[elevator dings] [gameplay sounds] No Mary, I don’t want 12th standard graduates! We have a cookies start-up; we are not running a call center. I need well-educated interns. Check if you can get anything from your office hiring agency. If we don’t get anyone, then I’ll only deliver. But you just check for it once. We’ll go to Ruins now, we got decent loot here. Does anyone have a scope? There is no Scope… Hey, Krishna uncle!
– For you tenants! For one hour, I’ve been ringing the doorbell. Where have your roommates disappeared? I had gone to deliver cookies. Malvika, Nikita and Mary must also be at work.
Do we look jobless to you? What is this? How many times do I have to tell you to
keep the trash bin outside in the morning? Yesterday, it was smelling like my wife’s food… Like shit! Today, it’s smelling like North Indian food More shit! And, society people have complained about
men coming over in the apartment. What is this? Who are they? Why are they coming? Sir! These complaints you’re listing out, I can complain too. There are 2 geysers at home and
hot water doesn’t come from either. We have to wait for hot water as if
we are waiting for Pitchers Season 2. Yes, but water drips from the air conditioner… Regularly! And that same air conditioner’s bill is more
than all of our salaries put together. Please improve your facilities first, you won’t find tenants like us! Okay, okay, okay. Now, pay me the rent. I want to feed my children. They are hungry. Why don’t you ask Raasukutti to eat less? Uncle! Look. The house is so clean. Unnecessarily you’re imagining that there is mess. I don’t see any trash, I don’t see any m— Hello uncle! I gave the rent to Kavya. I’m really sorry, Nikita. Its okay, Kavya. Very few people understand love in this world. Especially when the love is like this. Let’s go, baby? I’ll see you soon. Take care of yourself.
– Uncle, send my regards to Raasukutti! What do you have to say now? [awkward laughter] Uncle I was thinking let’s forget about roommates. I’ll use this space for my start-up instead. So… I… I won’t be able to give the full rent right now… But once my new flavor “La Exotica Brownie Cookie” becomes a hit, then watch. I’ll start paying you the whole rent like this… Do I look like Dosa to you? That you keep buttering me up like this…?? I won’t even give a rupee’s discount! This is a 2 BHK flat… 4 roommates are compulsory! Full optimization of space. But uncle! Where will you find a nice, sober and
disciplined tenant like us, so fast? Nice! I like it. Super! I’ll get the agreement. When will we see the house? Sorry? The store room is brilliant. Where’s the rest of the house? This is the house! This is the living room, those are the bathrooms, kitchen and 2 bedrooms. You have to be kidding me. That was the bathroom? In that only one person can go at a time. Huh! Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? Welcome to Bombay, Rit- Ritvi— Sorry, what’s your name? It’s Ritviza.
– Ritviza! But seriously, how do you live here? I mean, there’s no sea view also from here. Where will you find a sea view in Lokhandwala, Madam? There are struggling actors, you can make do with them! At least I have my single room so… No No. It’s not a single room. You and I will stay in one room. In the other room… come, I’ll introduce you. Come. Boss bitch! Idiot! Fuck you! Look where you’re shooting! This is Mary. When she came, she was very well behaved. Even whenever she would burp, she would say
– ‘Excuse me!’ She even used to brush her teeth in the night before sleeping. But the dark side of the corporate world changed her forever. Now, she’s only working on one project wholeheartedly, so she can get a transfer to Singapore. Her boss’ scolding has instilled so much hatred in her that every time when she opens
her mouth, it’s only to say… Your mom must be a pussy, idiot! That’s why. And that’s Malvika; She’s from Delhi so doesn’t know
how to deal with people with love. And since she’s from Delhi, boys also
never stopped making fun of her. And her biggest problem is her insecurity with respect to obesity. And adding to this, her parents keep pressurising her to get married. Her frustration always stays at peak, and she ends up lashing it out at some or the other one. If you’re a guy, dress up like a guy. If you do that sexy wiggle,
I’ll throw a grenade at you, moron! So, that’s Mary and Malvika for you I call them M & M. Both of them, Nikita and I used to have a PUBG MOBILE squad. Then, Nikita stopped playing and now we nomore like auto-matching with a random 4th player. Cute! But I still have a question. Tell. Where will we keep the Jacuzzi in this apartment? Oh God, how did I get stuck here! [gameplay sounds] Hey, I’m ordering food. What do you want to eat? Why are you ordering? We can cook something! Oh right, that’s fine. Please make something for me as well! Pleeeeease! What did I sign up for?
– Thank you! Good morning! Get up! You asked me to wake you up. Get up now! Hey, Ritviza! Get up! I woke you up 20 minutes ago! [indistinct chatter] [elevator dings] No, dude. We did not find anyone yet. You guys keep searching, and let me know. Okay, does anyone have 5.56mm ammo? Guys, I’ll be back. Ritviza! what happened? Don’t ask. I came to Mumbai to give this job interview
with my friend’s referrence, but I did not get that job offer! I was giving the interview seriously, but they were laughing at me! I know it’s good to be funny, but I was not trying to be funny! Am I that stupid? I mean, I don’t have a job, the rest of the money will be gone… and then I’ll have to go back home which I don’t want to. But why are you sitting here? What happened inside? You lost the keys again? Oh god, Ritviza! No, don’t play that puppy face card on me! It’s not going to work. Now, come! Who loses the keys twice in a day. You’re going to deal with the keymaker this time, okay? It’s your problem now. Here! Thank you.
– It’s hot. Hey, listen! Can I ask you something? Are you from an Ambani kind of a family? It’s nothing like that. My dad just handles their accounts. Yeah, so you are rich? Yeah, you can say so. So, why are you here searching for a job? Is there a problem? I knew you’d ask me this. Rich families… they’ll give you the money but no freedom. And I’ve seen in the Friends sitcom that when Rachel runs away and finds a job on her own— she becomes even hotter in the following seasons! True. It’s a fact, man. But Ritviza, you do know that you don’t know anything, right? How come? I got 50% marks in 12th standard, without cheating from chits. Only phone! I have 10,000+ followers on Instagram, which I haven’t even bought! I’m not even an influencer but I still upload ‘Swipe Up’ stories! And I’m an Ace level player in PUBG MOBILE. I’ve won games with just a Vector gun without wearing any vest or helmet. Really? Yeah. Should we play a match? Okay! Come to the warehouse. Whoever has the most kills wins. Yes Woohoo! I will make the record today… already have
five kills in under a minute! Huh! Congrats! Dude, these AKM bullets get over very fast! Aww, the bullets are getting over… Recoil is also too much…. Kavya, go make cookies, not excuses! Aye! “Blue team victory” Take that bitch! Wait! Check the kills once. I’ll tell you something… I played the entire match using AKM only No need to show off! This was your job interview. What do you mean? I mean, come to the store tomorrow,
you are my intern now. Are you sure? See, the salary won’t be too much but at least you won’t have to go home. And since you are an Instagram queen, you can click nice pictures of my cookies
the way you take your own! And you scored 50% in 12th standard… So I’m sure you can read the correct address
and do the deliveries right. And I will get a PUBG MOBILE partner too! My boyfriend doesn’t play PUBG MOBILE, he dozes off! So, deal? You are giving me a job based on my skills! Actually, I have no option… I don’t have the money to hire trained,
experienced resources, so… Yeah but Kavya, nobody has ever trusted me before… Thank you so much! Okay listen I am your boss from now on so if you ever defeat me in PUBG MOBILE, then please don’t tell anybody! Especially, M&M I won’t. I won’t. But I am so happy! I was going to apply to this ordinary ad Looking for an intern for day to day jobs at a start-up called ‘Happy Bunch’ But I have heard this name before I have seen it somewhere Don’t you think… Ohhhh! Then yay! Listen don’t make me regret this! No,no. You won’t. You won’t. Listen, we are a reputed brand
– hmm… So our behaviour with our customers has to be very classy. What?
– Classy! Watch and learn! Ready?
– Yes! [rings doorbell] Hello… [excited] I know you guys You guys play PUBG MOBILE, right! Sorry…sorry Give it to them, fast. Thank you so much for ordering. We are… I am a huge fan of your game play And I am a big fan of… cookies! Stop it! Bro we need to start streaming, let’s go? Yeah yeah, let’s go. Okay sir. Thank you so much. I will give you 50% off next time… Thank you! Did you notice the classy behaviour? Ritviza: Let’s play a round? Kavya: Yes, coming! Guys, can anyone spot the enemy? [indistinct chatter] Check, someone might be behind the rock Guys, I can see someone…
– Where? Where? Shit! We’ll never be able to win like this! And Ritu, you don’t just run after the kills; we aren’t fools who play for survival! It’s her gameplay. There’s no need to yell at her. Kavya please! We won’t win just by naming the group ‘FORM UP’. We need to teach them a lesson by putting a bullet in their ass…
– Enough, enough! What happened? Did your boss insult you again? Insult? It’s worse than that. My condition is always like when you land in Pochinki
and end up without a vest and a helmet. I am always worried about being attacked Then quit your job! But I have worked so hard on this Alphatech project… just some more time, and then I’m off to Singapore! Wait a minute. Are you the government giving out employment to everyone? What job will you give her? Her salary is more than your start-up sales. Let it be. Excuse me! Why are you talking to her like this? Hey Intern, keep your mouth shut! Or else it’s your face and my hand! Listen Mallu, Mallu.. sorry! She called me an intern? Not fair! What’s wrong with you? She got a marriage proposal from Canada. Oh yay! Oh! Parents were saying he’s a rapper. Two of his videos have gone viral. What was his name? Bo.. Bohe.. Bohemiya? She’s got a proposal from Bohemiya! “Let go of Bohemiya girl, look at me!” How could this be the name of a song? I am telling you guys, some day i’ll lose my cool and I’ll end up making myself an orphan! Both of you just keep cribbing about your issues. Why don’t you do something about your problems? You don’t want to get married then go tell the same to the guy or else talk to your parents! And you, if your boss is torturing you then tell her
how to be a good boss or else you quit your job! Cribbing about your problems won’t solve anything. Everybody has problems in their lives. You’ll face a new problem every time one gets resolved. It’s a vicious cycle. It will continue like that. You guys promise now that you will
do something about your problems. Come on, do it. I promise.
– We’ll do it. You guys are lucky, at least you are aware of your problems. Think about those who have no clue about their problems. Babe, I had a word with my parents, let’s go. Now? Yeah. Come let’s go. You go, I’ll come. Woohoo! He spoke to his parents! Guys shut up. I have a small work to finish…
I will see you later You get the deliveries done tomorrow.
– Sure. I am going to Lonavala for two days.
– Lonavala for two days? Very good! Okay, bye. Bye, have fun! [club music in the background] Dude, I know mom and dad are against this,
but I don’t know how to say this I.. I don’t want to get married. Thank god! What happened? No no, I don’t want to get married either! You too don’t want to? What else! I was shit scared how to tell you this. Actually my rap career has just taken off… Yeah yeah yeah I understand. But why didn’t you say no? I could have, but you are
a girl so pretty and I am a Punjabi… Well, that rhymed! You are the closest thing to an African-American chic! So yeah, I thought I shouldn’t let go of this opportunity. Well, that escalated quickly! No seriously. I have written a rap for you. You want to hear it? Okay… You give me the beat! [beatboxing] sss… [beatboxing] ss ss ss Epiglottis! [beatboxing] ups upss upsss… You let it be. You do this. Yeah, you got it? [raps] You like it? Yeah, yeah. This is going to be my best track! You are the inspiration. Thanks. [gameplay sounds] Brothers and sisters let’s all meet at Prison. Yeah Ma’am? Mary, you transfer me all the Alphatech files, now. Yeah ma’am, I have prepared all the documents, I am working on the presentation only. No. Leave the presentation, Vinayak will do it. Okay? But why Vinayak, Ma’am? Because he’s going to handle
the project at the client location. And at least he won’t play mobile games. But Ma’am, it’s lunch break right now and
Vinayak plays Solitaire during meetings. I don’t care Mary! He’s leaving for Singapore next week. Listen, I know you have worked very hard on this project but he is much more experienced. Besides, the company needs a man for this job. Alright? Now, transfer the files, immediately. Kavya, I have made all the four deliveries and a bachelor pad gave me a big tip. I told you hair and makeup makes a difference… Oh my hotness! I’m sorry, Its just that you’re very Hot! Thank you! You are… Ritu?? Sorry, Ritviza, right? Yeah. I think, Kavya isn’t home. Yeah, I know. She’ll be late, We just got back from Lonavala so
she had some work to catch up on. Okay, bye. Hey! It’s cool. Please sit. Let’s talk for a while. Sure. So… You’re interning with Kavya’s startup… Nice! Yeah, she’s really sweet. But why don’t you play PUBG MOBILE with her? She feels very bad about it! Because I don’t want to. But if you want… we can play some other games! Stay away! You… my favourite game! Are you crazy? You’re my friend’s boyfriend! Baby, its okay. It’s fine! Haven’t you watched ‘Wild Wild Country’? That is how humans were supposed to be! It’s 2-0-1-9. Come on. Huh? You’re still up? What happened? Nothing. Actually, good you’re awake, I heard something about you today. Why didn’t you tell me? Dude, I don’t know what he told you but he started hitting on me first
and then I just ran to my room. I mean, it’s not my fault, Kavya. In fact, you know what? You deserve better than him. What are you saying? I heard that you completed all the deliveries perfectly today and you got a decent tip as well.
The store guy told me. What are you saying? Who hit on you? What happened? [continuous doorbell ringing] What happened? Let me in! Let me in! What happened, baby?
– What are you doing? I was taking a shower. But what happened? Eh! With whom? What? What do you mean ‘with whom’? See, your friend, Ritviza is lying. I didn’t say anything about Ritviza! Baby, look. It’s not what you’re thinking. Have you started going to gym wearing heels these days? A friend had come over. They’re hers. I’ll teach you a lesson… What’s the point of going to the gym when you’re afraid of getting beaten up by a girl? I’m really sorry, Kavya. That was a weak moment for me. And it’s your friend’s fault as well. I was intoxicated, I got carried away. Nakul, do you think I’ll believe everything you say? You know what the problem is? All this while I was thinking that
I have control over my life but believe me you’ve broken that trust! You and I are over! Listen… baby, where are you going? All right. If you want to go, then go! Don’t come back crying ‘Baby Baby’ to me! And you know what? You don’t deserve better than me. Well, there are people who believe otherwise! Dude Kavya, I didn’t want to say this but
he also hit on me the first day. He got out of the bathroom and said ‘All yours’! [Kavya laughs]
– I knew that time only that his intentions were not good. You eat the cake. You’ll feel lighter. You guys got cake for me? And that too two cakes? You’re our friend… Our PUBG MOBILE squad’s best sniper. We can at least do this much for you! But guys, I meant I have a start-up for cookies, why didn’t you order from there? [awkward laughter] Actually… I got the cake. I quit my job. Woohoo! Yes! I mean, I left the job under my current boss. Today, I had an argument with my boss,
and I resigned in a fit of rage. When the HR asked me the reason, I told her everything. I told her that I wasn’t at fault and I was just playing the game during lunch break. To which she said that I was right. If I want to play PUBG MOBILE during lunch, I can! So she got me another job in a different division. Apparently, our company has an E-Sports division and it has been recently given a project to execute an upcoming
E-Sports Tournament for PUBG MOBILE. And they need passionate employees
who are well versed with the game. So I resigned from my present role
and got an appointment in this new one! That’s crazy! I know, congratulations! And the other cake? Umm… I told my parents that I don’t want to
get married now and they finally agreed. I am so proud of you! So what happened to that rapper? He spoke to his parents and hence this was possible, and we have been talking quite a lot lately. He’s even written a rap song for me! Ohho! So I got this cake to celebrate it but… then I heard about Kavya so
this turned into a pseudo mourning. Hey! Why mourning? We should celebrate! I’ll cut it. Let’s go, guys! Come on! Come on! Are you sure?
– Yes! Here’s to FORM UP! By the way, all this was possible only because of you. Not just in PUBG; you should make
strategies for us everywhere. You kept me motivated else
I would’ve given up a long time ago. Yeah, dude. Kavya, you’re an awesome girl. I’m going to find someone so much
better than that dumbass for you! Don’t worry about me guys. Let’s think what we’re going to do now. Let’s go for a trip? Goa. You know, since 12th grade, for the 1st time in
one entire month, I haven’t taken a single trip. I need time to relax. You will take some time to get used to all this. You know, normal people… don’t go on trips this often. There’s still plenty of time for Goa. For the time being, let’s go to Pochinki! What do you say, guys? Let’s go! Dude, are you sure that you want to land in Pochinki?
– Yes, come on! Let’s hurry, guys! You’re the sniper, dude. [indistinct chatter]