Hi guys all the game builders all the
game makers let’s talk about genre In this second episode of Game Basics we
are focused on game genre we’re going to see where is the revenue coming in terms
of different genres we’re going to see the mobile side PC side console side
we’re also going to dive deep in the mobile side and we’re going to review
where is the most general penetration what are the subcategories and how that
relates to the user retention we’re going to see some development problems
and what our developers complaining about we’re going to focus on revenue
per active user and see how that plays a role and we have estimates time spent
in games depending on the genre so this is going to be so excited after the
break we dive into the numbers welcome back let’s dive in and see where are the money coming from what genre is the most profitable one actually which genre has
the most capabilities to make most money so this is the breakdown
the first one is action-adventure kind of games arcade puzzles of trivia
strategy racing those would be the some of the top 5 genres that are making mine
now of course we have simulation sports educational casual RPG music and a
horror kind of games you notice this here we didn’t include multiplayer PC
games they’re very famous like DOTA and League of Legends similar games they’re
all kind of action-adventure strategy mixes and they’re in different area they
could have their special category but that’s not what we are
going to do we’re going to keep them in traditional ways because this is how the
industry from our standpoint of view and from the
way we collect data so let’s go quickly to the next and see the mobile side as
you can see in the mobile side the iOS is currently producing more
revenue overall in the mobile industry but Android is catching up very quickly
like few years ago the Android was half now then it’s almost there so they’re
they’re racing and it’s very close the race is very close if you go even
higher on here you can see arcade games are kind of same iOS and Android you can
see that engine is very little behind on puzzle and trivia strategy is the same
that it’s very close these are getting very close if you have watched this kind
of reports year after year you see that iOS once was so high and Android was so
little in terms of revenue but now things are changing probably because the
the Android surpassed iPhone almost double by the number of active devices
and that is definitely going to affect since we’re going even further even more
Android devices are going to be out there that means in one moment the
Android is going to surpassed iPhone it’s very clear Android can be plugged
into many different phones that are manufactured the iOS is only for iPhones
and if you can see that there are some simulations and sports education when we
come to the casual gaming an RPG music and heard that’s simply not a market
with many juices for all of you who are building games so there are very few
games that are making any money. Now let’s jump to the to the PC side and as
you can see in the PC side for the revenue the most money here was made on Windows by Arcade games. The Arcade games are still so famous now this includes both web apps this includes, oh sorry, web
games and all kinds of games and you see that here on PC actually there’s so many
revenue sources for all kind of games the PC gaming industry is very matured
now when it comes to newly games that are made for Mac they’re catching up to
PC both or horror RPG casual and educational kind of games they’re not so
many these days. There are so many apps that proclaimed themself like educational
apps like casual game apps who are also taking this part of the
market that’s why it’s very close we want each other this is taken through
many many different reports and put into one big report and I’m reading to you
now this we have like maybe 50 agencies or 50 different sources who this report
so we restructure this one and buy all of them this is how it looks now you can
see that the music and sports are so so little why because even though we have
some small data there’s really very few games that are making money in this
genre very few so if you’re thinking about some of these games think twice
and finally I want to talk about console console games that are also very very
good in terms of action-adventure arcade puzzle strategy racing and there are
some that do good simulation but after you go from the sport they’re very
simply so little there are a few music apps that make some money but maybe a
few horror games it made some buck but not much so if you were expecting to
build a game for console now these days that’s most of these please first 5
categories where you can find some useful sorry you can find some good game
that could potentially have life that means you could earn some money back
okay there was some overall idea about the revenue how much is coming from
where so you can compare by yourself the whole industry like last time we talked
is now surpassed 120B dollars it’s expected to be 140B by the end of 2018 and in the after the break we are going
to dive in the mobile side of the business where you really can see some
specific data and well you really can get a better sense of what’s going on. Hi guys welcome back let’s dive into the second part of this interesting episode
when we’re going to review some specific data from Asia now I’m gonna focus on
the market in Asia and bring you little closer so you can see how this
market work now this is done by guys at go globe they do some research about
games and then from what I can see that their report makes sense only if it
considers Asian market why because it now if you take a global market this
data would not fit in to what we have from all other sources that we’re
getting because we have aggregation of the data that I just showed you before
but this data is very close to the Asian data that we have so let’s go and sit
together what kind of games are working in Asia mostly like we said they have a
statistical trends for mobile games that are getting now 51% console games are 25
and PC games around 34 this is exactly what we have for the
global data are very similar to that one now their prediction the overall
industry will grow by 2021 to 59 percent which i think is gonna grow even more
interesting the point from their side they’re saying
that 25% of all apps in our store has some kind of gamification now this is
getting very popular many people are building interesting apps that have some
kind of gamification inside because it’s easier to make revenue it’s easier to
get players to become loyal fans and followers and to engage with your app
now Android has 21% in this market but what is so interesting is that all the
research I have done I was not able to find enough data and to cover all the
games full disclosure I’m an early investor and supporter in dating game if
I’d app called www.vivaus.cn that’s very popular in Southeast Asia
you guessed people like dating and like playing games so that’s interesting but
I’m so surprised by this kind of metrics because this is really hard to calculate
and I’m really curious how they did it. Also one interesting point they’re
bringing here is that owners install a game, 62% of the owners install a game within
a week when they buy a smartphone. This is a really big discovery for region
like Asia. This is 100% correct. Here people
have a couple of games in their phone and they’re playing them constantly
so in market like that it’s very obvious that if you take those gamified apps and
put them together with the games you get numbers like this 43 of the total time
spent on mobile phone is spent on gaming that’s Asia guys so if you’re building a
game welcome to Asian market. Also something important for for all of you
looking at the Asian market. By their report 78% of all revenue is coming the mobile gaming is coming from Android
devices that means that if you’re making Android game for Asian market you know
the right track is is good too I cannot complain anything about is I’m getting
the similar numbers when I’m doing the math for Asia but 78 is a little higher
at this moment but I could agree depending how they calculate their numbers Now also something very important for you to to know is
penetration combined with the genre a genre with genre getting more
penetration in the market and puzzles are definitely the one that I had have
good penetration because puzzle games are interesting it’s always nice to see
somebody solving some puzzle doing some thinking in Asia both culturally and
because of the competition people like to compete with the puzzle
game steel or they have many different Asian puzzle games that people in the
Western world have never heard of so here it’s clear why penetration on
puzzle game is so high arcade games as well and followed by action games and so
on you can see here from the research now I want to look at number of metrics
that’s also important for all of you building apps now this doesn’t mean
you’re building for Asian market or any other market but you can see the user
retention is very important why because if you have good user retention that
means you have a long value additional value from each user and iOS is living
with a puzzle Android with adventure but one very interesting thing is eyes don’t
have very good adventure apps Yesi they don’t have even in the top
five any strategy app also go arcade game are the on the fifth place
role-playing is gone so you know you should definitely take a look at this
if you’re building an app and finally what kind of app you’re looking if you
were about to build adventure app and you were or you were thinking about
building strategy app even the rope and gap your first person should not be iOS
get it on Android and then find out what the market says about it that’s when we
might first move now let’s see what are the mobile game
developers complaining about like what are their challenges
number one is competition that’s that’s so obvious the market has become so
tough especially if you’re talking about user acquisition getting user
acquisition is so hard that people are complaining right after competition to
the rising acquisition cost it’s so and the rising marketing costs are just like
in the same boat then amount of free content there’s so many apps free to
play there are so many people doing different kind of videos reviews for
everything talking about games are so many games websites things like that so
it’s very hard for a single game to get published and to get some market share
it’s really a hard work and final one the people are complaining is rising
development cost that’s why you should think very clearly and be very
straightforward with what kind of game you want to make and what kind of
outcome you want to get when you’re building and designing your game if you
want your game to have life and have a lot of players and produce revenue so
you can keep maintaining the game and improving it and bringing features and
new versions and so forth so and so on you need to think about clear path to
your tomorrow’s user acquisition strategy and other things another point
that I want to make here is full disclosure I’m one of the founding team
members in company called www.enjoy.link Enjoy global we bring free user
solution to all the mobile game companies so if you’re in mobile gaming
industry, I suggests you guys reach out to enjoy to see how they can help you get
some free users it’s always good thing. now I’m expecting them to start
advertising with us and supporting us of this channel and I hope it will start
sometime soon because they really have a good product I’m so happy to be part of
that company. Now let’s take a look at the revenue per active user thru
different genres. Now the highest-paying active user by genre is role-playing now
in Asia role-playing has a completely different approach I’m not sure exactly
how they calculate this date again because the role-playing games usually
take a lot of time but when people are playing them and adventurous games as
well so yeah it’s very clear that they are so much higher than the strategy
game, and the final one that I have here is estimated time spent by mobile game
genre, there is how much time actually people spend inside of the game when
they are playing now you see the puzzle game has by far hundred and five minutes
because most of the gamer are related to thinking and people have some problem
and they just are thinking and they leave their phone like this and they are
just looking at the screen for hours trying to find some solution or trying
many times doing the same level playing for many many many many times they are
playing the same level and for them it’s not challenge to purchase something to
go through the that level for them challenges to beat the level and the
best way to earn money for puzzle games is through advertisement even everybody
pushing in-game purchases for puzzle games the second one is casual gaming,
casual gaming is a very broad category, very broad category there are some games
that really take a lot of time especially when you have a casual gaming
like a subcategory in some dating apps like I mentioned or some other apps it’s
really a very big part. like you can see here I’m just checking another one
metrics that board games card games and roll pan games also take are taking a
lot of time and the final one is action action games have become very quick and
efficient they make most money they don’t take the most time anymore so
people just joined play they spend most their on in-app purchases when they’re
buying some virtual goods, that was all from this report from Go Global guys, I want to thank them this way. this way for putting up this is a nice
interesting report for all of us to see and discuss about it if you have any
questions to you or you want to know more about what we do here in game buz
you’re welcome to reach out to us and we’ll come back to you our mission is
help and support everybody who is building games and if you are building
game or your game publisher or using game industry we would like to know you
so don’t be shy reach out to us and let’s get fun enjoy guys think smart
when you’re designing games and make sure your game can make some revenue
because if you can make revenue that means it has life take care and see the
next show