What do you all want to do? What do you feel like? You know what I feel like doing? I want to play a game. How about we play
What’s in the Box? [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] What’s in the Box? [CHEERING] All righty. Somewhere in our boxes today
is a prize worth $15,000. It is an all-inclusive six-night
stay at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Riviera Maya. It is a luxurious beach
suite with butler service, boat tours, massage treatments. It’s muy bueno. All right, let’s find
our first contestant. Who likes– [CHEERING] Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. Have a seat, everybody. I picked her, so sorry. What’s your name? My name is Hannah. Hi, Hannah. Hi. How’s it going? Good, how are you? Good, thank you. Thank you. Yeah, OK. No, you can hold it. [LAUGHTER] Where do you live? What do you do? I live– Fort Irwin, California. And I’m a student. OK. [GASPING] [LAUGHTER] What are you studying? I’m studying nursing. Oh, good, you’re
going to be a nurse. Yeah. That’s wonderful. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] All right. Wow, that’s some pretty makeup. That is Miss New
Jersey right there. And that’s Arizona right there. So would you like what
is in box number one– [HARP PLAYING] –box number two– [HARP PLAYING] –or box number three? My favorite number is two. Is it? So box number two. Well, then if it’s
your favorite number, let’s see what’s in box
number two, everybody. It is an empty
bottle of Don Julio. [INAUDIBLE] Empty. Wait a minute. That was full about
five minutes ago. I’m pregnant anyway. You’re pregnant. You don’t want that anyway. So it’s good that it’s empty. Is there anything
else back there? [SHOUTING] A TV and a Netflix. [SHOUTS] [CHEERING] There you go. Thank you. Yes, you can sit down. That’s wonderful. 65-inch Roku TV, and you get to
watch my Netflix special which premieres December 18 on– [CHEERING] Hi. Hi. Hi. Have a seat, everybody. Aw. All right. Hi. What’s your name? My name is Carmen. Hello, Carmen. Hi. What do you do? Where do you live? I’m currently unemployed,
looking for a– Uh oh. It’s fine. What do you want to do? [LAUGHTER] I want to do anything
in customer service and talk to people. Oh, well, look at you
talking to me right now. I was looking for someone
who would want to talk, and here you are. OK. Where do you live? Dallas, Texas. All right, Dallas, Texas. [CHEERING] Perhaps someone in
Dallas, Texas will see you today and hire you to
do something where you can talk. I’m hiring. I’m hiring. Are you hiring– are
you in Dallas, Texas? No, but our franchise
is all over. Oh, good. Well, y’all hook up later. You have a job. [APPLAUSE] This is good. Thank you. Look at that. All right, now we have Arizona. Miss New Jersey has gone off
to drink some more, I bet. [LAUGHTER] So he is in front of a curtain. [HARP PLAYING] OK. Would you like what is
behind that curtain– [HARP PLAYING] OK. –or what is in my pants? [HARP PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] [HARP PLAYING] [CHEERING] The curtain, the curtain. How dare you. All right. Let’s see what’s
behind the curtain. Oh, no. It’s Dave doing
a flamenco dance. That’s not right. Wow, that’s very
impressive, Dave, but there must be
something else back there. What is it? It’s a $1,000 Home Depot card. Oh my god. That is for you. You are welcome. [APPLAUSE] All right. Now, I’ll go to this side. [CHEERING] Hi. Hi. How’s it going? [LAUGHING] [LAUGHTER] Not real. Yes, I am. I am real. What is your name, and where do
you live, and what do you do? My name is Cynthia Stancil. I’m from Greenwood, Mississippi. And I am the chief of staff
for Mayor Carolyn McAdams. Oh, hi. [APPLAUSE] Wonderful. So she didn’t pick
what was in my pants, so you automatically– you
don’t even have a choice. What you’re going to get
is a $2,000 Amazon card and that’s all you get. Have a seat. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] [SHOUTING] Come on out. [INAUDIBLE] in person. Hi. [CHEERING] Hello. Hi, Ellen. Hello. What’s your name? Brittany. Hi, Brittany. Hi. So look, there’s Miss
New Jersey over there. Hi, Miss New Jersey. I call her that. She’s not got the title. I just call her that. So we’re going to play a
mix and match game, OK? So all you have to
do is very simple. You just pick one,
and if you match it, that’s what you’re going to win. OK. And it could be that vacation
that I’m talking about. Oh, need one. So just try to–
it’s a mem– oh. [HARP PLAYING] Just try to remember what– when you pick one– [HARP PLAYING] –where it is, so
you’ll find it again. OK. [HARP PLAYING] All right, let’s go. We’ll go with 11. OK. [MAGICAL CHIMES] It’s a “Be Kind” hat. Oh, that’d be wonderful to get. Ooh. Hm, we’ll go with two. Two, let’s feel two. Pick two. Oh, a $500 Best Buy gift card. All right, turn them over. All right. All right, let’s
see what we have. All right. I’ll go with seven. Seven. [MAGICAL CHIMES] $1,000 cash, ooh. Ooh. [LAUGHTER] One. [MAGICAL CHIMES] Oh. There’s that trip to Mexico. Try to remember. OK, turn them over. OK. Let’s go with nine. Uh huh. [MAGICAL CHIMES] 12 days of giveaways. Oh my god. [CHEERING] No pressure, no
pressure, no pressure. No pressure, guys. What number do I choose? What number? What number, four? Four? Four? Four, three? Three? Three? 12? Let’s go with 12. [MAGICAL CHIMES] 12. Oh. That was my trip to Mexico. Well, no. All right, turn them over again. Now, you have two more to pick. Let’s go with 12 and one. Yes. [MAGICAL CHIMES] You get the vacation! [MUSIC PLAYING] Congratulations. Oh my god. All right, listen. All these people are so excited. I know. I’m sorry, everybody. [CHEERING] OK, well done. I’m going to give you
one more chance to play. OK. All right? OK, OK. All right. OK. OK, guys. All right. All right. So you know you’re going
to start with nine. OK. All right, now you’ve just
got to pick another one. OK, I’ll go with nine. Nine. Hold on. Ooh. Everyone’s saying four, so four. Four. Four. She’s saying– [MAGICAL CHIMES] [CHEERING] (SINGING) It’s the most
wonderful time of the year. I did it! [CHEERING] (SINGING) With the kids
jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer. It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. It’s the hap-happiest
season of all.