You have big biceps. But it’s not from that. So, Katya, I know you are from Latvia,
great hockey players, obviously. Do you have any places that remind
you of your great hockey career? No. We keep hockey in the heart. Turn around, look at the bridge.
What do you see? UFO? That’s what we have to call it.
It’s the winning puck. In 1972, we beat the Soviet Union and that’s what
reminds us of how great hockey players we were. We have the heart in the shape of a puck. We are the hockey nation. Give me a break… We are the hockey nation! Invite all Latvian people to come to Bratislava. You, Latvians, come here in May… Okay, okay, okay.
You’ve got to put this in your mouth. Seriously?! I only used it once. In May, you Latvians, come to Bratislava
to the biggest hockey event in the world! Come to Bratislava!