Halt Halting Halted Using the power of my magic I can sense the foul beast is just ahead Yes and using our magic I believe we will make short work of the beast Yeah cool yep I can see it with my own eyes as well I guess the best plan is that as the tank I’ll take the damage and you guys try and focus fire the troll Yes yes of course I shall focus fire the troll using the power of my magic for I am a master in the ways of magic Yep cool um what kind of spells are you planning on using? PEASANT! They are not spells. It’s a kind of magic… Magic Magic MAGIIIIC We are mages of the order of magic Yep cool I can see that you guys are really important mages great um Can you just please try not to use and bright AOE spells *scoff* How dare you presume to tell us about the ways of magic magic… You cannot comprehend the skills necessary to wield this kind of magic magic… Yep no great no I can see this is gonna go really well Well look healer can you just not use Holy Nova okay. Remember what happened last time? Mmm Is that a what is that is that a yes? “Yes” What does that mean? I promise I wont use Holy Nova Cool great thank you Okay so that goes for everyone if you just try and avoid using any of these really bright spells Because it means I can’t see anything just try and focus- Peasant… Look we will do our utmost to try not blind you in the coming battle Cool right okay well let’s attack on my count I’ll take the charge 3, 2, 1 GO BLINDING LIGHT HOLY NOVA GLEAMING EYE SCORCHER RAINBOW SPARK FOUNTAIN HOLY LIGHT SUPER NOVA OF COLOUR RAINBOW MISSLES HEALING BLAST BLAZING DAZZLING BOLT OF LIGHTING SPARKS CURTAIN OF BRIGHTNESS BLINDING HEAL BLINDING HEAL BLINDING HEAL Guys stop *lots of bright sounds spells* LUMINOUS FLAIRE MAGICAL LIGHT RIVER OF RADIANT BRIGHTNESS Vanquished ha Great job all round excellent display of magic Wow I felt a bit touched in that one healing light great team work guys nice thanks for listening to everything that I said before That’s great that really handy It was i-mage-ing Thanks guys You guys are a bunch of twats