No one goes to the far right. And see, FaZe clan on the same route as RRQ Vintorez goes to the Knockout of Earnny D2E shoot at the distance. Come into the smoke bombs to revive earnny. The D2E came face-to-face in close combat. Vintorez released the game Cz got hit by a car
And in the house there was D2E D2E must protect friends Therefore had to close the door first. “This house has love” Then purplemood seems to be left alone. The fight for the position of this house together. RRQ has returned all 3 people together
And now, as Vincent is not dead. RRQ comes in to pick up the enemy position. 1-3 And finally, purplemood didn’t finish in the 15th If RRQ takes this position, it will make playing with the RRQ team much easier. And at this moment, G9 sees the enemy position earnny went straight to Vincent’s side Swap guns to M4 with BEER11. And the enemy chooses the path to die with the circle RRQ ATHENA
Chicken Dinner. BEER11 fired a stroke to create the best position. bosSZA Knockout by D2E G9 came out with a Uzi gun and fired at incredible distance. G9 !!!! RRQ ATHeNA !!
Double Chicken Dinner. Come with me, Rocky. And G9 interviews. Congratulations. RRQ ATHENA AGAIN. What happened in the 2 game? In this game, we almost don’t need to move. We only moved in the first phase. First part and last move Yes!! The first part was in the middle of the circle
and we …. During the next moment, we recited the spell. “Na Mo three Go” Close your eyes and say When I finished surfing and opened my eyes, the circle was still with us. The last part We focus too much on the shot. Forget to close my eyes ?
Forget to close my eyes !! The circle take away,
so we told the team that “Move once” Sitting and waiting for a long time
Have a question? Why can it be so much better?
What did you do your homework? Emm !!
from the question We didn’t do a lot of research. We play our way.
But we take the mistake to correct Is there anything for the RRQ ATHENA fans? Please cheer and support for RRQ ATHENA. The player who has won the most kills is Earnny. 23 Kills!! In a single week, achieving 23 kills or 23 points I am happy. But also thanks to the team The starting point, On fire, is vikandi. What happent in tihs game? How’re your feel? After shooting, they are more confident. Everyone in the team has sacrificed, so we can be in the best position. The team members therefore acted as my support instead. Talk about the overall team? For this week Score the most
How do you feel? I feeling…. Good luck. All of a sudden there was a circle coming in. “Na Mo Sam Go” HAHA
In many months, today playing is a lot easier. In many months, today playing is a lot easier. Very lucky.
Month!! Another thing? How did we plan to increase the score so much? We play in the normal way.
But we reduce mistakes Anything goes wrong, we try to improve. For our team to have better foundations Pro Player. “Whoever makes the smallest mistakes That person gets the most points. ” Thank everyone.