[Simon] okay so here we are at a game of
Habeamus we already set everything up we are playing with three players so we set
up three non player Cardinals in the middle and everyone has three vote cards
with the heraldic animals of all players in game and the other ones are just
lying at the side also everyone already drew five cards everyone and here we go I usually go for the papal position because I have good
experience with that so I will bribe the non player Cardinals first and also
because I’m convinced I will be Pope at the end of the game I’ll put a bit of money on the papal position because then I will get it back in double so now I
select my vote and obviously I hiddenly vote for someone and draw five new
cards And it’s your turn [Katharina] So I am not so sure he’s going to get all the votes From the non player Cardinals, because I can bribe those too And I’m pretty sure my offer is much higher than that And I can also bribe my fellow players I could technically tell them
which amount I’m going to pay them, but you know you’ve all seen this
one I hope you know who your friends are [Johannes] Okay, was that a good offer? [Simon] depends on what you consider good. [Johannes] I’ll consider it then [Katharina] It’s a good offer
]Johannes] Okay [Johannes] So she selected a vote
and is drawing five n ew cards and that means it’s my turn Now these two are obviously going for the Pope I don’t really care about being Pope
I only care about money so I’m gonna show them a
trick I have a nice high card I’m gonna place it on this Cardinal and then I have an action card
this one is annectatio and that means I get to select one of
the Cardinals that gives me three of his cards into my account so I’m going to take these three cards sorry and I’m gonna take them into my
account, they are mine now and no one can take them away from me
and that already made a nice chunk of money with the rest of my cards … I’m sure he will try to be pope I’m trying to make an offer to him that he rejects
so I get the money back into my account and, as you can see, Simon, now I have bad
cards in my hand so I’m gonna make you a silly offer.
[Simon] mm-hmm now I’m gonna select a vote and obviously I want to get this money
because it’s good money so I’m going to select her vote this will be my topmost card
and I draw five new cards and that means it’s Simon’s turn again [Simon] Okay so we’ll play another few turns
and let you know when something new happens like when we evaluate the
election *Sped-up voices* [Johannes] so here’s another interesting thing I could continue bribing these other two players and hoping that they’d give the
bribe back but that would mean that I don’t have any cards left in the next
round and I’d have to wait whatever they do so it’s a good idea to always put
a few cards into to the non player Cardinals that’s what I’m going to do
right now now, the other cards I have aren’t really
good cards for the moment so I’m going to keep them I’m going to keep two cards
I can keep up to three cards in every turn but I still draw five cards every
time so in my next turn I’ll have seven cards and that’s nice to have. so I’m going to change my vote
and play continues as usual [Simon] okay so I will now cast my final vote
because I don’t have any cards left to draw from my deck and my final vote will be this one [Johannes] you can’t change it anymore [Simon] *growls*
[Johannes] The last time you can change
your vote, remember that. [Simon] okay my last, my final vote
will be this one. I hate you [Johannes] alright [Johannes] So this is my final vote and I’m the last player in the game so after this one Simon will start counting votes and my vote will be here, I’m ready [Simon] okay then let’s reveal our votes I voted for myself, obviously
[Katharina] same [Johannes] I voted for Katharina because there’s a nice stack of money here and I get to collect that stack of money because I accepted her offer [Simon] So I rejected her offer so she
will get that back into her account and I also rejected Johannes’s offer and it will go back into his account. [Johannes] yes and I collect many bribe offers into my own account and now I have lots
of zeros and a few high cards in my account as well excellent I’m rich [Simon] okay let’s count the Cardinals [Simon] okay so
as you can see now the non player Cardinals are for house Kraken house
Snail and house Magpie which means we actually have three votes for Katharina two votes for me and one for Johannes so no one gets elected Pope and a new
round of election starts which means all cards placed
on the non player Cardinals go back into the deck of the respective player so you will get back your cards I
will get back my cards Johannes will get back his cards [Johannes] You have some of my cards in your deck [Simon] oh sorry, they get shuffled and
they make up the new deck for the next round and you can see already that
Johannes has few cards left because he placed most of his cards in player
offers but he also secured a lot of money in his account already which we of
course haven’t seen [Simon] all right draw five cards
[Johannes] You we re the starting player before [Johannes] so Katharina is the starting player now [Simon] yes
[Johannes] And off we go. [Johannes] Now, here’s something interesting I’m running out of cards
I only have one card left I should draw five cards but only have one left so I’m drawing one card I will hold on to
this card for a little while because I can hold on to three cards but I have to make sure that I can play my card because if everyone has drawn there cards the game ends if I still have a card in
my hand well, tough luck [Simon] okay so here we are after the third election round the game would
have ended anyways even without a pope but as you can see we have one two three
four votes for the house of kraken so Katharina has become pope what happens
now is she gets the papal salary and all these cards will be doubled in value, all of them [Johannes] That’s going to be close.
[Katharina] This papal salary also has a value [Simon] and then everyone counts their … [Johannes] Their bank accounts
[Simon] Their bank accounts. [Johannes] and let’s see you who has the most cash in their stash [Simon] okay so after counting I noticed that I got distracted by explaining everything so I only have like 20
thousand ducats Katharina who has become Pope had a few ten thousands in the papal salary and a bit on her own bank account so she ended up with 65,000 and
johannes who collected the most cards in
the first round already ended up with 79 thousand ducats 79,000? [Johannes] 79,000 [Simon] so as you can see becoming the
pope not always brings you the victory in this case it was very close [Johannes] but the
player with the most amount of money
wins and that’s me [Simon] and that is how you
play Habeamus [Johannes] thanks for joining us … and [Katharina] Back now
[Johannes] Back Habeamus
[Simon] Back now