Yo whatsup guys, welcome back to another video. I know its been awhile but dont worry Im back
with another PUBG Mobile video. I know you guys probably have been waiting
for a MiniMilitia video. I know u guys love MiniMilitia bcoz I love
MiniMilitia as well but even if its after a long break, I had to do this video bcoz
I am still surprised to know that most of the PUBG Mobile players dont know how to play
against their friends yet. Im talking about how to play against your
friends not with your friends. In a normal match, you will either be playing
solo or team up with your friends but have you ever wanted to check out if your friends
are better than you or who would walk out alive if you ever had to do a dual with your
best friend. Well dont worry now.. bcoz im gonna put an
end to your doubts and its time to challenge your friends right now by following these
steps. So at first, you should be joining a clan. I guess you are probably already in a clan
but if you are not, look no further bcoz my clan which is ofcrse the best and active clan
in the world is open again for my subscribers. So just join my clan or any other clan you
wants to and start collecting these clan points. You can collect the clan points everyday from
this tab. If your clan is active enough, you could claim
these clan rewards and you could also claim additional reward if you complete these challenges
everyday. So do that and you will get atleast a 300
clan points in just a couple of days. And once you make a 300 clan points, you could
just buy this room key and it will let you host custom matches. Right now Im out of clan points bcoz I just
bought this shirt and I already purchased a couple of room keys myself. So once you buy this card, just goto inventory
and use them. Then goto this tab and tap on this room button
and create your own custom room. You can either play solo against all your
friends or team up with some of ur friends against other friends or play against other
clan members with your clan members etc. So in short, you can arrange the match however
you want. Here, Im gonna do some solo matches with my
friends. Since I just started only with 6 of my friends,
the map is too short. Actually thats good bcoz I do not want to
run around the whole map to find just 5 players throughout. So here we go.. this is how you play against
or with your friends. So btw, you can only host a single match with
1 room key. But the good thing is that everyone of your friends
could make use of a single room key that you purchase. So lets say, a clan has 10 members and each
one of you manage to buy a key in a couple of days. So every one of you could host one game each
and thus play 10 matches against your friends. Hope you guys got the point. Anyways I think this video probably helped
you. So if it did, share this video and ask your
friends to get ready to be rekt by you. Its time to start challenging your friends. So prepare yourselves for the battle and until
then, peace outt..