We’ve just completed
the closing ceremony of the 2019 Winter Deaflympics. The event is complete. Thank you and see you in 4 years
at the next Winter Deaflympics! For Men’s Ice Hockey, the Canadians have
captured the silver medal. I’ve interviewed several
of them so take a look! The reason why I joined hockey
was because of my father who was a hockey player himself. He told me that Canadians
really love their hockey. I just followed along and
I’ve played hockey ever since. Hockey is my absolute
favorite sport. We got together in Saskatchewan
for a training camp where we developed a bond. We were focused
on coming together on the ice and off the ice. During the summer and fall,
we all kept in touch and pushed each other to work out
and get as much practice we could on the ice. We’ve pushed each other
and I think the progress that we’ve made is proof itself. I think we’ve done well so far. I hope we did a good job
of representing Canada and made them proud. It’s been exciting
and I’ve enjoyed it here. I’m proud to be the only black
player on the Canadian team though I do wish
there were more of us so I wouldn’t be the only one! The gold medalists for
Chess in the men’s division is Kazakhstan while Ukraine won
in the women’s division. We’ve interviewed several
chess players so check it out! The rules for chess
here are very strict. Before I could get
into this room, I had to be inspected
with a scanner, just like at an airport,
to make sure I have no phones, watches or any
electronic devices. Whenever we go
into the bathroom, we have to be scanned again. Two players have
already been disqualified, one for using a watch and I’m
not sure about the other one. There’s no talking allowed, but we can stand up and
walk around until it’s our turn. Fascinating! On our second board is
Oscar Petrov. Petrov defeated
an International Master from Germany. Congratulations to him for
this amazing accomplishment! This player has, in his home country of Germany, has
placed first in national deaf chess competitions thrice. They just faced off
against the Americans so how do you feel
about that match? The Americans got my heart
racing and put up a fight until they made a bad
move to my relief. I jumped on my chance, but
those Americans are very strong, and I feel they are on
the same level as the Germans. That’s all for 2019
Winter Deaflympics. Thank you for
watching our broadcasts. Good night from Italy! Captioned by