Wish you could be a little more creative lately? You’re more capable of making art than you
think you are. Don’t believe us? You may change your tune after learning some of these fantastic creative drawing tricks and hacks. Wow, check out Bella’s concentration! When you’re painting still-life, you’ve got to really focus and pay attention to every single detail. Oh yeah, this thing is definitely going to
be refrigerator door-worthy. Maybe even picture-frame status! Well, this is probably as good as it’s gonna
get without me full on tracing the thing. On second thought, maybe this drawing will
serve as a practice round. Yep, we’re just gonna toss this over here
for now. Oh no, Bella, your paint! Oh boy, I should’ve known that was gonna
happen. C’mon, dry faster! Hey, I wonder if I can use this straw. Maybe if I blow into it it’ll dry. Ooh! Check out those awesome lines! This looks so cool! This looks so cool! Um, is it just me or did I just create the
perfect tree painting? And maybe I should add some flowers with these
Q-tips! If you use a Q-tip to dab some color onto your tree branches, you’ll end up with natural-looking flowers! But be warned, it may take a few minutes,
so be sure to be patient as you go. Wow, who would’ve thought such simple moves
could create such a stunning masterpiece? That’s so beautiful, Bella. Well, I don’t think I’ll be needing this
anymore. Am I brilliant or what? Painting the walls may seem easy but it’s
actually a bit more complicated than it looks. Hey! Watch out for the — paint. Uh, did I just step barefoot into a bowl of
paint?! Ew! What the heck am I supposed to do now? Well, that’s what happens when you never
look up from your stupid phone, Bella! Actually, I think I have the perfect solution. Take a long piece of masking tape and place
it diagonally above the stain like this. Now add more of the same color paint to the
area with a sponge or brush. Once you’re done, remove the tape. Add more tape in this design before adding more color, the same or a different shade, to the area. Now it’s time to let the paint dry! Phew! Looks like I’m just about finished. Time to finally take a load of these tired
tootsies. Oh yeah, that feels good. Woah, Bella! When did you have time to go shopping? Why go shopping when you can turn your own
clothes into your latest art project? In fact, why not do something creative with
this extra bit of paint? We’ve all had one of those days where we
feel a little blue. And no matter how much your friend tries to make you laugh, you just can’t seem to get in a good mood And boy, is Bella trying hard to make this
sad sap laugh. It’s no use, Bella, I’m just too down
in the dumps. Too down to smile at Mr. Moose face? Yikes, Justin’s not budging. Aw man, there’s got to be something I can
do to cheer you up. Oops! There goes my fork. Yes, the perfect opportunity to make Justin
laugh! And all I need is right here in my old trusty
backpack. Sometimes, a little extra creativity can really come in handy. And in this case, a black marker is just the
ticket. When your friend isn’t looking, you have
a small window to create the best joke ever. On a plate like this one, draw a little stick
figure holding a balloon. Ah-ha! Uh, Bella? What on earth are you doing? Did you know that if you pour water on nearly-dried
marker it’ll lift right off the glass surface? See? He’s moving around! Wow! That’s actually pretty funny! No matter what design you draw, this little
trick is always sure to bring a smile to your face. Try drawing a little boat and watch it sail
away! How does this work? Why don’t you give it a try! See? Nothing like a little creative spirit to turn the frown upside down! Another afternoon, another art project! Hey girl, you don’t mind if I work on my
painting in here, do you? First I gotta lay out all of my supplies. Oh hello, paint pallet! And what kind of painter would I be without
my brush? Aw man, how am I supposed to use this thing
now? I don’t have time to go out and buy new
brushes today. Hey, are those Q-tips over there? I wonder if those could work as well as my
brush? I’m just gonna borrow these for one second,
okay? Hey! I need those! Ooh, a toothbrush can work too. Okay, with these materials, I’m finally
ready to dive into this! For this art hack, you’ll need a nice big piece of white paper and a bunch of q-tips tied together with a rubber band like this. Go ahead and dip the bundle into a glob of
paint — it’s okay if it’s unevenly distributed. Once that’s done, blot it onto the page
in random spots. For accent colors, use just one Q-tip and
dip it into the color of your choice. And amongst a sea of green dots, a couple streaks of reddish brown can turn it into a full-blown tree! Try using toothbrush bristles to help create
realistic texture in your painting as well. Using small strokes, you can emulate actual
blades of grass, see? Wanna check out my latest work of art? Wow, you’re like a modern-day Monet! Last thing you have to do is find a nice place
on the wall to showcase your masterpiece. Because you’re gonna want to look at it
all the time. After a long day, sitting down and coloring
can really calm your nerves and help you relax. Aw, look! What an adorable little apple tree. Green seems like a good color to start with! Wow, Bella sure knows how to stay in the lines,
doesn’t she? All done! But it came with a price! Getting marker rubbed all over your skin is
the absolute worst. Ugh, maybe I can rub it all off. Ooh! Maybe the paper towel will do the trick. C’mon you ugly marks, leave my skin alone! Perhaps I just need something a little stronger. Protective gear? Really? Looks like we’re scrubbing these marks off
once and for all! What? Why isn’t this working? I give up, I’ll just have these marks for
the rest of my life. Wait, I have an idea! Maybe this yellow highlighter will work! Hey, at this point I’ll try anything to
get this stuff off. Uh, it looks like you’re just drawing more
yellow onto your skin. But low and behold when you wipe off the fresh yellow ink, all the darker colors come off instead! Well, now that I know this trick, coloring
just became way more worth the trouble. And next up? This adorable little teddy bear! Every good artist knows a masterpiece is often
the result of happy accidents. So there’s no doubt we’ve got plenty of
bloopers to go along with our awesome drawing hacks! Be sure to share this video with your fellow
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