hello guys and welcome so in this video
I wanted to give a tutorial about the best way to get cheap or free games I’m
gonna be going over as many platforms as I can that will allow you to do that and
allow your game collection to grow on for a month um of a month so I’m gonna
start with PlayStation Plus okay so I’m now on the dashboard of my
PlayStation 4 if you go to store you go down to PS Plus PlayStation Plus
but what PlayStation Plus is is usually the subscription you need in order to
play online games on PlayStation but the other pokes to it is that you’ll be able
to redeem games for free every single month so this month’s games are Shadow
of the Colossus and sonic forces as you can see I can literally just select the
game and because I am an active PlayStation Plus member I can just click
this button add to library and it will be on my playstation Collection forever
and you can see completely free however in order to download and play the game
you have to have an active subscription but what this allows you to effectively
do is to redeem and have free games to your PlayStation month-on-month so every
single month your collection gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and
bigger so and so to give you a matter of say let’s say perspective let’s look at
my game library now we go down to games we’ll see how many of these were free so
so we don’t look playstation play has its own section but all of these games I
got for free because of PlayStation Plus every single one and so it goes on and
on and on and on and on and on and on so why even amazing games like Last of Us
we’re giving out for free during one of the months on PlayStation Plus and so on
so don’t underestimate how that good of a deal that is because PlayStation Plus
is not that expensive it’s like six seven bucks a month maybe more depending
on your region obviously I’m talking about pound sterling but yeah so that’s
a one cheap way to get games next we’re gonna be going to xbox gold you okay so we’re now on my xbox we’re in
the store and let’s look at the different memberships that they have on
Xbox well they have Xbox gold and they have Xbox game Pass if you get Xbox game
Pass Ultima you get access to Xbox gold the game pass and also to the PC version
of Xbox pass all at the same time the same subscription it costs about in the
UK costs about ten bucks a month and you should be able to get the first month
for a buck and what game pass is it allows you to play a whole multitude of
games quite a lot of them you can just download them and play them as long as
you have again like with PlayStation Plus as long as you have an active
subscription you can download any of the games that’s on offer and play them as
much as you like without any restriction at all so as long as it says included
with game pass you can download and play them but as with PlayStation Plus you
have to have an active subscription to keep playing them so you can’t keep
these forever like the PlayStation however they do have an equivalent to
PlayStation Plus is called Xbox gold so much in the same way every single month
you get free games so you can see this month we get Batman the enemy within and
Call of Cthulhu and Castlevania laws of Shadow now this is an xbox 360 game Xbox
excels backwards compatibility so even though this is an xbox one X I can play
xbox 360 games and even some original Xbox games and the next generation of
Xbox the Xbox series X is gonna also have compatibility with all platforms
including Xbox one so have compatibility with Xbox one with Xbox 360 and the
original Xbox as well so as with PlayStation Plus if you have an active
subscription you can redeem these games for free add them to your account and
you’ll they’ll always be available on your account able to play as long as you
have an active subscription I would say if you have an Xbox the Xbox gold sorry
Xbox game pass Altima is the best way to do things because
if you were to get exports cold and gain power separately it would cost you more
than just getting game paths ultimate which allows you to get everything
including on your PC as well okay so the next platform we’re now going to be
looking at is you play plus okay guys so we’re now looking up the
service you play plus you play is the online portal where you can play Ubisoft
games which include games like watchdogs the division Assassin’s Creed games like
that all the games which Ubisoft make and also an old games like that and I
would highly recommend games like an O 1800 division 2 and so on now the idea
of you play Plus is that you pay a subscription service but then you have
access to the entire Ubisoft library every oomba soft game ever for a monthly
fee rather than buying the games individually like with PlayStation Plus
and xbox gold you’ll only be able to play them the games which you don’t own
if you have an active subscription so they’re all following the same model
here thing you can see a pattern with what I’m saying so you play Plus exists
to allow youth Blake Ubisoft games next we’re going to be looking at the epic
game store okay so now we are looking at the epic
game store what epic do every single week every
other week wherever them out of time they do stay
to give away a free game completely free so right now you can redeem the game in
in a space and next you see what games are even coming up as well when there
will be available to redeem for free you can redeem them for free or add them to
your epic account no purchase necessary you don’t have to have an active
subscription anything like that 100% for free all you have to do is redeem them
add them to your account every single time you want to play them and also they
do have a collection of free-to-play games as well including the most amazing
game ever thoughtless so yeah so next we’re going to be looking at the
platform bro no dot eg okay so we’re now on the website kroner
dot Gigi I am a partner of chrono DG if use my link chrono DG / me free then I
will earn a commission of anything you buy so the gimmick behind chrono DG is
that they sell one game a day really really really cheap so you can see
today’s game is 91% off which is so rather than go for many deals of a
little bit of a discount they go for one deal a day mega mega mega discount
that’s the idea and that’s a gimmick of chrono DG that’s what makes it stand out
in the crowd and it resets every single day at noon eastern so noon eastern is
when you can come on chrono DG see the new game of the day as I said if you use
my link chrono DG / my free then I will earn a commission of anything you buy
from this store however it’s not just about this council not just about cheap
games on this there’s also free games so the way that works every single day you
can click this coin and redeem coins and build up your coin chest for free so as
you can see I’ve got 42 thousand coins what you can do with those coins you can
go into the coin shop and you can buy games purely and only with coins and you
can see what gains have been available and I’ve sold out and you can see it all
the other games have available so technically Crona DG every single day completely
free check it every single day redeem free coins and add it to your
total and then eventually get games a hundred percent for free and usually
these are steam codes which are given out for the games but if it’s restricted
to platforms like you play or whatever then it will give you codes which are
required for the platform to play the games on so I have worked with chrono DG
now for more than a year a very good website always consistent very friendly
staff if you have any issues with any purchase just contact this app or go on
there discord and they’ll help you out straight away so that’s cronic G G so
the next platform we’re now going to look at is twitch Prime okay so we’re now looking at twitch
Prime but this is the twitch app I will leave a download link in the description
it’s a app version of twitch what twitch Prime is is if you have an Amazon Prime
account you can link it to your twitch account and then you can get access to
twitch Prime as well as be able to redeem games and extras for free and
also gift free subs too one free sub amount to the streamer of your choice I
am a twitch partner feel free to use your twitch prime on me
oh but other than that guys when you have Prime then you have access to this
button in the top right called prime loop and this will give you access to a
whole bunch of extras so it could be add-ons for games it can be cosmetics it
can be mounts it can be whatever and it can also be all games in their entirety
so every now and then if you keep scrolling that you can see that there’s
a lot of twitch Prime rewards I’ve not redeemed because there’s so many please
see here like this game pregame with prime whispers of the machines so if I
just click that it will add it to my twitch account and I do that all the
time whenever I see there’s a free game I always add it because that’s that’s
all I’m trying to do I’m trying to build up my game collection over time the way
you access the games if you have the twitch app installed you literally go to
games and this is my games these these are all the games I’ve redeemed over the
months using twitch prime including games like Darksiders that Devil May Cry
collection and games like that so that they give out amazing games so and don’t underestimate the quality of
these games even though some of these look like indie games believe me they
can be very fun even like here The Walking Dead complete season so a whole
bunch of different games are available on Twitch prime for free as long as you
have twitch prime if you have Amazon Prime redeem twitch prime redeem games
for free every single month so yeah so guys I went through quite a lot of
platforms I’m gonna link as much resources in the description down below
as I can so the idea is simply you have all these different platforms that I’ve
listed throughout this video you can redeem games on pretty much all of them
every single month time goes by quickly guys you know short life is how quickly
goes by one fun month you can redeem so many free games and your game collection
can grow and grow and grow and grow and grow so you’ll always have a endless
amount of games to enjoy now you might wonder why why do it this way what’s the
point it’s because simply if you think about pure mathematics all these
platforms they cost 5 bucks 10 bucks whatever so let’s say you have all of
them it might seem like a lot of money you’re spending like 40 50 bucks a month
however one game just one game that you buy could be 60 bucks so basically for
the equivalent of the same price you get access to let’s say 10 20 games every
single month versus one game so like I said in terms in terms of mathematics
and pure economics it’s a very good way to do things and of course if you just
like games generally you could also just do this alongside of buying games as
well so yeah now bonus has a content creator so now the LAT end of this video
is going to be aimed at content creators if you want platforms to ask developers
or codes to redeem free games and to show you them as well so first we’re
going to start off with key Mela okay so as I said this section of the
video is now aimed towards content creators so you have websites like key
mailer Co where you are able to request games directly from developers the way
it works is you connect all of your social media accounts your YouTube
you’ll mixer your Twitter whatever you’re active on to your account and
then developers can look at the sort of games you’ve covered the sort of size
audience you have and decide whether they want to give you free games or not
and some of the CMS as in Community Managers they tend to get overwhelmed
with requests from people messaging them on social media and so on so they’re
actually more turning towards websites like key mailer in order to distribute
games easier so as you can see like next week Orion will have riftwar launches so
I’ve requested a key for it so let’s hope I get it and so on and even for literally DLCs they will
have the opportunity for you to request games they obviously only add games to
this which they actually do have links to and I’m gonna just add all games for
the sake of it and you can see which ones have been promoted as in which ones
developers are even paying key mailer to get in front of people’s eyes to request
so websites like emailer can be really really useful or content creators to
request free games from different developers now if you want to go down
this road of requesting free games from developers just remember the fact
they’re incredibly busy give them enough time to process your request do it weeks
in advance maybe even months in advance if you can don’t wait until the day
before release or the day of release and then spam CMS hoping to get a code
because on days of release is they will be too busy they’ll be overwhelmed with
requests so do them a favor and do yourself a favor by requesting them way
in advance okay so the next platform we’re now going to look at which will
benefit content creators is terminals okay so next we’re on terminals dot IO
much as the same as ki male SEO this is aimed at content creators so what you
can do is you can browse games which they have available and you can request
whichever games are your interest and hopefully if the developer likes what
they see in terms of you then you’ll be able to get games from them
for free so you can put in these filters like code requests or upcoming releases
or because a lot of times you might be requesting games which have already come
out but yeah now I feel from experience that they don’t have as many games as
key mailer bar you just never know maybe you’ll find
something on terminals that you won’t find on key mailer and vice versa so
it’s good to have them both is there’s no harm so yeah
so that’s basically it in terms of redeeming free games like I’m sure there
are other platforms out there but tell me guys do you use any other platforms
to redeem free games or get cheap games with maybe a subscription or membership
or whatever let me know in those comments down below I hope this video
has been useful to everyone watching whether you’re a gamer content creator
and so on and as well like I said but if you use all of these platforms in
combination your game collection will grow and grow and grow and grow and grow
grow quickly every single month so take advantage of them while they’re there
because I do try and cover and give awareness of some games which are out
like for example the fact that Shadow of the Colossus is available in PlayStation
Plus this month for free oh my hell yeah you know a game why not so yeah so I
guess a guys I am gonna link as many useful resources and all links to all of
these platforms in the description down below let me know what you thought of
this video hope I hope it was useful for you and also let me know if you have any
other platforms which you like to you well anyway guys that’s it for this
video if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the
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