-And congratulations,
by the way, on a great first
season with the Pistons. -Thank you.
-You did a great job. You went all the way
to the playoffs. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, thank you. -How is your off-season going?
-It’s been good. -Yeah.
-Just hanging out, enjoying some time off. -What do you think about this
whole deal — free agency? That went kind of crazy.
-It is. But honestly, man —
-With the Nets and Clippers. -Almost everybody.
-Did you know about — Do people know about this stuff
before it hits the news or…? -I feel like — I mean,
I find out about some of the stuff just as a fan. -You didn’t know
about any of these — -Some of the guys
you kind of know. You kind of hear some things. But I was at the comedy store
the other night. And when Kawhi
went to the Clippers — -Yeah. -My friend was onstage
doing a set. And I was like — it started
happening, like, rolling in. He came off.
He was like, “How was it?” I was like, “I don’t know.
[ Laughter ] This is huge.”
-“I’m on Twitter right now. This is giant.” Yeah. That’s how you found out
is on Twitter? -Yeah.
-Wow. That’s — -Just like everybody else.
-Yeah. But you — you also love comedy.
I love that you love comedy. What got you into comedy?
-I think just, you know, from an early age watching
comedy with my dad, “Saturday Night Live.”
And then — -Who were some of your
favorites? [ Laughter ] -[ Clears throat ] [ Drum roll ] -On “Saturday Night Live?”
-Yeah. -Well, I mean, obviously, you have to mention, um… like, Adam Sandler.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-You were really great. -Oh, thank you so much!
Oh, my gosh! You didn’t have to say that.
You didn’t have to say it! [ Cheers and applause ]
You didn’t have to that at all. Oh, my gosh! What are your
favorite characters of mine? [ Laughter ]
No, no. But then you started
doing stand-up yourself? -I did, man.
I kind of stumbled into it. I was going to go to
“Just for Laughs” in Montreal. -I love “Just for Laughs.” -This was four years ago,
I think. And I had a call
with the director. And he was like,
“You know, we should find something fun for you to do.”
And he was like, “Do you want to host
the ‘Midnight Surprise Show'”? I was like, “Yeah, sure.” Thinking I was just going to be
like, “And now, so-and-so.” -Yeah.
-And it turned out I had to do like ten minutes. So I had to go write
ten minutes. And — -What did you write about?
-Just basketball, you know. [ Laughter ]
The only thing I know, man. -Do what you know, man. Yeah.
-Yeah, exactly. And it worked out. And now I’ve written
a whole new 15 minutes or so. And I’ve been —
I worked on it in L.A. I’m going to go out tonight.
And — -That’s fun.
-Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. -And so this thing is July 25th,
I believe. If you go to the website,
hahaha.com. [ Laughter ] I can’t believe they got that
website. -Three “has”, yeah.
-Three “has” and go “Comedy By Blake.”
Get tickets to go see this. Have you ever been heckled? -Not while I was doing comedy. I get heckled all the time
playing basketball. [ Laughter ]
-Just by fans yelling? -Yeah, just fans.
Especially on the road. There was a guy one time, like,
one of my very first games in Portland. I was a rookie, just checked in. And this guy named Kurt Thomas
was standing next to me. -Sure.
-And it got so quiet in the arena, so everybody
can hear this guy. And he goes, “Hey, Blake,
the coolest thing you’ve ever done is stand next
to Kurt Thomas.” [ Laughter ]
I was like — -That’s pretty good.
-Yeah, I mean, at this point, yeah.
-Yeah, exactly. He’s right, yeah. Absolutely. Has it helped your basketball
at all, doing standup? -Not really the physical part
of basketball. [ Laughter ]
But definitely — you know, like, after the game,
you have to do media. And you have to sit at a press
conference and answer questions. And I feel like people
always think athletes are really stupid.
And it’s not that we’re stupid. It’s just that we’ve just
exercised for two hours. And there’s not really enough
oxygen in our brains to — [ Laughter ]
-To answer tricky questions. -To actually be able to —
Yeah, yeah. -Yeah.
-I mean, can I show you? -Sure.
-All right, stand up for me. -Okay.
-You need just a little space. Do you want to come here?
-Sure. -All right. So what I want you
to do — -Okay.
-Run in place, jumping jacks, whatever you want.
-Okay. -For 15 seconds. And then, as soon as you’re done, I’m just
going to ask you some questions. [ Laughter ] -I see where this is going. -While you’re doing it,
I’m going to commentate on how you’re doing it. -Oh, my — this is the — ♪♪ -All right.
[ Cheers and applause ] Start off really slow.
All right. Quick feet, by the way. And stop. All right, Jimmy. -Yeah.
-Tell me how you’re feeling? Tell me about how you’re feeling
about how you feel. -I just —
-All right. [ Laughter ]
And, one more time, how did you feel when you
first started out there? -I don’t —
-See how stupid that sounds? [ Laughter ]
It’s not — It’s not our fault.
-It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.
-It’s not our fault. -Blake Griffin, everybody. Go to hahaha.com for tickets
to “Comedy By Blake.”