude, come on… Rev: Eggbert? [Rev sniggers] Teammate: I do know of Eggbert. Rev: Fine, why don’t you just go ahead and pick we’re gonna drop. [Teammate chuckles] Rev: Hentai, are you into hentai at least? Joking aside, I-I sometimes just watch hentai… for the plot, man. Teammate: Is the plot of equivalent quality to anime? Like, regular anime? Rev: Keeps me comin’ back. [Rev chuckles] Teammate: I appreciate that. Rev: Zambonis, man. I think they oughta add them in. Y’know? Like, there should be an ice level and instead of, like, the cars, they should just have Zambonis. Teammate: Go up that big hill over there. That’s- that’ll be in the zone. Rev: Can’t really tell, honestly. Do you believe in life after love? [Rev laughs] Teammate: I dunno. [Rev makes a long, high-pitched squeal] [gunfire] Goddammit! Rev: Cockatiels, y’know, just whatever?
Teammate: [over gunfire] …shot, taking shots. Rev: Don’t worry, just keep driving. Teammate: Are you sure? [more gunfire] Rev: Egads, man, just drive!
Teammate: A’right. Teammate: I-is that one right there in front of us? Look at the car. Rev: Maybe? Teammate: There’s a boat right there, and then there’s a car all the way across. Rev: Nnnnnno, I don’t see it. Teammate: Oh? Rev: Over where? Teammate: Straight in front of us. Is that not a boat? Rev: Perhaps… Teammate: The little- the little thing in the water? Rev: Quite possibly. Teammate: Let’s just go, dude. Rev: Right, right, right.
Teammate: [drowned out by car engine] Rev: See it now. Teammate: Ohhh, shoot… Teammate: Yeah, that’s not-
Rev: That’s gonna be a close one. [gunfire] Useless! [Rev chuckles] He added me as a friend! [laughs]