You never know what crazy experiences or extreme
situations you might face in the future! Well, solving riddles doesn’t just improve
your brain. It also helps you find your way out of bizarre situations. Our riddles train
your brain to react quickly and think outside the box, even when the pressure level is way,
way up. What if you witness a robbery or have to stop a crime? Or have to help somebody
figure out who the liar or a spy is! Those are valuable skills. You might impress your
friends, your boss, or who knows? Your best bet is to be ready. Still, first things
first. Let’s test how quick your wits are right now. I’ve got eight perfect riddles
just for that. Can you solve at least three of these tough
riddles? Let’s start with a riddle about a secret
agent! A spy appeared at a university. He wasn’t
a real teacher at all. He used to pass valuable information to other universities.
The university hired a private detective to catch this sneaky spy. The detective questioned
three teachers who were under suspicion. First teacher: “I’ve been teaching here for
10 years. The students have known me for a long, long
time.” Second teacher: “I teach horticulture. I heard all the students speak very highly
of me.” Third teacher: “I’m new to the university, but it already feels like home.
I love it here!” Who is the spy? Turn your brain on and solve this riddle in 10 seconds. Answer: the 2nd teacher. He teaches horticulture,
that means plant stuff. But the flowers in his class are all dried up. That means that he doesn’t
know anything about plant care. He’s definitely the spy. Do you like superheroes and super
powers? This next riddle is for you! but be prepared
to witness some unusual… and even scary superpowers. One day, John was waiting in the subway.
His train was late, as usual! He was eating an apple, as he always did for breakfast.
Suddenly he noticed a homeless man nearby. Different people passed by and John could
hear everything the homeless man was saying. The homeless man: a pig, a man, a chicken John thought it was pretty rude. When he got on the train, he heard the homeless man
again. The homeless man: an apple. John stopped dead. He was horrified by what he had heard.
What surprised John? I’ll give you 12 seconds for this difficult puzzle. Answer: The homeless guy had the ability to know
the last thing that someone ate. After one guy walked passed him, the homeless guy said:
” a man”! What do you think about this super power? Would you like to have it? Tell us
in the comments! A chess club was hosting a world chess tournament.
The tournament began…but none of the chess players started playing. The club president
made one call and they began to play. Why couldn’t they start without making a call?
Use your logic skills to solve this riddle! Answer: The disco nearby was pumping out loud
music. The Chess Club president called and asked them to turn down the music. Do you
like taking long nature walks…maybe in a forest? Would you be able to solve a riddle about
a woodsman’s house? Let’s find out! A woodsman’s house was robbed in winter.
Three suspects were questioned. A man with a bicycle: “I wasn’t in the woods that
day. My bicycle can’t handle the terrain.” A man with a bike: “I was there, but I
couldn’t use my bike, so I walked.” A man with a scooter: “My scooter was
working ok, so I rode it into the forest.” The police immediately realized who was lying.
Who? Look at the evidence and answer this question. You have 12 seconds. Answer: the third man. He said he was driving,
but look at the tracks, he was walking. Let’s move to a school. Time to catch
a cheater! During lunchtime, the answer key to a final
exam was stolen. The principal summoned the most notorious school pranksters. He asked
them what they were doing during the theft. Stan — “I was walking with my girlfriend
in the park, she can confirm it.” Jack — “I was in history class.” Steve —
“I was preparing for the test, I mean really studying hard, for the first time ever!
I definitely didn’t steal anything.” The principal immediately realized who stole
the questions. Who is the liar? Catch him if you can, you have 12 seconds! Answer: It was Jack; History class? I don’t
think so, not during lunch. Do you love libraries…or running? Weird combination
, I know, but this riddle is just for you! A policeman was patrolling the street. Suddenly,
right in front of his eyes, a criminal in a black jacket stole a wallet from a passerby
and disappeared. The policeman chased him to a library, where he ran in. When the
policeman entered, he didn’t see anyone in a black jacket. Still, this was one smart
cop. He examined everyone, and immediately realized which of them was the thief. Who’s
the thief? Do you have that magic investigative eye? You’ve got 10 seconds! Answer: one of the readers is wearing a fancy
suit AND sneakers. It must be him! There was a strong storm in the small town
of Salts. Everyone just sat at home without electricity. Schools were closed. So brothers
Rob, John, Pete stayed at home for the day. They lounged around all day until their father
called them. He was very angry, because someone smashed their TV with a ball. He wanted
to find out who did it, so he questioned each of them: Rob: “I didn’t touch the
ball, I was doing homework for most of the day, then I played on my laptop.” John:
“I read a book, then I wanted to take a walk, but it got dark real fast and I
didn’t go anywhere.” Pete: “I was writing my school paper on the computer.”
The father immediately realized who was to blame. Who’s guilty? Your 12 seconds starts now. Answer: Rob and Pete said they used a computer…
when there was no electricity. But Rob had a laptop. He could have just been using
it on battery power. Pete is to blame, he couldn’t have been using the computer.
The last riddle is a classic detective riddle. You’ll need to summon up all your logic
skills to crack the case! Police officers received a message. It was
a hit and run. A grey car hit a woman and drove off. The police went to the house of a man
whose car looked like the one from their description. After seeing the police, the owner went down
to talk to them in his pajamas. The man: “I’ve been at home all day long. I couldn’t
drive anywhere even if I wanted to. I lost my keys yesterday. The new key won’t be ready
until Friday.” There were no dents on the car. Policeman: “That means nothing. The hit
wasn’t that strong, luckily the victim is still alive. The policeman was sure it was this
man who had driven into that poor woman. How did he know? Hard question, easy answer.
But can you solve it? You have 12 seconds! Answer: The policeman leaned against the hood
of the car. It’s the easiest way to know if the car’s been off for a long time.
Obviously the hood was still warm.