Hi friends Who all likes to race? If yes then like this video and when that race is a chocolate race then it’s just outstanding Today we are going to do a chocolate race with whom? Aaayu come on fast Yes mom Will you do the chocolate race? yes So should me and Aayu do the chocolate race? Nooo.. Chocolate race should be between kids Right? Mom should I get my friends? Yes, Aayu call all your friends in the garden Get all your friends Come on everyone Friends come here Okay tell, will you race? Yes Today I am going to make you do a chocolate race great Wouldn’t it be fun? Yes and whoever wins will get to eat a lot of chocolates I’ll bring the chocolates and then we will start the race Okay? One, two, three Here it is, so many chocolates These would be so yummy to eat Kids do one thing From the centre take 20 steps and form a circle everyone come in the centre Now about turn One, two, three.. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 So all the kids are on their position I’ll eat all the chocolates I’ll win todays race They are all small kids, I’ll only win todays race I’ll win todays race My name is chocolate boy I will win all these chocolates So should we start? Ready? steady Go Yeaah I won Aayu won Aayu won the race because chocolates were at cost, right Aayu? So now all of these chocolates are for Aayu Yeaahh.. I’ll eat all the chocolates Mom should we do this race again? Why? No mom let us do this again You want to race again? Okay will all of you race again? Yes You all can get a 2nd chance to win All of you get back 20 steps Yeah we got one more chance Now I will win So should we start? Friends all of you come here Aayu what happened? What secret talk are they having? Yes it will be fun Should we start the race? Everyone come at your positions Ready? Steady Go What happened? Come on everyone Start running What happened? Yeah who’s plan was this? Aayu’s what happened Aayu? Mom I don’t like eating alone So I thought I should eat with all my friends because sharing is caring Oh so now everybody won So we all will eat chocolate Yeah Yeah It was so fun today We are having chocolate party Will someone share their chocolate with me? only 1 piece thank you Today these kids gave us such a good lesson Whenever we enjoy something alone then that dose not really gives us happiness but then when we do it with our friends or with family then that enjoyment doubles Now you should share and eat all these things because sharing is caring