[phone ringing] Santosh… Sir! We have to let you go. Sir, did I do something wrong? No Santosh, it’s not your fault. [stammering] I really need this job Sir… Even I need a job Santosh! Look at this! I’m also applying for jobs on LinkedIn. It’s my turn after you. We both are looking for a job… whoever gets a job first, recommends the other one. Is that a deal? [knocking on glass] Santosh. [knocking on glass] Hello! You play PUBG right? Yes. My son plays it as well. He was asking for a 64GB phone. I heard there’s a lot of scope in it, full day he keeps saying something about scope. It’s not that ‘scope’. It’s the one that is used on a rifle. It’s used for zooming-in, in the game. He was talking about some place as well. Gore Gopal? Georgopol! Yeah same, Gore Gopal. How far is it from Navi Mumbai? Pramod ji, it’s not an actual place in India. Santosh, I really felt bad man. But this was meant to happen someday. If you were aware about the
downsizing, why didn’t you tell me? What downsizing? I was talking about your roast video. You have been streaming PUBG MOBILE these days, right? Yeah. Wait a second. Look at this, some guy has made fun of you in his video. Read the comments. Too bad! So you lost your job and even on PUBG MOBILE
you lost everyone’s respect! Santosh, you are giving us your farewell party tonight, right? If you don’t have the budget for whiskey, beer works fine! Yo! [commentary on radio] It’s good. You can now help aunt with the food delivery. Good. What did you say? No I was saying you will be able to help aunt Don’t make jokes on mom’s profession! Dude, her scooter got punctured again yesterday! Poor Mom! She was carrying so many
tiffin boxes is such a hot afternoon… I really can’t let her be with that forsaken scooter. Till when do I have to suffer from this poverty? Santosh, don’t you know that you’re not only the best PUBG MOBILE player
in our group but also in this whole pin code? Why don’t you focus on what you’re actually good at? Bro, I’m on it! But I still will have to earn, right? You know, they fired me with one
month’s salary compensation. I feel like a Pakistani meme; In a second, they changed my circumstances,
my emotions, my income. And you’re suggesting that I focus on streaming? You still have a month, right? Give your best to PUBG MOBILE in this time. Best! Bro, you understand, don’t you? By streaming, forget Elgato, I won’t be able to even buy proper headphones. Then look for a job, on the side. You gave 1.5 years into something
that you were not interested in, so at least you can give a month to the
thing that you are actually interested in! What will I tell Mom? You’re late today. Yes Mom. I did not hear the alarm. Someone from your office had called. Really? What did they say? That you have overtime today and will be late. Oh, yes yes! And he was talking very politely! Yes Mom. I’ve told them a lot about you. They respect you a lot. Maybe that’s why he asked to
send Rajma Chawal in tiffin today. Asshole! Why do you overact so much? Dude… What? I was really craving for it. Pick the bag up. Close it! Let’s eat first? Game! But let’s eat first, no! I’m hungry… Game! Let’s eat please. Game! Let’s…
– Game! Read the comments. RajaHindustani says, “The beggar of Super Chat is here” Hey. Dude, leave it. Leave it. Don’t get into it unnecessarily. Listen… You might be right but focus on the gameplay also. [notification] RajaHindustani left You’re back? Yes, Mom. So did everyone like the Rajma Chawal? Yes, they all liked it. Santosh? hmmm… You never talk about your work… How’s it going? What do people say about your work? Mom… They like my work and they speak good about me. They say nice things. Really nice things. Like? [reads comments] “I can play with players like you in 1000 ping.” Really? “I can screw players like you while am asleep.” “If you are a harmonium, I am your dad…” “will play the hell out of you!” “Go learn something from LoneWolf24!” These guys are full of BT, dude! I killed the entire team alone with a pistol in the end… they won’t see that! Yes, I saw. Three of them died outside the circle only. Thank you for your expert comments. No big deal man. You are my buddy! Why are these LoneWolf24’s fans after my life? Idiots! LoneWolf24 had also messaged me a few days back… Aye, why do you keep playing PUBG MOBILE all day long? Give me the bat and you go bowl. I will throw the ball? Give me the bat. I will throw the ball?
– Yes! Give me the bat. Take the ball and go! Aye, are you mad? Are you mad? What happened? You got a message from LoneWolf24? Yeah! And you ignored it? Bro, I will text him back. He was threatening me. He asked me to meet outside Erangel/ Sanhok. He must have meant it in a genuine way. Want to get a head massage? No, I don’t know how to do it. Bro I am KillMonger. Yeah bro I know. And I know your streaming issues as well. Yeah bro. I had even left a comment. What was it? Take some extra money but
please shut down your channel! [all laugh] Did you see it? Bro it’s just that… I am kidding bro! Your gameplay is good. But you can’t become a successful
streamer only with good gameplay. You are right. I was anyway thinking of leaving PUBG MOBILE. Do you see it? He always speaks nonsense! [indistinct chatter] Look. Yes bro!
– With all due respect, I can’t solve your life issues But I can help you with your streaming problems Show me how your usual stream is? [gameplay sounds] Guys. That’s all for today, See you again tomorrow. Bro, how was it? Biggest bore of the streaming world! You spoilt a good game! How much have you earned from streaming till now? Bro, INR 5000 – 6000… Out of which Google must have taken a 30% share; And you call yourself a streamer? Hey, I am talking right? See, why do fans watch streaming videos? For fun, right? yes bro. Now they’re expecting an action-packed film,
and you’re showing them a slow epic drama! Have you ever watched a cricket match on mute? No. You’ll never watch it. And if you do, you’ll get bored and fall asleep. Commentators bring it to life. And our favourite commentators
consider fans as their friends. Think of them as your friends,
talk to them. Have fun with them. Scream, sing, do whatever you want to do… Just don’t be quiet. See, streaming looks easy but it’s not. But I have a boring personality, what can I do? But your gameplay is exciting and that’s enough. See, you are a good player, I can train you if you want. Sure bro. Mom, you didn’t sleep till now? A letter has come from your office. Yeah it might be about my long due promotion. I was going to get some sweets but Santosh, the letter mentions full and final settlement. “We wish you all the very best for your future.” They fired you? I was going to tell you about this mom. Let it be. I had known about it since the day Bantu had called. He’s been having your Rajma Chawal since childhood. Sorry Mom. Don’t say sorry. Tell the truth. See, if you don’t want to do this job, and
do something else then tell me that. Mom I don’t know what to do and how to do it. I am trying Mom. Are you happy? Right now I am. That is enough. Rest we have taught you well,
you’ll do the right thing. Right? Just put your heart into whatever you do. Are you sure? Hmmm. And no need to go to Bantu’s place. His mom isn’t a good cook. You ask everyone to come here. Bantu was talking about some streaming
company by the name PUBG. It pays very well. Do you want to work there? Say? See, Fans are like girlfriends… If you directly hope for sex, you’ll get a thrashing. So, don’t directly dream about going viral. They know your skill set. So, now give them what they want. Bantu, Read the first common negative comment. [reads comment] Don’t beat around Georgopol. Try hitting it in the Military Base, you mother*****… Stop! So, now we will play for the fans. God bless us! Let’s rock! Yes! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Hey Charlie Chaplin of the gaming world! This is streaming. You also need to talk. Now, there is a building near those bushes… Are you talking to your aunt? Talk as if you are talking to your friend, with feelings! I’ll go into the building and… Dude, I got knocked out! That’s it. I’m going. Bro! Bro! I’m going to pee, dude! Guys, the circle and the gameplay area is shrinking. We’ll have to find a car… Say what you’ll use it for… What will you do after finding the car? We’ll find the car and… Crush that asshole! Crush that asshole! Hit him where it’ll hurt the most! Say it with some more feeling! [mumbling] Go roam around wearing bangles you fool… I have seen a lot of beggars like you. Santosh, on your left Santosh, on your left, Santosh!! Santosh, on your left, dude! Dude, this mother… [starts singing] Here, take this. Now ask your dad
where the harmonium is! Take this. Perfect headshot, son! Perfect headshot! Don’t mess with me. Do you understand? I am watching
everything through the scope, idiot. He thinks he has become invisible. But he
doesn’t realize we’ll hit him anyway! Come son! [singing] Bro should we check out your Elgato now? Our friend is destined to become a big YouTuber now! Bro we will go to PMCO and nail it as well! Santosh… I am not swearing Mom! Good. Dreams should always be big. I think we are doing well for now, for the beginning… But I think we can do much better than this. What? It’s a place near Hong Kong.
– Bantu! Aunty, I am saying that we should do something different. Something that would change the entire streaming space. Aren’t we being a bit greedy now? Oh I am not being greedy! I mean, aunty, your son is really good. We’re here now, but we can be up there. We are not maximizing our potential yet. Why do you all think so much? Mom, let it be now. Leave it.
We are stressed right now. No! Can I say something? No please don’t.
– Hey! When I started this tiffin service I was very nervous. I used to make mistakes all the time. But his dad supported me a lot. We worked day and nightsto make this business work. What I mean is, you guys are doing something that you like, then put your whole heart into it. Work full 24 hours! This is all I wanted to say! I’ll go get more food. Santosh? Yeah bro. Your mom just saved all of us! Eat up and sleep well. We’ll nail it tomorrow! Bro are you sure about this 24 hour streaming marathon? 100% bro! Phones out. We are starting now! [email notification] What happened? Bro, my ex-boss has sent me an email. It’s a job offer. What now? Look Santosh, if you want to accept it, we understand. It’s totally fine. What happened guys? What are you looking at? Hey friends! A hearty welcome to our channel. Friends, I got a little late but it’s not my fault. It’s this Elgato’s fault. Guys, don’t be mad but we are going
to do something historical today Something even more historical than
Tanhaji, Padmaavat and Panipat! For the first time friends… Bantu Python, me and LoneWolf24 are
going to do a 24 hour streaming marathon! Greetings guys, lets rock! Today’s first challenge is from Avinash, He says, “Get a Chicken Dinner
without wearing a helmet and vest.” Alright! Right at the start? I mean this is like asking Ananya Pandey to act! Let’s do it then. Where should we get down? Georgopol? Let’s go to the Military Base. [gameplay sounds] Guys, MortaL screwed us! Next time, if we get auto-matched
with him, I’m not playing. Come on, new game. Quickly! [gameplay sounds] Okay, now please have some patience. Bro, now that we have an AWM, let’s go and
screw everyone. Come on! Slowly. Slowly. We did it guys! KillMonger was too good! Guys, its 4 PM and it’s time to eat. Mom is serving food behind me and is looking at everything. Mom? Please come here.
– Yes? Me? Say hi guys?
– Mom say hi? Hi! Make sure you also study along with this. And respect your parents and… Thank you! Thank you! As you can see, Mom is asking me to eat,
and this was the first episode of Mother’s Love. Now back to the game! Yay bro! It’s a Chicken Dinner! Guys, it’s ok. Calm down! What is wrong with these people? Why are they still writing negative comments? But for every negative comment,
there are 15 positive comments as well! Don’t take it to your heart. Come on, Next game. Let’s start!. Guys, we have already won everyone’s heart! Everything is mainly positive. Oh no! 1000 bucks for every headshot
if we get a Chicken Dinner! Should we do this? Let’s do it bro! Get up Bantu! Oh shit! Shit! KillMonger, it’s your game now. Kill them! Kill them! Ya…kill them kill them! Yay! Your mom will wake up! Come, let’s play another game. Yes, it’s time to show what BantuPython is capable of! How come Bantu? Aren’t you sleepy anymore? Not at all; now we’ll leave only
after breakfast tomorrow! Guys, today I feel like saying,
‘What a day to be alive’! What an amazing support you guys have been today! Big thanks to all our fans who
joined on Super chat today! It’s because of you guys that we have reached this milestone. There are 2 people in North West 240! [wakes up scared] Good Morning! Why Mom? Who sleeps so much in the day? Get up and come, have breakfast and leave. Santosh? Yes, bro? How much did you use to earn
in your previous company? CTC was something around 40,000 INR. And 32,000 in-hand. Heh! You won’t be able to guess
how much you earned last night. 65,400 INR! I was asking him to guess the amount! Yeah go-ahead! Guess! Oh! What are you going to do with so much money? I’ll use a part of it to buy Elgato… and the rest is for Mom.