Sir. Ma’am. What are you saying Titu bro! I can’t propose in the first meeting. It’s a special moment. There has to be some build-up. That’s why you are a virgin till now! Dude, get to the point directly. The other person should know about
your expectations right from the beginning. And then let them say. Dude! There’s nothing to say. We don’t even know each other properly. All the more reason to listen to me! Anyway you are going to USA for 2 years after a month. And you don’t even know this guy properly. Yet you are going on a date with him. That too a guy, whom you met while playing PUBG MOBILE! You should instantly tell him that you are not interested. And that you’re only meeting him casually. You didn’t meet her randomly. There is definitely some cosmic
connection between you two. God has sent her for you only.
– Really? But we are meeting today for the first time! In person, you are meeting her for the first time, but you have spent so much time
with her on PUBG MOBILE. You know everything about her! Imagine this: when the girl who hits people
with a frying pan in PUBG MOBILE, will make eggs for you in that same frying pan… how amazing it will be! I suggest just go get clingy. Sorry! Babe I am telling you, he’ll get clingy. I am 100% sure about it. I’m telling you, don’t spend too much time there. Have a coffee and leave! Oh? Coffee? Yuck! Not that coffee! I have just reached. I’ll stay for a bit. It will be rude to leave like that. We have failed a lot in life. But not today. Bro I understand… But so much on the first date… what if it gets awkward?
– Let it get awkward! Rather than regretting later, let it be awkward for now! Look it’s very simple You met this girl accidentally
through PUBG MOBILE She would never have
spoken to you in real life. I won’t do anything! Don’t worry, I can handle one guy And I am sure he isn’t that dumb
to be trying something stupid. USA? 2 years? To study further? In one month But How much more will you study? You already have a B.Tech degree No I mean According to Beti Bachao Beti Padhao you should go You should study more I support that. But you never mentioned this before. You never asked before! Yeah That’s also my fault Shilpa For you all those moments when we
sed to shoot people in Sanhok, all those promises we made in Erangle, and all those memories of stealing air-drops together… Doesn’t matter at all? I ironed this shirt for today. Got a haircut as well. Even took a bath… See I’m really sorry if you got the wrong hint. I didn’t know that you will get all these. I can pay for this though How much did these cost you, tell me? That’s not required! There are kids in my colony who
keep playing in the common area; I’ll give it to them to play with. Actually, I think I got my hopes too high. You made it pretty clear about what your expectations are from this meeting. You have a cat right? What’s her name? Pochinki! She’s too cute! Show me her picture please? She’s been missing for the past 17 hours. After leaving from here, I am going
to go print her ‘Missing’ pamphlets and distribute them in my colony. Hi Ma’am! Hi… Hi Sir! Can I get you something? Yes please! I am very hungry. I’ll have a club sandwich and a cold coffee. What about you? Water. My appetite is dead. Sir, mineral or regular? Get regular only. Titanium, Bauxite, limestone, I will add all these minerals myself. *phone rings* Friend? Yeah He knows you’re here? Hmm. My friend also just called. I told her about you and how we met for the first time. Do you remember when we met in school?
– Erangel’s school. Yeah! Thanks to auto-match. By the way, you betrayed me in that match.
– Huh? I supported you throughout but when I got knocked out, you went
to revive the other 2 players before me. I mean, I literally died for you, Shilpa.
– Yeah… so I had to play a little hard-to-get also. And after that, I had sent you a friend request also. Anyway, I have a complaint against you. Whenever we got chicken dinner,
you never let me take the last kill. There’s a different feeling in that. Like how M.S. Dhoni hits a six
and makes India win in cricket. But you took the last shot today… how are you feeling? Why are you so sad, dude? Is this the first time that a girl has said no to you? Yes, this is the first time I heard a ‘no’. Otherwise, earlier, I’ve heard: “Get out you creep!” “Have you seen your face in the mirror?” “I have a boyfriend!” I’ve heard all of this. But today, for the first time,
someone has said no so respectfully. And I don’t know why but I’m feeling the worst today. Okay man! So you sit here and sulk, I… I’ll go sit with that guy in the black jacket. Anyway, he has been checking
me out for quite some time. Get up! Get up!! Nikhil, I was just…
– You come sit in my seat. I’m not very comfortable.
– Are you serious? Calm down. These days, there’s no bro code also. Calm down! Come no, Shilpa. Are you serious? Please come. How dare he checks out my girlfriend? Try now! Girlfriend? Should I be shy? I mean, friend. And that too for some time only. This is my first and last date with you, and I don’t want to spoil it.
– Hey!! Hey, this isn’t a date okay? We’re just casually meeting each other. Okay! You can think whatever you want to. But I’ll consider this a date only. I’m also going to put an Instagram story with you. Actually, I’ve told my colony kids that I am going on a date. Okay. It’s a date! Of course it is. I had put in a lot of effort in finding this cafe. Do you know the speciality of this place? Cheap coffee? It’s not cheap obviously but it’s not that great either. But because it is the oldest cafe in the city! From Subhas Chandra Bose (Freedom fighter)
to Subhas Ghai (Film Maker), everybody has been to this cafe. Very impressive! It is. Hmm hmm. Okay, tell me something… Your parents agreed about you
moving to the US just like that? My parents don’t even let me go to Goa! No, they were a little apprehensive. But I am not the first one in my family
who is going abroad for higher studies. My brother is settled in Sydney
and my sister has been in Singapore, right? Right! Your upbringing has been very different. Which is why all the kids are away. Look at me! My mother doesn’t let me even get
out of Ghatkopar! (Mumbai suburb)! Please, your mom is very cute! How she feeds you every bite when
you are playing PUBG MOBILE! So sweet!
– Hey! It’s her long-term plan. She wants me to gain weight. So when the time comes, I get into an
arranged marriage with a girl of her choice. Ma’am, your order. Ah! yes. Space… one second. Cold coffee… Regular water… You can give the teddy bear to me. Don’t take it away from the kids now! Hey! But I’ve always wanted a teddy bear. I was in an all-girls school, so there was no guy to ever
give me a teddy bear. But you did have a boyfriend in college, no? Who gifts teddy bears in college? Look at me here, I’m done with college, yet I couldn’t
manage to give a teddy bear to someone. See. I did get it for you! But will you be able to take it to America? Will it fit in your luggage? Hmm, I’ll take out half a kg of lentils, then It will fit in easily. Good enough! In that case, remove a few more things
and take me along as well? How do you know what I am taking along? Now every night you get up in between
the game to have chyawanprash! I could hear your mom’s voice as well.
How would I not know? Now get to the point and tell me if you can take me along, then I’ll apply for my US visa! Come! But will you get leaves from your office? Won’t the office people miss their Employee of the Month? I’ll get it very easily. Yeah? Yes! My friend Titu also got leaves, when he went to Kathmandu (Nepal)
to propose to his girlfriend. Sir, Mr. Titu had called. He has asked you to call him back. Okay. Don’t answer if he calls again. Okay sir. Call him up. Must be something urgent. I’ll go, use the washroom. My phone? [both laugh] I am so sorry! What is your problem bro? Is it my date or yours? Why are you so worried? Every time a son goes to war, the mother gets worried about him! No need to worry about me. Situation is under control! The situation is that bad? Yeah man… I am feeling very guilty for breaking his heart. You know how cute he is! You had said the same thing when Sahil sang that song for you in 10th standard. That’s why you got poor marks in the board exams! Don’t you remember? Which is why I’m saying, don’t be a fool! Have you lost it bro? I don’t want to ruin this friendship
because of you. And this is not that kind of a feeling… This is quite different! But only if she wasn’t moving to America! A lot of guys have ruined their
lives because of this ‘only if’, And you anyway don’t have a very good luck! Watch out bro! Go ahead, anyway it’s your call. By the way, if you like him that much, take him home The key is in the letterbox. And brew some coffee for yourself, And listen, there are condoms kept in the left drawer. Chocolate flavor! So, what did your Titu say? Nothing much. He told me there’s some Valentine’s theme
lunch in the office tomorrow. So we need to wear something in pink or red. Wear a pink shirt with grey trousers, you’d look good. No point. A pink shirt would cost the same
as my internet data pack. I could play PUBG MOBILE in peace atleast… alone. I’ll make my country proud in PUBG MOBILE! You’ll play that seriously? You get lost in the game in 2 minutes. Hehehehe! Till now, not anymore! But have you given it a thought, that if PUBG MOBILE was part of the Olympics, India would have definitely won Gold medal. Hmm. But what’s the point! When the sensitive, cute and smart
women are going to US, then the Gold medal would also go to US only. Okay! So now you are going to taunt me
in the name of PUBG MOBILE? Yeah? Do you know how much effort I have put into this? I think they’ve started setting
extremely easy papers for GRE! That’s why anybody and everybody
cracks it these days. No. You play your GRE, I will play my PUBG MOBILE! Yeah… Very funny! By the way, PUBG MOBILE has helped me a lot, throughout this process of GRE. As in? As in, it takes a lot of hard work
to apply to so many universities. And money as well! I thought I would go crazy with all that stress! You would? Aren’t you already! Aye!! Sorry! Sorry! Then I started playing PUBG MOBILE one day, and it was nice. I used to play 1-2 games every day. Then met you in one game! It all started with one game and
then we went on playing everyday. Basically I found something
fun to do in all that stress. Something that helped me relax, Don’t you think I also deserve
some credit for that fun? Don’t give all the credit to PUBG MOBILE! Yeah, you do deserve some credit. This was the only place we could have met. Hey!
[Shilpa laughs] You know, we need someone who listens to us, And you are a good listener. Even during the game. You’ve tolerated so much of my rubbish! I was tolerating your rubbish and
helping you win at the same time! Hmm. That too! Let’s play one last game? Sure. Only 1 player is left. You take the shot. Yay! You should’ve told me earlier
that you’re prepping for GRE, I could’ve helped you. Could’ve definitely helped you
get into a better university! Don’t show off! You can’t even file a tax return! Yeah so? Do you know how complicated it is? And what about all the things
that I’ve taught you? You couldn’t even land properly
in PUBG MOBILE! I helped you everytime without
asking for anything in return! I’ve always ensured that your ammunition
was never empty, no matter what. Even Indian soap opera actors don’t get revived as many times as I’ve revived you in the game! Remember this! Yes, yes, I’ll always remember it! So, now you want a fee for this? Well… You can pay your half of the bill. Okay? Hey! I’m not giving you a penny! Really? Have you done me a favour by coming here? Of course! Had I seen this teddy bear any earlier, I would’ve gone back right away! How lucky you are, teddy! Just a while ago, you were all dusty in
one corner of some showroom. And now, you will go to America! Shilpa! Okay, then. This was our first and last awkward date. And now? Now… We’ll awkwardly hug each other! Then I’ll sit in my car. And I’ll feel like something is incomplete. Then I’ll change the radio channel, Play some melancholy music. After 6 signals, I’ll reach home and… after a month, off to America. Shilpa… Someone found Pochinki (Cat)! Someone found Pochinki (Cat)! Are you serious? Yes! Someone found Pochinki! Yay! Dude, I really want to meet her! Come, I’ll drop you home. Yeah? Do one thing. Enter your address in Maps. You’re so shameless! Your happiness is so evident! Obviously! Come, you’ll see where this brilliant PUBG MOBILE player was born. This is the location. Dude! My friend’s house is right before yours! And you know what? She’s ordered this really nice exotic coffee. You want to drink? Yeah, I love coffee! Let’s go then. Sorry sorry sorry…I’m extremely sorry! Very very sorry! I’ve been waiting for so long. Why are you so late? You had said 9 o’clock so I assumed Indian Standard Time. And forgot to set an alarm for US time! Wow, how irresponsible! Really? I’m the one who is irresponsible? And what about you going to the field to
assault without any second thoughts? My God, Nikhil! Your game is deteriorating! Really? So, I’m no more worthy of playing with you now? Alright. Go find another Nikhil from auto-match and play with him. Just because you learnt 2 new tactics, you’re acting pricy!
– Dude! Start the game, not your drama! First say sorry! I said sorry! Say it nicely! Okay, Nikhil. I’m sorry! Sweetheart, honey, darling, I love you! Anything else? No, that was enough. Shall we start the game now? Yes of course! That’s why we’re here.