So here with Elizabeth Hansen of the Elmira College women’s ice hockey team coming off a 2-1 win over Williams. You’ve been playing the best hockey of your career here at Elmira this year and you
got another big win today you know what’s it like what are the motions like
being in goal in a game like this? You know it’s a great feeling we lost last
year so to come back and get that win that was even better. I get the goal from
Ronnie on that tip in how does it change your mentality knowing you have
it lead although it’s a slim lead but does that make you more comfortable on
your end? I like to play every game like it’s a 0-0 game to just like focus on that puck
make sure nothing’s going behind me that’s how I play my game mentally. The team got two wins this weekend both against those tech schools who are you
know usually pretty good what does that do for you guys confidence wise in the
locker room? You know I think that really lifts everybody’s momentum to have those two wins and have a weekend of winnings.