No discount of even a rupee, is that clear? It’s a 2 BHK apartment, 4 roommates are compulsory. Full optimisation of space! But Uncle, one second! How do you plan on getting tenants like us;
so well-behaved and homely, so fast? The storeroom is nice… where’s the house? [indistinct chatter] I mean I know it’s good to be funny,
but I was not trying to be funny Am I that stupid? Come to the store from tomorrow. You’re my intern now! I don’t want to get married. [gunshot firing] You asshole, your mother must be a pussy! We are a reputed brand. So our behaviour with our customers
has to be very classy. What? Classy!
– Yeah! Hellllooo… [jibberish] Sorry Sorry! Hurry up and give it!