Alright guys, this is the7KMaster and many of you guys do remember that my motherboard got wasted because of stuttering issue so i asked in my setup tour video how i fixed that issue and do you guys want that video, and many people demanded it so in this video I will explain how I fixed my stuttering issue and what was my issue and does your issue and my issue matches up so guys, remember in windows for one issue there can be many reasons so in this video I will talking about my issues which I faced and recently this issue was faced by our bearded ninja so for those who don’t know, ninja is our apex legends streamer and he is one of the Indian Apex community’s pillar and I called him for this tutorial so his tutorial will obviously the best, so now I will talk about what was my issue, so the issue is that you have the top end hardware and game which meets all the requirement but still there are no frame drops but stuttering is there like the frames are at 60 fps but still you feel there is stuttering in the game, and as you can see on the screen there are lag spikes and there is no frame loss like it isn’t much that it goes beyond 60 frames if it goes below 60 fps then the spikes are expected like if you can see here the frame rate is stable frame rate is above 60 and is not coming down but still you can see lag spikes and there is an easy fix for this which is empty standby list so ninja will be guiding you through the tutorial if you have a decent PC and your game occasionally stutters when you are in a fight and all of a sudden your game starts to stutter so for that problem i have a solution which is really small but it is really a good solution that my game is buttery smooth go to your task bar and right click and select task manager when you click onto task manager you will see something as performance section in the performance section you will see there is open resource monitor when you click on the open resource monitor, a new window will open there will be a section of physical memory in that physical memory section there you will notice a thing called as standby memory what does standby memory does? it stores the cache data it is the memory which caches the data for faster retrieval but when this area starts to grow over a period of time, we need to free the area as well otherwise the game which is running in the background there won’t be space space required to run that game this is one of the reasons because of which it causes the stuttering issue in the game and to free it this simple solution which i am going to tell this is very simple, very easy. to solve stuttering issue we will be needing an external application which is named as Empty Standby List the download link for this application is in the video description please use that link to download for example i am opening the link here, just click on to download a small application will be downloaded over your system so after downloading Empty standby, browse the downloaded folder and simply store this exe file to C drive in a folder make a copy in it i have pasted exe over here so paste it in the C drive right click and go to the properties of empty stand by list then compatibility and make sure to run the program as administrator just tick this and apply after setting administrator rights there comes the task scheduler to open task scheduler, press windows type task scheduler after click this there will be a window on your screen over there if you see on the right hand side there you will notice create task so we will be letting computer know what task to run at intervals what to do and how to do is ahead in it go to general section click change user or group over here you will notice Advanced, when you will click on Advanced there will be common queries and next to it is find now and when you will click on it, it will list all the user and everything is visible and you need to click on SYSTEM after click on SYSTEM, click ok press ok again this completes our first step for the second step, we have to come on triggers click new on the triggers section, trigger will tell us when to execute the task so for better cleanup of cache what i would recommend, is to set this task to 5 mins delay on repeat so when we on the dropdown we can see 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins and 1 hour you can set any value which is desired by you for my convenience I will set this value to 5 mins for a duration of indefinitely till the time i say to stop the task, so every 5 mins this task is going to clear cache here click ok after this it completes our second step coming onto third step, we have actions actions tells us what application to execute we have set up when to execute but now we have to let the scheduler know which application to run so click new and click browse and navigate to your application, the location where your program is saved after selecting it, click ok you don’t have to provide any arguments and no parameters and click ok it will say you must enter a task for this you have to provide a task name which i have set it to Empty Stand by if you can see over here and the task is already created here and I won’t be creating another task so as your task is ready when you refresh you will see the task which you created when it is made and when is the next run, last run and who is the author and when the task was made all these information you can see it here and when you open your task manager, the time which you can see here , the last run like for my time is 9:51 and currently it is 9:50, so I will show you real time analysis on how the cache is reduced so if you can see my memory screen i will open the task manager again so on the task manager my cache memory is showing as 404 Mb but now we will wait with the time and on our next run is going to happen at 9:51, we still have time so let’s wait for the time and see what happens now so it is 9:51 and you can notice cache memory decreased just now and cache got cleared and system load is reduced and cache memory is cleared so yeah guys this was the tutorial on how to setup Empty standby list because of which your ram cache will be getting cleaned and you will never face stuttering again and trust me guys i have been using this method since a long time and don’t worry if the empty standby list is clearing your cache during the game, there will not be any spikes i have tested this thing fully and is a very good method, so yeah that’s it and if you are interested in Apex Legends so do checkout Bearded Ninja’s streams and his channel’s link is in the description and he is one the Indian Apex community’s pillar like he built up this community so yeah do check him out leave a like that this tutorial is helpful and it works and with this i will meet you in the next video, till then see ya