Connecting an Xbox One controller to your
Windows 10 computer is easy to do and allows you to play games without using the keyboard
or mouse. First you have to have the right kind of controller. There are two different variations but they
look very similar. This is the old style that won’t work. You can tell by looking at the top of the
controller. This is an older controller and the top part
around the power button is separate from the main body of the controller. Now compare that with a current controller
and you can clearly see that the face of the controller is all one piece molded around
the power button. This is the controller you’ll need to connect
to your PC wirelessly. On this white controller it’s the same one
piece design at the top. Side-by-side you can see that the left controller
is the old version and the one on the right is the new controller. To start make sure you have batteries in your
controller. On your Windows 10 computer go to the Search
bar and type in Bluetooth. You don’t have to type in the whole word
because it’ll probably pop up with just the first two characters. Now click on the Bluetooth and Other Devices
Settings. Here click on the Add Bluetooth or Other Device
button. We can now turn on the Xbox controller. This is a brand new controller so it not synched
to anything so the light just blinks. Next step is to press the Sync button at the
top of the controller until the power light blinks quickly. On the computer, click on the top Bluetooth
option to add a device. The Xbox controller should now show up in
a list of nearby devices. And when you click on the Xbox Wireless Controller
button the power button will stop blinking and the controller is now connected wirelessly
to the computer and ready to use. There are lots of games that can be used with
the Xbox controller and it’s just easier than using the keyboard and mouse. If you found this video helpful please give
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