Why are you crying around like a loser? (First kiss after a sudden confession)
Why didn’t you tell it was him who fired me I was wondering about that, too Why didn’t I tell you even
when I knew everything? Now I know why This is my answer I couldn’t tell you because
I didn’t want you to get hurt Because I like you So don’t get hurt because of that bastard,
it pisses me off I… I’m not finished talking (A romantic kiss with a cast)
Chief Okay What is she saying? I can’t give up now When it comes to competition,
I am no joke I said okay I like you So my answer is… okay Oh my goodness! I’m sorry, does it hurt? No The guy should do this (A kiss at the pull-up bar under moonlight)
At first, I was so scared of this but after awhile, it became alright So, it’s the same for you Don’t give up your sports career
and keep going! No touching! Let’s do it one more time (A deep kiss after proposing with popcorn)
What’s this? Your favorite popcorn! I can’t afford to buy a ring right now and popcorn is your favorite thing I’ll be good to you Will you marry me? Sure Let’s take time– Thank you For accepting my heart (A happy ending with a sweet kiss)
Every morning! I see your face and fall in love all over
again and again and again I don’t know Even if I do this? Don’t Even if I do this? What’s wrong with you? Even if I do this? Stop it If you like me that much, until when
will you kiss me in bits like that? Look at this bold modern lady right here