Do you also play my favorite game pes 2017 android and iOS, but you can’t play with your friends This video will definitely help you so make sure to stay till the end of the video because I will be giving you tips on on how to increase your GP and club coins so yeah what’s up, Kennedy here on Kennedy 2002 Today I will be showing you how to play multiplayer on Pes 2017 android and iOS ok so this is the homepage for this game so make sure you follow these steps well, so that it can work first turn the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on now go the game and then match and then click local match and then exhibition now repeat everything we did to the other phone if you finish those steps make sure that your on the same step That you did on the last one so that it can work well click ‘create new”on one and then reload on the other and then you just follow the instructions on the screen it will be just be easy, so I think you can do it yeah, I think you can do it (audience celebrates) let’s go, let’s go, let’s get it yeah now I’m show you the gameplay that we did with my brother and then give you the one tip on how to increase your GP and club coins TIP: if you download the game and play the match make sure to do the things you haven’t done on that game you will increase the club coins by going on the notification, that will be on that game and then you will be like collecting them and it will work well so yes and guys, I just wanna say thank you for your support I just reached 500 subscribers I think now its like 560, I guess yeah. guys I really appreciate it make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t and like this video, if it worked for you, and yeah