(June, 2015, Seocho-dong) – At ease, attention! / – Are we recording? Say something. Congratulate each other for surviving. Bow to each other. You’re amazing. Clap. You’re amazing. Phoenix. (Phoenix Jisuk) It isn’t the strongest who survive. The ones who survive are the strongest. There’s a saying that goes like that. That strong Sean. He was swept away. He’s not strong. You’re swept away even if you’re too strong. Sure. What will be the ninth sport? Let me give you a clue. There is a dad and mom in sports. Right. The father of music, the mom of music. The father of music, Bach. The mother of music, Handel. Like that… Are you sure it’s Handel? Mother is Handel. Father is Bach. You said Bach and Hande… Just go along. You were right up to Han, but… I wasn’t that sure. There are symbolic sports, too. What is the father of sports? Track and field. It’s dynamic. This is the mother of sports. It plays the role of mother. It is a daily sport that has many clubs and club members. It is a survival sport. Survival! The ninth sport. Let me announce it right away. Let’s move. The ninth sport. One, two, three, here it is! Wow. (What is it?) Swimming. What is it? – Swimming! / – Swimming! Swimming! Aren’t they cute? (Splash, splash) (The children demonstrate) How cute. (They still have to use kick boards, but…) Look at that. (They go forward well) (There is no age barrier for swimming) (Demonstration by the Songpa YMCA Baby Sports Team) Lane 6 takes the lead. Lane 6! Finish! Finish! Finish! (The child in lane 6 wins) Anyone can do this sport. It is the flower of daily sports, swimming. The flower of daily sports and a survival sport, swimming. From children to elderly people. Sure. It is a sport everyone enjoys. I swam a bit in the water at the ocean when I was little. At the ocean? I can swim a bit at the ocean. I never formally learned. I didn’t learn swimming techniques. I played a bit at the ocean. I never learned. I can float, but can’t go forward. You float in place. It wouldn’t make sense if that body didn’t float. It’s important to overcome the fear of water. People who can’t swim fear the water. I almost died at Gwangalli in the 3rd grade. Since then, I didn’t go to the ocean. You suffered trauma. I really fear water. I was able to play sports that I never learned before so far because both my feet were on land. (Hyeongdon can’t go in the water unless his feet can touch the ground) What about Jisuk? His body looks like Phelps. Swimming… You have wide shoulders. You have the body to swim. I’m confident if I have two things. What? A tube and a life vest. (It means he can’t swim) What a waste of that body. You can’t swim? I never swam before. So, how did you survive? But I’m confident. Jisuk, just a minute. How did you know to come here? Did someone call you? Actually… The production crew is nice. They couldn’t tell you to leave. Did you get a call? Nobody called. I live nearby here. There was a rumor. I heard there was a filming here. People hear about it. I asked what Hodong was wearing. I’m wearing the same color. Just get to the point. Can you swim or not? Since I’m here… (Jisu relies on a tube 100%) Everything has strengths and weaknesses. There is always light and shadows. The three of us don’t know anything about swimming. We will be able to grow. That’s a strength. But we can’t do it on our own. Mr. So. – So Jisub. / – I heard a lot about him. He’s a swimmer. I heard he played water polo. Yes, water polo. Personally, I’m against him. Our names are similar. Seo Jisuk, So Jisub. When they say Seo Jisuk is here at an event, everyone is happy thinking it’s So Jisub. They’re disappointed when I appear. – That’s upsetting. / – That hurts. It was like that for me, so… I understand. Kang Hodong and Jeong Hyeongdon don’t sound alike at all. Anyone can tell us apart. Your names could be misunderstood. If it echos on the mic. Seo Jisuk. I was hurt a lot. He’s an actor, too. Actor, Seo Jisuk, is here! Really? So Jisub! Gee… That’s possible. I don’t want men. Don’t you know any women? The production crew probably did a good job. If they have a conscience… Right? Let’s move again. We can’t swim with just the three of us. That’s absurd. We’re lacking too much. Let’s go to meet the new members who will fill the pool. (The ninth sport isn’t track and field) Let’s go. We’re at the pool. The ninth sport. A sport of survival, swimming. The members who will sweat with us. Come on out! Well? We… There they are. Nice body. (Hidden under sweats) (A secret weapon?) Look at that body. His body is nice, but he looks old. He looks similar. He has a well-developed lower body. (Ready to dive, go!) Is he good? It’s not a fine dive. No? The legs. (The dive wasn’t so good, but he’s pretty good) – His legs… / – Huh? – His legs… / – Huh? Oh… Just keep going. (Why are they showing such a response?) He really swims well. He’s always so motivated. (Who is the first new member?) (Sean of Jinusean) (They’re not happy to see Sean) (He did really well with cycling) (He surprised everyone) 24 hours from Busan to Seoul. (He surprised everyone again with his skills) Where did you come from? Banpodaegyo Bridge. Don’t suggest a cycling course. Don’t do that. What night is tonight? Jinusean night! Welcome. Sean! We worked together when we did cycling. That’s right. This is swimming. What brings you here? It’s going to be tough again. I… The next sport is decided. Will it be a marathon? Don’t say that. The production crew will get an idea. I know a marathon is next. That’s why I came. Stop talking nonsense. A former member is here again to swim. We’ll go from Jejudo to Busan, right? Oh, boy. What’s wrong with you? You’re going to kill us. What should we do? We can cycle around Jejudo. Then swim to Busan. If the next sport is a marathon, we can run to Seoul. What are you doing? Hyeongdon, was I just in the water? Was I just in the water? My body is shocked from hearing that. Was I just in the water? It looks like you swam about 1.5km. It’s nice to have you. How hard will we work at swimming? Let’s hear your resolution. Let’s do a triathlon. Let’s do a triathlon. I can’t swim very well. Every time I challenge the triathlon, I get scared when I face water. I want to learn well and be a man who swims really well. Another members is waiting. Who will it be? How many times have we just had men? Quite a bit, right? Right, foot volleyball and cycling. We didn’t have female members this year. Not once. That’s right. We didn’t have any women this year. Let’s have some hope. The next member, come on out! Come on out! (Will it be a woman?) (Smooth female legs?) Come on out! Men and women… Oh, it’s a man. It’s a man. (That looks familiar) It’s already depressing because he’s a man. The concept is… Is he going in with the earphones? (Oh, right) Focusing on the pose. He could forget. He can’t even take off his top. He’s wearing a full suit. That means he failed to make a nice body. It’s not So Jisub, is it? No. It’s not So Jisub, is it? No. That was better than Sean. The dive was better. He’s going toward the rope. He’s going toward the rope. He’s going in a strange direction. He’s going sideways. He’s going toward the rope. He’s going in a strange direction. (He breaks away from the lane) Where are his goggles? What is he doing? What is he doing? How frustrating. He’s like us. (Where is he going now?) (Another collision) Turn on your signals. (Who swam zig-zag?) How frustrating. (Minhyeok of CNBLUE) Didn’t he wear goggles? (The drummer of CNBLUE, Minhyeok) (Powerful drumming skills) (He can act, too!) (He’s an all-around idol) What is this? (I wanted to make a nice appearance) I’ll do that again. Give me one more chance. What? How embarrassing. Do you know how many times you crossed the line? (Let’s take another look) (Zig-zag swimming) What is he doing? How frustrating. He’s like us. (He’ll be teased for 10 years) You were about to introduce me, but you didn’t. Do you know how many times I got up and sat back down? It’s our fault your goggles came off? I used up all my energy waiting. What does that have to do with going sideways? You’re a member now. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Kang Minhyeok of CNBLUE. Can I do that again? Really. How well do you swim? Like I just did now. Like I just did. The drummer of CNBLUE… Just a minute. Time out. Go ahead. (What is it?) I have to wear my pants. These are so tight. It’s not that bad. For protection. Thank you. I’m sorry. You should have taken off your top. It’s your first appearance. My body isn’t ready yet. You know that feeling. – We… / – You can’t take this off. Will we see a great body before we’re done swimming? Around the time we’re done. I heard you suffered trauma when you were little. I didn’t swim after the 4th grade. You swam a lot before then? I even received diving lessons. You did? Yes. You were on a baby sports team. When I was learning how to dive, my swimming suit fell off. At a young age… It would have been alright if it was just boys. But there was a girl right behind me. I quit swimming the next day. That hurts. Trauma is a scary illness in a way. You didn’t swim since the 4th grade. Why did you come here? I’m a bit sick. I want to overcome it. I want to overcome the trauma and my illness. What’s wrong with your health? My lungs aren’t very healthy. My lungs aren’t healthy. Don’t say that on an entertainment program. That’s not good. I’m sorry. What’s wrong with your lungs? My breathing capacity is a bit lacking. I couldn’t swim 25m with one breath. Swimming helps enhance lung capacity. I wanted to challenge again. I was here the whole time. I was waiting back there. The others could have left. I waited so long. I thought I’d be coming out, but… Let me ask one thing. Go ahead. Is the next person a man or a woman? A woman. Let’s call her right away. What is your resolution? Quickly. Yeah! Since the next person is a woman. Come on out! If it’s a man… Oh! Oh! (Nice curves) (Who is this woman who is making them stir?) It’s a woman. She’s flexible. (She’s really flexible) She’s very flexible. We have to swim for a long time. We have to swim for a long time. We can’t react right now. (She doesn’t dive in) I shouldn’t have dived in. (Smooth swimming underwater) (And!) She learned formally. The butterfly! I never did that. I never did that. Who is it? That’s the hardest. You have to learn to do the butterfly. She had lessons. (Show us your face) Turn your face. (She did the butterfly well) Turn your face. (When Yuri turns…) (They cheer) (They can’t hide their joy) (They finally have a female member) (The top girl group of Korea) (Girls’ Generation) (Like a pearl in mud) (Yuri shines) If you didn’t join Girls’ Generation, you would have been a swimmer? Yes, I wanted to become a swimmer. You’re not a special guest today. You’re a member, right? Yes. Until swimming is over. No, let’s do the triathlon together. The triathlon. Why not? We have to do a triathlon. We can do it. We can do it. A triathlon. I’m going to swim a bit. Keep your promise. You can’t ask sudden questions without discussing it with the production crew. No questions. No direct questions. Be direct the Cool Kiz way. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m Yuri of Girls’ Generation. (A fan of Girls’ Generation) How well do you swim? I quit lessons a long time ago. I learned until the 2nd grade. The butterfly in the 2nd grade? Yes, they had high expectations for me. I didn’t take lessons for a long time after that. I never saw Yuri without makeup. Really… It’s your first time, right? Seeing her bare face. Tell us your resolution. My swimming skills were never shown. I felt a bit of pressure. I wondered if I should do this or not, but this program has sincerity. I like to win. I think it will be nice if we show teamwork. I’ll work hard. Yeah! Let’s cheer. Yuri, yeah! Is that it? There are six of you now. Club members swim really well. We thought you should have a member who can swim really well, so we’re going to have an audition. An audition? (A little while later) We will begin the audition that you won’t believe. (Ten swimming experts participate) (It’s a fight of 0.01 second) (They show great physical features) (Everyone is impressed) (It begins now) We will begin the audition that you won’t believe. There will be ten people auditioning. Ten stars are waiting to become a member of our family. Only 1st place. Only one person. A 10% chance. Only one person! They are top stars, but they came to audition. It’s an audition, but the person who passes becomes a member and the ace of our team. That person will lead the team. I’m not the ace this time. Right. The swimming audition. The first group, come on out! Scream. (They look fine even from a distance) – Wow. / – Wow. They love swimming. They are top stars, but they came in a humble manner to audition to become a member. Please give them a round of applause. (Welcome!) Please introduce yourselves. Hello, I’m actor, Lee Jaeyun. I appeared in “Queen of Ambition” and “Venus Talk” with Uhm Junghwa. I played detective Jang on “Heart to Heart”. He has a unique profile. Yes, he won several awards at regional Canadian competitions and amateur competitions. Did you live in Canada? My specialty is track. 100m. I swam as a hobby and entered a competition, but got a good record. It was a hobby, but you won an award? You must be athletic. Everyone knows Ben Johnson. He watched the competition I ran in. He suggested I train with him. I trained with him in high school. That’s amazing. In high school. He was great at track and field. He was the MVP of the year three times. He was also the player of the year. Is that right? I represented our school. I won three awards. You do cross fit, too, right? Yes, I do cross fit and ju-jitsu. Ju-jitsu? – Martial arts. / – Martial arts. He must be really good. With your love for this program, can you show us your upper body? Wow. If he does ju-jitsu. It’s not to show off your body. It’s to show your passion for this program. I have to take it off anyway. Don’t have high expectations. Don’t. He didn’t work out to have a nice body. He got a nice body from working out. With a love for Cool Kiz. Jisuk is creating a nice body in a hurry. Wow! Wow! (He takes it off) That’s a foul. (Great muscles / A fine body) Where do they sell such a body? Show it off. Sparta. The last question. Tell us the reason you have to be a member of the Cool Kiz for swimming. I’d like to become a fixed member to feed the family at the agency. I’ll work hard and show you exciting swimming. The viewers will enjoy it. I’ll work hard. Thank you. (Bitter) A genius can’t beat someone who makes an effort and a person who makes an effort can’t beat someone who enjoys it. What’s important is someone who enjoys it can’t beat someone who is desperate. He’s really desperate. The next person, introduce yourself. Hello, I’m the Australian seal, Sam Hammington. (Welcome) He came to audition for foot volleyball, too. (His heavy body flew and he showed agile heading skills, but…) He’s an expert at auditioning. I feel more comfortable in water than on land. (Is he scaring everyone with words?) It’s like being in my mother’s womb. When I go in a pool. It’s like being in your mother’s womb. I learned to swim before I walked. Before you walked? There’s a picture of me with my mom at the pool. They teach you when you’re little. Learning to swim in Australia is more for survival than as a hobby or a sport. I swam since elementary school to high school. There was a pool at our school. I swam during lunch time, too. I entered all the competitions, too. What’s important is you look like you lost weight. You lost a lot of weight. I tried. With a body like that next to me, I’ll have to lose more. Ian Thorpe from Australia is famous. He’s a top swimmer in the world. The environment is important, too. Koreans are good at archery. Let me go direct. If you become a member, can you invite Ian Thorpe? He visited Korea a few years ago. I spoke with him on the phone. – You did? / – Yes. He’s close with someone I know at the tourist bureau of Australia. We could invite him. We could? Jaeyun, if you become a member, could you invite Ben Johnson? We stay in touch. It could be possible. You stay in touch? We had a cup of coffee when he came last year. The audition is getting bigger in scale. If all this becomes a reality, Ben Johnson will be standing to my right. Ian Thorpe on the left. The next person must feel pressure. If he doesn’t know anyone. Hold on. The next person… It’s weak. Hello, I played Adamo in “New Tales of Gisaeng”. I came to meet the president. Adamo. Is it something I should hear by myself? No. I’m actor, Sunghoon. Hello. You swam on a team? Yes, for about 14 years. He’s an ace. Isn’t this a foul? Ian Thorpe, bye. This isn’t good. I swam on a team for a long time, but it’s been 8 years since I quit. I quit because of an injury. I’m an actor now. I qualify to audition today. Even if Oh Seunghwan quit with an injury, club members couldn’t hit his ball. If we played baseball, could we hit a ball Oh Seunghwan throws? No. What was the record? It was the 2002 MBC Swimming Competition. I set a new record for the 50m butterfly. Is it similar to the Korean record? The Korean record was in the early 25 seconds. My record was in the mid 25 seconds. It was less than a 1-second difference. He’s an ace. Ian Thorpe, Ben Johnson, goodbye. We won’t be able to see them. I think people who do the butterfly are the worst at neighborhood pools. It should only be done at the Olympics. (The butterfly is unnecessary!) (People who were splashed understand) Okay, next. Hello, I’m singer, Kim Hyeongjung. (Kim Hyeongjung is in lane 4) (Is it him?) I debuted with a team called E.O.S. You’re not a stranger. (Indeed) (Their music was ahead of the times in 1993 and he was an avant garde fashion leader) I’m famous as a guest singer for Toy. (A heart pounding voice in the music world) I must have. (He just seemed sweet, but…) I heard he’s a hidden talent in daily sports. How well do you swim? I’m pretty good among daily club members. I shouldn’t have come. Why… In group 1, too. I’ll show you the power of daily club members. (A short and firm resolution) Next. Please introduce yourself. Two, three. Hoo! MONSTA X. A hot rookie boy group of 2015. (The boy group debuted 2 months ago) (The vocalist of MONSTA X, Shownu) The younger brother group of SISTAR. I’m Shownu of MONSTA X. You don’t have to say two, three when you’re introducing yourself alone. Two, three. Hoo! How well do you swim? I swam for about 6 years when I was little. I prepare a chart. He’s a rookie. These are the awards I won in elementary school. 2003. Superintendent of Education competition. 1st place for the butterfly. 2004. National Masters’ Freestyle. 1st place for 100m. 3rd place for the 100m butterfly. 2nd place for the 50m butterfly. 2nd place, 2nd place, 1st place. Butterfly relay, freestyle relay, individual butterfly. He was in the top three for all of them. The national masters’ competition. He has great records. Regional competitions are amazing, too. Sunghoon set a new record. Sam is an Australian seal. He put the pride of daily sports on the line. He put his reputation as Ben Johnson’s friend on the line. Isn’t the first group amazing? We have commentators here. They’re sitting over there. Hogeun! The new sport is swimming. Bang Seunghun, the Asian seal, is joining me. (Lee Hogeun) Hello. (Bang Seunghun) Hello. They’re having an audition to choose new members. We just saw the five swimmers of group 1. Who should we watch for the most? Sunghoon swam on a team. I think he’s a powerful candidate. You swam with him before? Yes, but it became hard to see him since he became a celebrity. I see. They’ll swim 50m now. What’s most important for the 50m? It’s a short distance. The start. It’s a 25m lane, so the start and turn. Just doing that well will reduce the record by 1 second. Only the top two will advance to the final round. This is serious. They’re great. (Their mouths gape just from the warm up) (At this moment) (All they can think of is winning) (It’s like a professional competition) (It’s very tense) (It’s a short distance, so a mistake can’t be made) (A result you can’t turn back) (Who will advance to the final round?) The freestyle swimming audition. This is the first 50m preliminary round. Lane 1. Ben Johnson of swimming, Lee Jaeyun. Lane 2. Australian seal, Sam Hammington. Lane 3. Phelps of the celebrity world, Sunghoon. Lane 4. Power of daily sports, Kim Hyeongjung. Go 40’s! Lane 5. Swimming prodigy, Shownu of MONSTA X. I’m nervous. This is making me nervous. Lane 1 and 3 are at an advantage since Sam is between them. It must be a plan to create resistance. Get ready! Get up on the board. I’m nervous. I’m not even swimming. This is going to be so much fun. Get set! Get set! They started. They started. (Lane 1 – Jaeyun, lane 2 – Sam, lane 3 – Sunghoon, lane 4 – Hyeongjung, lane 5 – Shownu) Jaeyun in lane 1 had a fast start. Sunghoon in lane 3 is going forward. It’s fierce. They’re good. They’re not getting exhausted for 25m. Yes. Sunghoon in lane 3 and Shownu in lane 5 are doing well. Sunghoon turned first. (Shownu / Sunghoon) Sunghoon turned first. Shownu is doing the last spurt. He’s catching up to Sunghoon. Look at that spurt. Lane 5. Lane 5. That spurt. (Sunghoon / Shownu) That spurt. They’re reaching the finishing point. Sunghoon in lane 3 or Shownu if lane 5? (Who is the winner?) They’re reaching the finishing point. Sunghoon in lane 3 or Shownu if lane 5? (They almost arrive at the same time) Sunghoon arrives first. Shownu in lane 5 is 2nd place. How charming. Jaeyun in lane 1. Hyeongjung in lane 4. Hang in there, Australian seal. Sam is having fun. He showed all the different techniques. It’s beautiful to see him do his best. He saw how good the others were. Sure. Hang in there, Sam. (Struggling for survival) Australian seal, Australian seal. We’ll see Sam at the audition for the next sport. Applaud. (Everyone finished) Let’s look at the record. Sunghoon and Shownu advance. (Shownu is 2nd place) Shownu. Sunghoon swam professionally indeed. He had great speed. The people who are fit showed great skills in the short distance. Shownu also proved that he swam when he was little. Yes, the last spurt was great. You could see that from his kicks. We have the official times. Sunghoon was 1st place with 27.30 seconds. Shownu in lane 5, 27.50 seconds. Jaeyun in lane 1, 31.29 seconds. Hyeongjung in lane 4, 35.10 seconds. Everyone did well. Sam in lane 2, 53.72 seconds. Sam swam 50m in the time it would take Sunghoon to swim 100m. Sunghoon swam before. He had great speed after the turn. (Whiz) Sunghoon is going ahead. After the turn, lane 3. They were close up to the turning point. Ma’am, come out. We’re recording right now. I had to get my goggles. We’ll see Sam at the next audition. How do you feel? Shownu first. They were so good that I felt a bit small. I got lucky to advance. Thank you. I don’t think today is the last. He finished with his pace. That’s important. Yes. He didn’t give up. He’s at a top level. We’re open any time. Any time. Swimming is still open. Sure. Sunghoon advanced as 1st place. I didn’t think it would be easy. Everyone did better than I thought. This is just the preliminary. I didn’t think it would require so much energy. I used a lot of my energy. I’m going to save some for the final round. It was tough because they were better than he thought. The Australian seal. Equipment seems to be important for everything. I don’t know where my cap and goggles went. I brought my wife’s. The goggles came off when I dove in. (As soon as he dove in) (His goggles came off) (He ended up throwing them off) I don’t want to make excuses, but I will today. If you had your own swimming cap and goggles, you could have won? Yes, I would have came in faster. See you for the next sport. Jaeyun’s time of 31 seconds isn’t bad. His beginning spurt was the fastest. They started. Jaeyun in lane 1 had a fast start. Sunghoon in lane 3 is going forward. You came with the burden of your agency. I think you took off your top too early and failed to adjust body temperature. Body temperature is important. He took it off too quickly. I’m grateful for this opportunity alone. I felt the tension from track and field when I was little. That was nice. There are a lot of strong people in the world. You were all so sincere. Our program is more abundant now. Thank you. Good job. Thank you. Jaeyun, thanks. The official swimming audition. The second group is waiting. Who will appear? Group 2! Come on out! (Long legs) Please give a round of applause. They’re really famous people. They came to make swimming better. Please introduce yourself. Loyalty! I swam in the Marines. I’m actor, Choi Phillip. I’m confessing with sincerity. Accept my heart. (A surprising Marine charm) (He learned swimming to survive) (This is real swimming) (The power of the Marines) You’ll show us Marine swimming. My cruciate ligament was torn last year. You injured the cruciate ligament. I challenge a lot. I thought I’d regret it if I didn’t do this. His passion is alive. He’s a Marine. He had to do it, so he called us. He got a chance to audition. Marines have spite. I’ll do my best. Next. Please introduce yourself. Hello, in foot volleyball… I caused damage. I’m Kang Jiseop. Hello. (A perfect body for sports) (Whiz) (The foot volleyball only left him pain) (He came back for the swimming audition) I couldn’t walk around the neighborhood after playing foot volleyball. You wanted to restore your reputation. That’s right. I asked club members to help me. A member named pankkori… Thank you very much. Why? He got me a nice swim suit and cap. He even sent me herbal tonics. He was hurt a lot before. He wished me luck. He volunteered for the Marines. He served in Jejudo. He swam on a team in middle school. Sunghoon, don’t be surprised. He did the 100m freestyle in 57 seconds. Wow. – 100m. / – 100m. That’s a record that can’t be set in daily sports. Without an oxygen tank, don’t be surprised. Without an oxygen tank, 3 minutes. You’re lying. He’s like a gill. He can hold his breath for 3 minutes? He’s like a gill. I saw the others swim earlier. They’re really good. Be nice even if I’m not that good. Thank you. Hello, I’m Robin from France. Hello. (He captivated women with a bright smile and tender speech) I swam on a team since I was seven until high school. He entered regional competitions every year. He won over ten awards. His swimming skills are proven. He was a swimmer. Sam. Yes. France… Stand up. France is a country of swimming. What do you think about that? I don’t know any French swimmers. Gee… They’re good at soccer, but swimming… Stop it. France is better than Australia. Who is swimming in Australia now? I didn’t live in Australia for 13 years. I don’t know. (There’s nothing much to say to that) Let’s hear Robin’s resolution. I’m a French person. I think I should do well. I’m really nervous right now. I’ll do my best. I’ll show you how well the French swim. Okay. This is practically the Olympics for daily sports. Really. Australia. Canada. Ben Johnson’s friend. Even France. It’s a great competition. Is a Chinese person next? He’s the most like Chinese at KBS. Hello, I’m KBS announcer, Han Seokjun. The swallow of announcers. I’ll show you the power of a salary man. The swallow of announcers. Hogeun is standing since he’s a senior. He’s standing, right? He’s sending a heart to his senior. He’s showing respect. Seokjun, what is swimming to you? I received a lifeguard license in 1994. I watched group 1. Group 2 talked a bit. I concluded I will be chosen from this group. (On what basis?) (Does he own this pool?) I’m not the fastest. When people compete, some get cramps and some fall. Who helps them? The lifeguard. (Oh…) (Oh, boy) (Blushing) You want to join us even as the lifeguard. Of course. That is your resolution. The last person looks athletic. Hello, I appeared in “You Who Came from the Stars”. I tortured Jeon Jihyeon and Kim Soohyun. I’m actor, Lee Igyeong. (Sharp eyes that attack the heart) (I’ll protect the Cool Kiz) (He is here to audition) Do you know what’s more amazing? His father is the president of a giant corporation. I saw that in an article. Is that him? That’s him. You pass. (His skills are better) I was on the YMCA baby sports team 20 years ago. The walls collapsed and I injured my foot. I didn’t swim for 20 years after that. We should embrace someone with such pain. When he was little. That is why a children’s rehabilitation hospital is absolutely necessary. (This is the world of donation) The viewers who are watching won’t expect all of us to swim well. I will learn well in a week. I’ll show you the possibilities. (I’ll show you the possibilities of a beginner) (I like him) We will begin the audition for the second group. (The second preliminary round begins) This is the swimming audition. The second 50m freestyle audition will take place. Choi Phillip, Kang Jiseop, Robin, Han Seokjun and Lee Igyeong. Five swimmers are here. Who should we watch for? It’s the second group. The first group already swam. There is a time record now. All five of the second group will have to do their best. Robin swam for 11 years. He has my attention. I think he will be the fastest, but short-distance swimming doesn’t only require good swimming skills. You have to have good physical conditions. You have to have confidence, too. I have experience working with him. I don’t have much expectations for Seokjun. I think he swims with his mouth. He already fulfilled his role. It’s over for him. Yes. Jiseop in lane 2 and Phillip in lane 1. They have nice bodies. We can have expectations for them. Yes, they’ll have to do their best until they touch the finishing line. It’s a short distance, so even 0.01 second matters. They shouldn’t give up until they touch the finishing line. (Jiseop is happy to be in the water) His back… Jiseop, you’re really good. It’s not like foot volleyball. You’re amazing. His goggles look really nice. You swim forward quickly. (Thank you, pankkori) He looks nice. Robin has a nice body. He looks great. The swimming audition. This is the second preliminary round. Lane 1. Marine swimmer, Choi Phillip. (Lane 1, actor Choi Phillip) Lane 2. Great ocean swimmer, Kang Jiseop. Lane 3. French swimmer, Robin. Robin. Lane 4. The swallow of announcers. Han Seokjun. I love you. I love you. I love you. Lane 5. Former baby team swimmer, Lee Igyeong. (We’re not expecting much from you) Lee Igyeong. Get ready to swim. (A tense moment) (The conditions are fair) (But the result won’t be the same) (The group 1 swimmers are even more nervous) (They’re ready) Get set! They started. He was too motivated. They started. He was too motivated. (Jiseop dove in before the signal) (In a daze) They started. He was too motivated. Stop, stop. Stop! Stop! They can’t hear. Jiseop started before the signal. (It’s pretty close) (What will I do?) (They turned) The winner will be a fixed member. Seokjun is pretty fast. Seokjun is very fast. They just swam 50m. I wonder if he can do that again. There’s no reason to be happy. Right. (I swam with passion) (I know how he feels) They won’t be able to swim again. They’re exhausted. It’s really exhausting. They won’t be able to swim again. They’re exhausted. The damage will be great. They won’t be able to swim. They have to take a 5 minute break. Will that be enough? I’m still exhausted. Jiseop has to swim, too. Swim at full speed. You have to go at full speed. Jiseop, go. You have to go at full speed. They’re making him swim. Actually, there’s only one start. If someone starts before the signal, that swimmer disqualifies. That’s the formal rule. Yes. But he waited too long for this. Right. (Jiseop swims at full speed) Rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Seokjun is just sighing. He looks tired. He’s sitting out of the water. (After a break) They will swim again. They completed 50m. It will be exhausting. They might not be able to give 100%. Robin might be in better condition. (His muscles are angry) (Group 2 is ready to go again) If he starts before the signal again, he will be disqualified. Get set! Get set! They started. They started. Jiseop must have felt pressure. His start was a bit late. Jiseop must have felt pressure. His start was a bit late. Yes. Robin is next to him. They’re spurting together and in the lead. This is serious. Jiseop and… Jiseop is spurting fast. Jiseop and Robin pass the 25m point. Jiseop is spurting fast. Jiseop and Robin pass the 25m point. Jiseop is fast. Robin in lane 3 is in 1st place. Robin has to do his best. Jiseop is doing the last spurt. Jiseop in lane 2, Robin in lane 3. They’re almost the same. They’re the same! Jiseop caught up! Jiseop in lane 2, Robin in lane 3. They’re almost the same. They’re the same. Jiseop caught up! (It’s a fight of pride) Jiseop in lane 2, Robin in lane 3. They’re almost the same. Jiseop finishes first. Jiseop is 1st place and Robin is 2nd place. Jiseop in lane 2, Robin in lane 3. They’re almost the same. Jiseop finishes first. Jiseop is 1st place and Robin is 2nd place. (Robin is upset to lose by so close) Igyeong is 3rd place. Seokjun was 2nd place before, but he lost his energy. He couldn’t use his legs much. It’s meaningful that he finished. Yes. Phillip is swimming to finish. (Phillip is 5th place) Nice. Jiseop started before the signal before. He started late this time. Yes. Despite that, it was close with Robin. Robin did well up to 25m. Jiseop saw Jiseop later on. The person in behind wants to catch up to the person in front. He could swim better in the end. Seokjun was only happy for a little while. Jiseop and Robin will advance to the final. Jiseop and Robin advance. Igyeong, how do you feel? I didn’t know anything about water. I practiced hard for a week. Anyone can enjoy swimming. I felt that I advanced a bit, too. Swimming isn’t bad. It’s touching. I’m so tired. I thought I’d be really good. Even if I didn’t swim for 3 years. Everyone who participates, take care of your health and beat them. It’s worth a shot. Good luck, everyone. (Robin is slightly mad that he’s 2nd place) I’ll do my best in the final round. I have a stretched ligament in my shoulder. I’m not sure how well I’ll do this time. But I’ll do my best. He’s swimming with an injury. When I dove in, I didn’t see Jiseop. I thought I beat him. I swam with everything I had. (Yeah! I beat one person) I did my best. Thank you. The people who advance to the final round are Jiseop and Robin. (Jiseop and Robin advance to the final round) The final round is left. Sunghoon had the fastest time. Yes. He was very fast. Shownu is good enough to pressure him though. It will close until they reach the finishing line. Robin and Jiseop don’t have as fast a time as Sunghoon and Shownu, but they could swim faster when they swim with fast swimmers. Of course. He would have done well as a swimmer. – Jiseop? / – Yes. He has a body similar to swimmers who hold world records. He doesn’t look like a Korean. His shoulder muscles are developed well. The winner of the four will become an official member of the Cool Kiz. The final round will take place soon. Here are the swimmers. This is the 50m freestyle final round. (High expectations) Lane 1. French swimmer, Robin. Je t’aime. Je t’aime. Lane 2. Ocean swimmer, Kang Jiseop. I love you. Lane 3. The Phelps of celebrities, Sunghoon. Wow. Charming. The Phelps of celebrities. Lane 4. Swimming prodigy, Shownu of MONSTA X. Let’s go, Shownu! Yeah! Yeah! (Expectations and excitement) Stand at the starting line. I want to beat my own time. I’ll try to challenge that. I’ll do this as if there is no tomorrow. I’ll do well and promote MONSTA X. They’re at the starting line. I’m nervous. It’s making me nervous. I’m nervous. They all have skills, so the start will be important. It’s like an international competition. (Silence before they start) (Everyone is holding their breath) Get set. They started! They started! Robin is fast. Wow, nice start. (Lane 1 – Robin, lane 2 – Jiseop, lane 3 – Sunghoon, lane 4 – Shownu) (They swim fast) It is the final round indeed. Sunghoon in lane 3 is taking the lead. I hope Shownu doesn’t fall behind. Sunghoon and Shownu. Robin and Jiseop are behind them. (Lane 1 – Robin, lane 2 – Jiseop, lane 3 – Sunghoon, lane 4 – Shownu) Sunghoon takes the lead. Sunghoon, Shownu, Robin. (Sunghoon) They pass the 25m point. Sunghoon is in the lead. – Wow, Sunghoon. / – He’s awesome. Shownu is kicking… Robin, Robin. (Shownu, Sunghoon) Sunghoon in lane 3 is in the lead. Shownu is right behind him. (It’s really close) (Shownu’s last spurt) The finishing line isn’t far. Shownu! Shownu! (What is the result?) The finishing line isn’t far. They finish. Sunghoon is 1st place. Shownu is 2nd place. Then Robin and Jiseop. That’s amazing. Group 1 was a tough group. The best record today. Today’s winner is Sunghoon! (Sunghoon wins) He’s really fast. Wow, he’s really fast. It was expected. There was no surprise. We have the official times. Sunghoon in lane 3 won with 25.9 seconds. Shownu is 2nd place with 26.91 seconds. Robin, 30.17 seconds. Jiseop, 32.62 seconds. Please give them another round of applause. Sunghoon becomes a member of the Cool Kiz. Let’s hear from him first. How do you feel? I quit swimming 8 years ago. I forgot about winning at sports since the moment I quit. It was nice to meet good competitors today. That feeling came alive again after 8-9 years. It was a great experience. Since I’m on the team now, I will let you experience this torture every week at the recording. (Oh…) A person shouldn’t change before and after an audition. Your tone changed. Igyeong should have won. Sure. If he won today, we would have had a party tonight. Too bad. His father would have invited us to his home. Thank you. Thank you. The swimming team is complete. We’re lacking now, but we will grow and sweat in a healthy manner. Yeah, Cool Kiz! (“Hurt Locker” / 9Muses)