(SUB BY Vi 130105) Hello, FLY and Chi Bach Kevin Nguyen and Khanh gaming Nguyen Today Fly on 1 billion PUBG guns 1 billion here are 21 trees But there are many Bay trees do not know what it is ?? Because Bay has never considered PUBG :)) So today Bay will be looking for a superman To find all the names of these guns In return you will get 1 free tree And only 1 of you will receive it To join this game is required The most basic requirement is that you have to subscribe to Bay’s channel If you do not subscribe to Bay channel, you will not receive any reward Who is an expert in PUBG games? What kind of soup? Then please identify These guns And give a random number from 1 to 999 You do answer the correct name all the guns And have the right lucky number Will get 1 free tree, guys Now we will enter See what are these trees ?? Looking forward to the PUBG experts Wow !! In front of Bay is 21 types of PUBG guns There are many different types and types of skin Now we will go tree by tree to discover what this tree is First tree Hey hey hey Wow a red and black gun Very detailed and even this gun sale Snatched out. Not selling guns but ammunition tray=)) Get out of there In addition it also has an accessory that is 1 silencer silencer Matter Who knows what this tree’s name is We go to kilometer 2 Wow Kilometer 2 is medium yellow and black Very glossy, it lacks anything here This is the lightning accessory it has 1 tray of bullets Put it on, you can attach it And guess what this is Very detailed and very beautiful Kilometer 3 Black, silver and white There are many pictures of fire above This seems to be a maple leaf, not a fire. Fire or maple leaves us Like marijuana leaves which are red There is a silencer attached Very nice and sharp 4th tree Wow! This rolling stick 4 looks familiar UMBRELLA!! At first thought it was kar98 but not you guys This is j tree Tree j has light black and brown stripes … .. like this You can take it out too In addition, it has a silencer barrel like all other guns Very detailed and very beautiful Menly Form 5 not everyone knows where Wow !! 1 gun with silver and red highlights There is a little bit more yellow here Still have ammo tray and ….. Muffler included Almost all of these guns have accessories to accompany you Oh! It seems that this is a bit upside down Fairly long And no one knows what this gun is Good luck Form No. 6 Wow a gun with a demon face here This skin looks very strange what this gun is Cells are removable as usual. Most of the guns can be removed for sale The details are very nice This looks like an ak, why does it have a muzzle ?? And here is a very beautiful devil face Form No. 7 Here dragons around This tree is very strange How many of you are lucky enough to receive A free gun here 3, 6, 7 trees Unfortunately, Bay doesn’t know anything about this gun, so she can’t review it details for you guys Then this section, Bay will review faster The remaining trees offline This takes time, so Bay will review the tangle This is always in the same home If you know all of this, then you are a great master in PUBG and probably no one else is equal to you About the level of understanding only home shooting is lucky Is there a guy who’s dead? Number 8 is a gold, black and red There is a viewfinder Overall beautiful No. 9. Wow Very pink and something, a rabbit Great Password 10 There is red blue white like an airplane This is a gun, guys Password 11 There is a checkerboard This caro is reminiscent of Bay No Game No Life That’s right that’s right up here This is a gun Looks quite familiar No. 12 This password is extremely familiar but not everyone knows it If you raise your hand, don’t raise your hand, raise your hand Password 13 It looks familiar Like a guerrilla gun that you use Below you can also shoot you guys No. 14 There are black brown and white Like shit birds But here it looks like it has a bear A bear with a hand A !! Only here did I see the bear stuffed with something in its throat Password 15 There is a snowflake or something here Looks like a sky and clouds And this is a gun No. 16 White gold triangle surrounded Wow This looks like this And there is that personality again Password 17 The black gun j is backwards so there is the word God and number 5 and there is a brake Here This gun looks familiar to you Gun number 18 is here There is a shark here Look like clothing brand j There is a gray look very youthful and farting Look very fierce 3 more to go. Number 19 1 gun is yellow and this one looks like .. .. this hook is like this Like ko And this is a bone-filled hand, not meat This guy got his hands dirty and saw his mother No. 20. The box is zigzag and long Extremely long And it looks like 1 Black and white cloud. Black and white style that ri black and white It looks strange Nobody knows what this tree is And finally number 21 Leopard skin color This is black and white gold Nice sharp details and what is this gun? Let’s look again at our 21 types of guns Wow, do you have a monumental collection like this ?? Please slowly collect Bay’s items as it will not be available later If you have 1 2 trees, you should have them Slowly gather one by one Bay will find a way to find more for you And now goodbye, good luck to you getting a free gun Baystore’s Pai pai ^^ SUB BY Vi 130105