one thing brings me cheer they say the
island is full of miracles and we might find a cure I promise the merchants and
their prince would be off before the tide
I’m de Sade the princes nephew if all is in order we will soon be embarking on
your boat it brings me comfort to know my son has left on a mission to heal his
people ready boy charming welcoming committee hmm the new governor’s cousin I’ve heard
stories about you our people have always lived in harmony
with nature our very existence revolves around her yet you call the spirits that
guides us demon it is my feeling that you do not understand the consequences
of such a decision it’s one of our friends here posts as just suffered a
brutal attack we didn’t want this fight tell me them
what is your intended purpose gods this penis of your plans must be quite
horrendous to cast down such evils upon the peoples that live there
take your time to think about the consequences come into my place along threaten me I
think you just walking out of here oh I’m not alone three years we were starting to think
you would never return but here you are and to complicate things it was never
the plane he sought to stop but to find its origin they came from the world known as he really thought he was saving the
world you are now but a pod there’s a player I’m a wolf raised to be the Alpha trying
to follow alas the beasts can’t be tamed that easily this wild territory is the
perfect den for my god free world where I can roam explore with nowhere but I
came here in the heart hidden among sheep focused on their superficial
dreams moving up the food chain step by step before I dominate them all one
target always clearly in my sights to secure the future with technology others
developed or too fearful but do 10 claw I took this island and my
tooth and claw I will rule it the wolf knows when a predator nears can
a ghost take on the lone wolf maybe track analyzing stalking patiently
tirelessly but there is no place for the weak and the wounded here we are wolves damn boy okay standing by
the position we are about to be exposed to a
different kind of resonance hostile viral invasive resonance the his escaping the building would be
the end a pretty shitty world out there if you ask me but I wouldn’t want the
hiss to destroy it yes we’re calling him that’s catchy – Auri it’ll be quick and painless walking to the future always brings us
back to the past can you feel them I can still hear their voices they’re endless torment reshapes army
nightmares now stock the surface walking shadows seeking vengeance our old fears
may rise again and in the dark below something wicked has awakened we must bring an end to this suffering
one way what do you interfere with now this
bigger than you can imagine growing up I was surrounded by war death
and Bruins tools and Colt metal are the only camp
and I found Europa island a paradise for scavengers I even dug up you my ambitious project you’re awake let’s go have some fun hey I got a name for you I’m gonna call
you Big Joe a powerful force has thrown our realm
into chaos sorry like your father before you you
must become the guardian of winter and journey across Uncharted lands fighting the forces of evil to restore
balance once more the greatest adventures have small
beginnings re and the secret of seasons