What are you doing!? That game is for teenagers. The boobs have to be three times the size! Ah. Welcome to Electronic Storm. Yes, there are not only witch hunts in Witch Hunter 2. For every rampage or assassination or when someone crosses a red light we take the blame. We game developers. Pretty unfair isn’t it? For example: first-person shooters. Allegedly turning even Gandhi into Anders Breivik. Here, our Leopold, our head of headshots, he’s been playing shooters since his childhood… and never went on a rampage! WANT TO PLAY! START THE DAMN GAME YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! Well… in real life. AHHHHHH!!!! We’re fully aware of our responsibility and therefore all mobile games are being tested for their addictivity… in fact by children. Umm… so they won’t be addictive… of course! Ralf! Come here for a second! Dirk is the lead programmer of Outfall 77. We’re bringing the release forward to next week! But the game hasn’t even been finished yet. Well, that’s what pre-orders are for! Meanwhile we let our customers beta test our games and then patch the rest later. Listen, Dirk. We’re going to release Outfall on mobile as well. Mobile games! Fans love it! There’s a meeting with our investor. We’re very happy to have you as our investor! China is a liberal country. There is no detention camp! We say ‘no’ to political extremism. That’s why we have forbidden all harmful symbols on our servers. Over here all players can choose how much money they want to spend. For example: Money Gunner. A pay-to-shoot-adventure! The base game costs 59,99. In addition ammunition can be purchased ingame round by round. The premium subscription for 120€ a month lets you move the weapon left and right… and… it’s pink! You see we’re at Electronic Storm make sure that the virtual world improves a little bit… every day. AHHHH, WHERE’S THE ESCAPE KEY!? WHERE’S THE ESCAPE KEY!? AHHHHH! Oh dear, Leo… That sucks! I don’t need help. I don’t need help. HAHAHAHA.