In this tutorial we will show you how to
publish your app on Google Play publishing an app on Google Play is a
two-step process. Generate an apk file. You will use the Easy Easy Apps mobile
app maker in order to generate this file, then upload the apk file and post your apps
information on Google Play. You will fill in this information on the Google Play Developer Console. Let’s start by generating the apk file. After completing the payment of
the Easy Easy Apps plan you will have access to the option of
app configuration in the Design tab. If you have any questions in terms of
payment we have a tutorial to help you. In this area you can upload the app icon.
The icon will be presented in the user’s mobile phone after installing your app. The icon must be 1024 by 1024 pixels in PNG format. The splash screen is the image that is
presented to users when they open your app. You must upload two images in PNG
format with dimensions of 640 by 960 pixels and the other with dimensions of 640 by
1136 pixels. With these two images you ensure that your splash screen will look good on all phones. now we have everything ready for you
to generate your app’s apk file. On the Publish tab, click Google Play. On the Google Play screen you can set
Google Play credentials, push notifications credentials and the app
identifier for Google Play. Both the credentials and the app
identifier are pre-configured for you. If you need help changing these, you
should contact the customer support team. The configuration of the push notifications
credentials is covered in another tutorial. For an app without push notifications
just push the publish button to start generating your app’s
apk file. This can take several minutes. You will be notified by email when your
file is ready. Once the apk file is ready it will become available for download in the My Applications section. When the download apk button changes from gray
to green it means that your APK file is ready. Click the Download APK button and
download the file to your computer. In your browser go to the address and click Developer Console and login with your Android developer
account credentials. If you do not have an account yet, see
your tutorial in the notes section. Click the “Add new application” button to
begin adding your app to Google Play. Select the language and
the name of your app. Press the “Upload APK” button, then click the “Upload your first APK to
production” button and then drag the APK file from your computer to the window or
click the “Browse Files” button. Choose the APK file on your computer and wait while
the file is loaded. On the store listing tab you will fill in all the information
that will be visible on your app’s Google Play page. In the “Short description” field
you will write a brief description of your app, stating its main purpose. In the full description field you can describe you app in detail and show all the features and benefits to the users. Upload your app screenshots to show
users the look and feel of your app’s features You must add at least two screenshots
and they must be at least 320 pixels wide. Add your app icon, it must be 512 by 512
pixels and it must be in 32 bit PNG format. This icon will be visible on the
Google Play apps page and in search results. Upload a feature graphic image
which will be visible at the top of the Google Play apps page. This image must be 1024 by 500 pixels
and may be in JPEG or 24 bit PNG format If you have a youtube video that
promotes your app you may insert the link here. In the “Application type” field you
must choose the application’s option. In the category field you should choose the
most appropriate category for your app. In the content rating field you must
indicate whether your app’s content can be viewed by people of all ages, or if the app has, for example, restricted
adult content. In the “Contact Details” section, you should include your website’s
address, email and telephone. Your email address will be
visible on your app’s page In the “Privacy Policy” field you can add
a URL containing the privacy policy of your app. If you do not have one, click
the checkbox indicating that you are “Not submitting a Privacy Policy URL at this time”. Now that the first phase was completed just push the “Save draft” button
to save this information. We now go to the next step by
selecting the “Content Rating” tab. Here you will answer a questionnaire
on the content of your app To start, press the “Continue” button. In the email address field enter your email Choose the category that most closely
matches your app. Answer the questionnaire that Google
makes available for each category Push the “Save questionnaire” button and
then push the “Calculate rating” button Google Play will assign a rating to the
content of your app. To continue you must press
the “Apply rating” button. Now let’s turn to the “Pricing &
Distribution” section. You should indicate whether your
app will be free or paid, select the countries
where your app will be available. On the consent section you
must click the checkbox “Content Guidelines” to verify that your app meets
the “Android Consent guidelines” If you choose to make your app available in
the United States you should confirm that you accept the
United States export laws. Complete this step by pushing the “Save
draft” button. If all the sections have a green check
mark, your application is ready to be published Push the “Publish app” button and your
application will be available on Google Play within a few hours. Thank you for
watching this tutorial. Leave your comments and
we will contact you, and if you liked
it don’t forget to share. Sign up for Easy Easy Apps and start
creating your mobile world.