Federow photo goal the
shots score! A wrist shot from the top of the circle for Krista Federow 53 seconds into the second period Hampton rest that one away back
to the point and that one turnaround Federow out front the shots score!
Federow able to take it out for her forehand and beat O’Connell for the second
time tonight they picked up in the corner by Chisholm
gave it away to the side kennedy trying stuff they went home
second to them score Jules Kennedy’s first Heron goal off the back of O’Connell
and in with 18:09 to go in the third it’s three nothing herons left side up
comes Fewster down to the middle for Ming’s being said that one pinball away
but now she’s got it back one on two Ming’s coming down the left-hand side in
to the goal try knock it in it’s in the pits it’s in score! Julia Mings her first
Heron goal that one trickles off the pads of O’Connell of just across the
goal line with 2:34 to go 4-0 Herons well that was just Ming’s
crashing the net coming right across the top of the crease shoveling it in on
goal and as you said O’Connell was coming across with her