Hey, this is 77 and today I’m gonna show
you how you can get 1999’s Need for Speed: High Stakes working on a modern Windows 10
PC. If you’re watching this and you don’t
own a copy of the game on PC, well, unfortunately, the game is unavailable on any online digital
distribution sites like Steam or Origin… Because of that, you’ll need to find an
original physical copy of the game. But if you have then this is how you can get
it working! First, we make a folder called ‘Need for
Speed High Stakes’, this is where the game is going to be installed, you can leave this
on your desktop or place it somewhere else. I’ll be placing it where I have the other
NFS games installed. Insert your High Stakes disk into your computer
and open it up. Inside there are two folders you need to look
for, DATA and SAVEDATA. Copy and paste both of these folders into
the High Stakes folder you made just before. Then you’ll need to install the Need for
Speed High Stakes Modern Patch by VEG, linked in the description. This is similar to the Modern Patch for Need
for Speed 3 as it allows the game to run nicely on modern versions of Windows. However… the patch for High Stakes is missing
a lot of features, namely widescreen support because it seems like development has been
suspended on the project. We’ll get around this in a second. But for now, download the patch by clicking
on the .7z link. This will download a 7zip file. To open a 7zip file you’ll need to open
it with a program like 7zip or WinRAR. If you don’t have either of them, they will
be linked in the description. For this tutorial, I’ll be using 7zip. Once you’ve opened the file, highlight everything
inside and drag and drop it into the High Stakes folder you created. Give it a little time and Windows will ask
if you wish to replace some files, click yes for this. Now, to make up for the Modern Patch’s shortcomings,
we have to download the Modern Patch Setup program by Keiiko. This will allow us to change some settings
that will enhance the game and make it look good on a modern widescreen display. Click the big download button and wait for
the 7zip file to finish downloading. Then just open it up and inside is the program,
drag and drop it into the High Stakes folder you made before. Once it’s there, open it. A prompt will appear, simply click no. Click on the ‘Thrash Driver’ tab and make
sure ‘nGlide’ is selected. Then click on the ‘nGlide’ tab and tick
‘Use desktop resolution’. This will make the game’s assets render
at your screen’s native resolution. Next, we have the ‘Preserve aspect ratio’
option. When this option is left unticked, the program
will stretch the game in order to completely fill your screen because the game was designed
with old 4:3 monitors in mind. However, this does kinda mess with the proportions
of some of the UI elements and car models. If you tick the box, the program will display
the game within its original 4:3 aspect ratio, thus preserving the proportions of everything
whilst still rendering the game’s assets at your screen’s native resolution. It is completely up to you as to what you
should choose, both options work fine. And that’s it, you’re ready to go. Click Save and Run and the game will work! Before we move on, there are a few things
to note. Firstly, if for some reason your settings
don’t work or the intro cutscene flickers after running the game for the first time,
just restart the game and it should not happen again! Secondly, once you’ve saved your settings
and have run the game for the time through the settings program, you’re now safe to
launch the game normally through ‘nfs4.exe’ because from that point onwards you’re no
longer required to run the settings program in order to launch the game with those visual
enhancements. Thirdly, if you want to get rid of the black
bars that are on the top and bottom of the screen, go into graphics and turn off “widescreen”. Finally, if you’re interested, on the same
website where we downloaded the Modern Patch setup program, you can also download all the
official addon cars for NFS High Stakes. These are the cars it adds. Yes… even an R34… enjoy. It’s very easy to install, just copy and
paste the two folders contained within the 7zip file to where High Stakes is installed,
replace any pre-existing files if the prompt shows up. If you run into any issues then I suggest
that you consult the PCGamingWiki page for Need for Speed High Stakes or ask for help
on the Need for Speed subreddit or Need for Speed Discord as you could get a response
much quicker from someone else who might have run into a similar problem compared to solely
asking in the comment section of this video. Before I close out this video, I want to give
a big thank you to Redbeard Raph on YouTube. He was the one who told me about the Modern
Patch Setup program and talked me through how to get it all working. So if this video helped you, then make sure
to say hi to him on his channel, linked in the description! But also if you wanna see more videos by me
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Years of NFS where I played every Need for Speed game from 1994 to 2019 including 1999’s
Need for Speed High Stakes, even though that video hasn’t particularly aged well! Regardless, I hope you’re having a very
nice day, thank you very much for watching, take care!