♪♪ Whoa! – [engine revving]
– I’m MatPat. [tires screeching] [chuckling]
And this is “GameLab.”For the last
five years,
I’ve made a name
for myself
video games.
[clank]But now, I’m taking it
to the next level.
We’re bringing the
biggest games
out there to life.So, here we go.And putting YouTube’s
biggest gamers to the test.
I also put togethera virtual reality
to bring you
into the action.
ALL: What? What? By the end
of the day we’ll be able
to do that, right? – God no.
– [laughter] Does the suit come
in any other colors? Yeah, it comes in red
when you make mistakes. Oh! [laughing] – Yeah!
– Whoo! What did we
do wrong? ♪♪ This is insane! [screams] ♪♪ This is much harder
than I think anyone anticipated. ♪♪