(SINGING) We’re gonna
set the stars in motion. Hi, I’m Navia Robinson. And I play Zayla on the
“Marvel Rising” special, “Playing with Fire.” (SINGING) Force of nature
like roaring thunder. Zayla is sort of like
your average teenager. She’s kind of got a little
bit of an attitude sometimes. She’s very determined
to get what she wants. And she tries to make up for her
lack of powers with her smarts, and her intelligence,
and even her just being simply intuitive. Zayla’s mom is a shocktress. She has the power
of electricity. She’s very smart,
and quick-witted. And she’s always the one who
is putting together the plans, whereas my dad Invisibilio–
well, that’s his name. His power is to
become invisible. But I think by her parents
being slightly dismissive, they do make her feel a
little bit inadequate for not having powers as they do. I’ll tell you the one
power I wish she had– being seen and not heard. (SINGING) –can swim– NAVIA ROBINSON:
The amulet is kind of like this mystical,
magical vessel, which is used to
attract other powers so that they become yours. The amulet is capable of
bringing powers to Zayla such super strength and fire. I believe Zayla is drawn
to Inferno’s powers because she wants
powers that are just as great as her parents’. Was it super hard for you? Thanks for the advice. But I got there. NAVIA ROBINSON:
Zayla has to take on the entirety of
the Secret Warriors and all of their powers. But because of the
amulet, she’s kind of able to be an equal match. Additionally, though,
more emotionally, she’s kind of taking
on her parents as well because she wants
to prove something to them and bring them
something that she knows would make them proud. I’ll get the one
thing you couldn’t. Then everyone will see me
and hear me, loud and clear! I’m used to doing live
action acting so it is, of course, very different. But there’s so many unique
things to voice acting that you can really take from
it and then apply it to your real-life acting. The most fun thing for me has
been kind of learning from it, but also, just doing action
sounds are really, really fun. Ya! Huh! Ya! There you go. (SINGING) Playing with the
fire that is in our veins. “Roaring Thunder” is
kind of like a pop song, but it’s got its
own unique element that I think brings
a slight alternative feeling into it too. (SINGING) We’re stronger
than roaring thunder. NAVIA ROBINSON: It’s really
exciting, being able to record my first solo with Marvel. Never in a million years did I
think I’d be able to do that. I would describe “Roaring
Thunder” as very empowering. It’s kind of that
song that you turn on, and it puts you in a good mood. It definitely brings a smile to
my face, but maybe I’m biased. Both sides are trying to empower
themselves to accomplish what they’ve set their
sights on, so I think “Roaring Thunder” comes in
handy from Zayla’s perspective. But specifically, yeah,
the Secret Warriors, I mean, at the end of the
day, they are the heroes. And they need to be victorious. Make sure you watch “Marvel
Rising, Playing with Fire,” now streaming on Marvel HQ. [MUSIC PLAYING]