[Gunshots in the background] I can’t see anyone here either. Yes! Yes! Oh god! My health is gone. Listen Gujjar, please give me health kit? Who asked you to wear a Ghillie suit and sit on the roof? Of course you got killed! Why don’t you wear it then? I don’t wear all this grass… you can’t see my muscles in camouflage! Oh god! Ms. Pooja, can you give me a health kit? Please? I am myself screwed! I am hiding behind a rock… there are 2 guys right in front of me and I don’t have bullets. I’ll definitely get killed if I come out. Oh god! Where is that rascal? He must have gone to collect airdrop! [screaming] People, your teacher is here! [laughing] Whoa, what an entry! Killed 2 people as soon as you came! Do you know what these people were saying? That you went alone to collect airdrop. He went to get that cockroach (insect) jeep for everyone… Okay okay, stop mooning over what we collected
from these 2 kills, rather distribute it. We still have 2 more people left in
the game right now, get it? And to all my TommyGuns, if you liked the last kill then show some love guys! Listen Gujjar, where are those 2 noobs? Check the building on your left. Oh I saw them! Listen Gujjar, You and I will go in the jeep from the left to distract them… Pooja, you take Pandit from the right and assault! Copy! Copy! Come on Pooja. Listen I am going in front… Oh I got hit! Oh shit shit shit! I had to give cover to you Pandit, my bad.
– Pandit you stay right there I have health, I’m coming.
– No. Daaku, don’t come here! Remember me as a Martyr! Anyway it’s Tuesday, I won’t have chicken dinner today.
– Just leave him Tommy! He saw Saving Private Ryan last night… look at the window there. Spotted him! Guys, if I kill this guy without using a scope, how much love will you give me? Ohhho! Woah! Keep it coming! Nice! Jabra Fan, this one’s for you! [clicks fingers like a gun] Go, go, go! What? Daaku daddy missed the shot? This is as impossible as being a Gujjar and not buying a Fortuner SUV! There goes the money for my new phone! But how did this happen? Idiot! Behave yourself! That’s it Dad! We had decided on my last birthday in front of everyone that we both won’t fight again. Even Mom knows this. This is not fighting, this is beating. Do you understand? Dad please! All of this is getting recorded… all my fans are watching! If you raise your hand again… You are showing this drama to the whole world? What do I do with you? [screaming] MOM! Call her! [screaming] MOM! What happened? You hit him again? Why are you hitting my dear son, Nonu? Do you know what your dear son did? What? I had called for tile samples for the exhibition and because of him the delivery went back. ‘Dear son Nonu’ it seems! And you? You are out of the house every morning
to learn Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance) Tch! It’s called Zumba! Whatever you call it, the boy kept ringing the bell and left. Your dear son kept his ears shut! All day it’s about his game! This is a waste of time! Instead you could have watched porn videos, at least they get over within 2 minutes. Mom! Now what will I take to the exhibition? So why are you scolding him? It’s not like he plays alone! His friends must have forced him, otherwise my child is very innocent. Right? Anyway, all men have dmb friends… for example, your friend Guptaji… Ritu, Ritu! Look, you are taking this elsewhere. What are you laughing at?
We are talking about you and your friends! You show me who these friends are, with whom you keep playing games. Show me your phone! Wow, Kaatil Gujjar! Pandit 786. Miss! Oh look, Miss Pooja… Now there are also ladies in his gang. That’s Chintu, Mom. Leave it. Call this Kaatil Gujjar first, then we will talk. You are only spoiling him! Can you call faster? I am calling, Dad! Look in front… Yes, is this Kaatil Gujjar? How many times have I told you that till now it’s just Gujjar but preparation is in full swing! I am Tommy’s father speaking. Oh! Hello Uncle! Uncle, this is Sunny. Yes, hello, tell me. Uncle, can you hear me? Yes. Yes Uncle! Uncle, Tommy hasn’t done anything. I have only spoilt him. Yes uncle! You know about that fish in the pond? The ones that does something to the pond… What? Contaminate? Yes, you are right uncle! The fish which contaminates the pond… I am that fish, uncle. Your Tommy is just like Shravan Kumar. Did you hear that? Yes, Uncle. Actually my upbringing was not like his. If I had a father like you, then it could have happened. Who is this triggering my son against me, you kidnapper? This is Tommy’s father, who are you? I am Sunny’s father. Oh okay! Your son was telling me how he has spoilt my son. And, can I tell you something? Your son and I, both don’t like your upbringing at all. Upbringing? One minute! Then he would have also mentioned something about a fish contaminating the pond? Yes, he did. And he must have told you your son is like Shravan Kumar? Yes! Yes, how do you know all this? Brother, this is a scam our kids are running! Yesterday, your son told me the same dialogue for my son. Can I say something to you? You handle your sin, let me handle mine. Okay? God bless! Enough is enough! From today, no more of your games. Dad, I can’t stop playing games. I don’t just play, I do commentary also, I upload videos on YouTube. And Mom, now I have started getting good subscribers as well. Dad, how can I just stop? One minute. Dad! Now it’s shut. Okay? Reach the shop tomorrow at 8 AM. And I have asked you so many times to not wear these caps! Wear a turban and come to the shop. And yes, dear son’s dear Mom! Don’t send a phone with him tomorrow, send him with a lunchbox. From today, he will take god’s name instead of PUBG’s, Understood? You also understand please, okay? Give back the child’s phone at least! Oh god! Come, from now on, you have to come every day at 8 AM. Understood? And meet him… Don’t look here and there. Meet him. Hello! He is our manager, Guptaji. He takes care of everything. Guptaji, he is my son.
– Oh! Show him the godown and explain the work. He will take care of it from now on. Sure, sure. I have to go to the new shop. The inauguration is next week, there is a lot of work left. So, please take care of him. Sure, sure. I’ll ask you everything tonight, okay? You didn’t bring your phone with you, right? Dad, why will I bring my phone here? Take care of him. Tommy, there isn’t much to learn. Those are the tiles. These are the customers. This is the godown. There is a computer inside. I am the manager. You are the owner. What did you say? I am the manager. You are the owner.
– No… What do you call it in English? Nepo… Nepotism! Tch! Where’s the computer? Inside. It’s for the inventory. There’s Wi-Fi and a password as well. What is it? I just said it. Bhi. B-H-I. Bhi. Thank you, Guptaji. Alright, son. I’m going. Take care of everything, okay? What’s up TommyGuns? I am DaakuDaddy and I welcome everyone to today’s stream. Yes, guys. Today we’ll discuss how one can make a comeback in the game after a poor landing. So let’s get started. Step 1…
[Constant knocking on the gate] [indistinct chatter] Please pack some milk cakes (sweet) What’s up Tommy? You didn’t upload any new video? I just uploaded it yesterday! Look at this. All my subscribers are like you. No one checks my channel. My channel is going to shut If your channel is failing, then why don’t you try something else? How cool are you about nudity and stuff, bro? Nudity is very cool, I watch it every night. They’re asking you to get naked. What? Excuse me! I am an honorable PUBG MOBILE streamer. If I had to do all of this, I would have long beaten Poonam Pandey (stripper) by now. No, no. He’s saying you should do some challenges on stream. Yeah, play in the Ace level lobby without helmet and vest. Get some kills and chicken dinner. You can do streams regularly. Your channel will grow like that too. That is a good idea! Heyyy! Excuse me, I’ve seen you guys somewhere. Do you guys also play PUBG MOBILE? Little bit. Naaah! Why will MortaL and Dynamo come to your shop? Pack some milk cakes (sweet), please. Yeah! Hey, Pandit. Leave that crate, that’s my kill! Daaku, leave it bro. Anyway, you’ve been
picking up so many crates of tiles these days! Laugh! Laugh all you want. When I won’t come to play, you all will cry. Bro, listen. If you don’t want to play, then don’t, But keep making your game videos. When I don’t feel like playing, I watch your videos… It feels like I’ve played for half an hour by myself, you know? Hey, my brother!
– My bro! Why don’t you also learn something from the videos? Hey, listen. He’ll learn. But you install all your tiles before the 18th of this month, we don’t want any excuses on the 19th. You know it’s a big event, you’ll get a lot of content for streams. He’s right. I’m saying we should put game videos but we can also include lots of other stuff in streams. Do you guys remember about our Physical Education teacher? What all crazy things we used to do?
– Yeah. Yeah. That’s so funny. We should put that up.
– Yeah, we can put that up. We should put up our Parent Teacher Meeting shenanigans. The one with Mrs. Sharma Mam! I think we should make a video about types of stupid PUBG MOBILE players. We’ll keep our own Kaatil Gujjar in the lead! Pandit, I’ll beat you up! Do you know how much money we’ll make? I’ll buy a new smartphone. Dude, we’ll get lots of phone sponsors going forward, who’ll pay us lot sof money! [Dad calling] Tommy! Coming, Dad! [Pandit] Last player, last player.
– And here is our chicken dinner! Dad, I’m coming! Tommy? What are you doing son? Chandu uncle was tired, so I thought of helping him. Anyway it’s our shop only. Greetings uncle! It’s all in the upbringing, brother. Come, let me show you the tile samples. [gun shots] Guptaji, which actress’ pictures are you showing me? I have never seen her before. Sir, she is not an actress. She’s an Instagram influencer. Influenza? Guptaji, what is wrong with you? Why are you showing me an ill woman’s photo? No, no, Sir. It’s ‘influencer’ not ‘influenza’. It means she’s very popular on the internet. If she promotes your shop, lot of people from Faridabad will be convinced to buy tiles from here. Really? Yes. Ok, you’re sure you’ll be able to handle this? Definitely, Sir. Alright then. I’ll take your leave, Sir. I have to look into some preparations. Dad, were you looking for me? Yeah Tommy, come have a seat. Guptaji told me what you do all day sitting in the godown.
That is why I’ve called you. Sorry Dad, I only do it sometimes Sometimes? Why son? You should be working hard all the time. What is ‘sometime’? Honestly, I had never thought you’d give up your gaming and start working. You’ve made me happy. Game? Dad, I am not a 13 year old boy. I am a grown-up now. Moreover, I think tiles are really interesting and important. Tiles make a mere building, home. Else it’s only four walls. Yeah. After working in the inventory, I have realized what my passion is. Very good. Dad, if we could change this AC… Consider it done, son. We’ll get a new one. You just let me know. But just help me with one critical piece of work. Tell me. There’s a big client delivery next week and Guptaji will be very busy. Can you take care of it? Consider it done, Dad. Very good, son. This is what I had expected. What is the date of this delivery? It’s on Saturday. On the 19th. On the 19th? Yes it’s on the 19th, on Saturday. You won’t disappoint me this time son, will you? Keep it up! Give your supplier’s number bro, we will stop him at the toll gate itself! But the supplier is also a Gujjar. You let it be, I have an idea. Bye! Ok? Don’t talk much to the supplier.
Keep all the tiles in the godown and lock them. And don’t tell Dad about anything. Understood? Keep this money. Fine? Thank you Shambhuji. What is there to understand in this? Don’t talk too much with the tiles. Quietly lock the supplier in the godown. And tell Dad everything! Huh! We still have an hour… Let’s jump in, hit them and leave! Copy that? Copy! Copy! Kids, your teacher is here! Hahaha! Have Sharmaji’s sweets been packed or not? Please pack some good sweets for me as well. Sure, Sir. We have our shop’s inauguration ceremony on the 25th… One minute Sir, one minute. I think I have heard your voice before. Yeah… You’re the one who was saying things to my child the other day… Oh! Kaatil Gujjar? No, Sir, there’s some misunderstanding. Your son was saying all those things to himself. I didn’t say anything. To be honest, I don’t really expect anything from my son, Sir. He’s always on the phone. I’d like to tell you something… It’s all about one’s upbringing. Everyone has their way. See my son! He has stopped playing all those mobile games. He’s taking care of all the work and my business… Yeah definitely! He’s taking care of everything! One minute, look at this. Here, have a look at his deeds. Have a look! See this? All these 22 kills are his. Also, this is his YouTube channel. And that’s not it… He also shares videos of his rubbish commentary while playing games. Can I tell you something? Please don’t mind… Our child is only KL Rahul, your son is the Virat Kohli. Yeah yeah, you pack the sweets. That will be done anyway. [sarcastically] Ideal son! There’s only one team member left out of the knocked out team. Oh shit! There’s the circle coming from behind. We can’t stay here for long. Listen to me, I’m throwing a smoke grenade from the left; you throw a grenade from the right. Gujjar, we are moving ahead, let’s assault them and finish it. Copy that? Copy! Copy! But I can’t find their guy. Oh, I spotted him! He’s on my scope! He’s on my scope! Oh but he’s crawling now. You take the shot. Did it! Yes, we did it! We won GG! Our entry in PUBG MOBILE Faridabad Championship is confirmed now! Yes, it’s confirmed! Correct! There’s still 10 minutes left, if I leave now, I’ll be back on time. Let me call Shambhu ji. Hello, Shambhu ji! Is everything under control? You were supposed to keep everything under control. You must know about it. Yes, Dad. I had come to have tea for five minutes. I’m coming to the godown right away. That’s not required! Come home straightaway! Shit! What happened, bro? What is this? What is this? What were you doing outside? And what did you tell me? 13 year-olds play mobile games. I am a grown up now? Do me a favour, don’t grow any further! Whatever games you want to play, you play but stay away from my business! Listen to me… Mom! Not today! Your father asked you to do one thing. You could have done that properly at least! Mom… If you didn’t want to do it, you shouldn’t have lied at least. Your father has a blood pressure problem. We have had a huge loss in the business, you know that right? Sorry! Are you a kid who needs to be told all this? Mom, I had a very important game today. Besides, we make videos while playing these games. And we upload them on YouTube to get subscribers. Mom, this is no less than entertainment. I think I might have a future in this. Future? Look son, I don’t understand all this. You do whatever you wish to. Anyway, I am tired of saving you every time. Maybe your father is right, you really do need to grow up. For god’s sake, please grow up now! What is wrong with him? He hasn’t come online for two days. Our subscribers are going to kill us. Bro, forget about the subscribers, we have PUBG MOBILE
Faridabad championship finals on the 25th. What about that? No idea! Guptaji, let’s go for tea. Sure, why not! Listen to me very carefully, it’s very simple. Throw all the garbage outside on the inauguration day. Get scissors for ribbon cutting. And get sweets from Gujjar’s shop. Understood? Yes. Repeat then! Get the sweets from garbage, throw away the ribbon, and will cut Gujjar with the scissors. What rubbish are you saying? Dad, let me try once. Idiot! Shambhuji, cut off the garbage, get sweets from the ribbon and throw away Gujjar. Okay okay. What are you saying? I’ll get the sweets from Gujjar’s, I’ll get scissors for the ribbon and throw away the garbage. Listen to me. I think I scolded you a bit more. But you know there’s a lot of work for the inauguration. Yeah, I understand. Dad, I won’t disappoint you this time. You are talking so maturely! Have you completely stopped playing games? Yes, I have stopped. Seriously? Yes. Let’s go. I’ll give you a tour of the shop. After the inauguration, you’ll only have to handle the shop, right? Let’s go. [soft music] Have you guys gone mad? I’ll get into trouble. It’s us who are dying and that too with frying pans. In mid-air, they’re bursting our parachutes these days. My thumb is also sore now, bro. Please come back. It’s been 6 hours since you went offline. No, bro. Dad’s scolding never hurt me before, but this time, when Mom got angry, it made me realize that Dad was always right. It’s all done now. Dude, listen. Don’t talk like this. Do you remember how we used to land in Pochinki? How we used to Snipe enemies from the terrace? Everytime Pandit used to get injured, how we used to revive him at the last moment? No matter how much scolding we get from our parents, we always derive pleasure from killing the noobs with frying pans. It’s difficult to gain so much respect in an entire lifetime. So, respect what you are getting from our subscribers and fans. Chuttar Singh Ahluwalia, finish the tournament and then you can become a saint. No, bro… On the same day, my dad’s new shop is opening. And, I’m not the old Tommy anymore. This is the new Tommy, who knows his priorities. See you later. I need to iron the clothes for tomorrow. If I leave the iron on for too long,
the electricity bill will spike up . And anyway, it’s 10 PM. I need to sleep… after brushing. Good Night! Leave him. Let’s go. We’ll manage. All the arrangements are done Guptaji, right? Yes, Sir. Don’t worry. Everything will go smoothly. Nothing will go wrong. I’m here. Wonderful! Sir, all the arrangements are amazing! It’s all Guptaji’s hard work. No Sir. Tommy Sir helped a lot. Nothing would’ve been possible without him. Sir, let’s hurry up. Neha Ma’am has said that she will come for only 10 minutes and upload only 1 picture
on the internet. What? She has charged so much for only 1 image? Yes, Sir.
– What are you saying, Guptaji? Sir, have you seen the size of the crowd? Even Vijender Singh couldn’t have brought such a crowd. Okay, hurry up then.
– Yes, yes. I’ll make the announcement Brothers and sisters! Say, now So, brothers, let’s call our Chief Guest for the ribbon cutting Ms. Nehaha-hehe-hoohoo! [applause] [crowd cheering] Welcome Ma’am, welcome!
– Thank you so much. Come, son. Scissors? Give them to her! Excuse me, have I seen you somewhere before? One second! Oh My God! Oh My God! Daaku Daddy? I can’t believe this! Guptaji, you had said that I’ll be the only influencer here! No offence, Daaku Daddy. I’m your biggest fan! Ma’am, why are you calling him a ‘Daaku’ (robber)? He’s the son of the owner of this shop.
He’s not a robber (Daaku)! He’s Tommy. Ma’am, it’s all old news now. It’s… I’m not Daaku Daddy anymore. Oh, that’s so sad! But, do you remember me? Jabra Fan. You had even dedicated a shot for me which you ultimately missed but that’s okay. Oh I’m really sorry, my Da… If you want, I can pay back your 5000 rupees. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t even mind giving you 50,000 rupees to see your shot. It’s the Finals today, right? Why didn’t you go? Finals? No, wait a minute.
– Dad, it’s nothing. Finals? What Finals? Uncle, Daaku Daddy and Team is in the finals of
the Faridabad PUBG MOBILE Competition. And even if they weren’t competing, they would’ve been invited. Because he has so many subscribers! Dad, let it be. Let’s focus on the shop. You mean to say that there are competitions for this also? Absolutely! The winner gets Rs. 5 Lakhs. And everyone was thinking your son
would be the one winning it. You play so well? Dad, I’m a decent player. I make videos on it and upload on YouTube,
but it doesn’t matter now. How doesn’t it matter? Mobile gaming is the next thing. Influencers, streamers, entertainers are just like celebrities. Uncle, do you watch YouTube? Yes, of course. I watch all Gurdas Mann’s songs on YouTube only.
– That’s nice! So, now you guess which Indian company has
the maximum number of subscribers on YouTube? T-series. Everyone knows that! But did you now know that before that, an ordinary entertainer named PewDiePie was at #1 position? PewDiePie? You must be thinking that a big company like T-series must’ve easily defeated PewDiePie, right? But, no, Uncle. It took them months to claim the #1 position. Because PewDiePie had immense fan following, subscribers and everything else. But, the point here is Who is this PewDiePie? What does he do? Uncle, he does exactly what your son does. Gamer Streamer Entertainer! Today, all around India when the PMCO Finals gets streamed, people leave India-Bangladesh cricket match to watch the PMCO Finals. These videos get countless views. Thank you for so much inviting me but you have such a big influencer at your home only. I mean, he’s just too good. He’s so famous! I can’t do this when he’s here. I’m so sorry! Miss Nehahaha-hehe-hoohoo, I really appreciate what you’re doing here. Thank you But with all due respect, this is our personal matter…
– Son, you’re so famous? You have so many fans? Then why should I stop you? Quickly finish the ribbon-cutting and run, son! Don’t you have to play in the Finals? Hurry up! Hurry up!
– Really, Dad? Yes! Good job! Then, Dad, can you please get this done? What will I do here? And moreover, Daaku Daddy never reaches late! My Daaku! Go, play your game. Go Daaku Daddy! [crowd cheering]