I had no idea we’re coming here like literally
we were in the car what are we going today Maya it’s very shiny public camera
no get stop talking I’d say four cameras actually Oh God left back and we be
vacuumed 220 about my chin is all about guiding you to more adventurous life
that you fully and truly in love with and if this is something that you want
to have more for your life consider subscribing welcome to Ottawa you can’t
come here without watching a hockey game ice hockey is Canada’s official national
winter sport and you can’t really come to Canada without actually watching a
hockey game and this was my first ever hockey game and I was so excited to
experience it this is how we walk among team in Ottawa
they’re so loud we are now we’re not loud what am i boring city in Hosanna my
dreams show nuts and like ten people my god
being used to European football games and the enthusiasm people have for their
teams it was actually like watching a silent disco a totally awkward feeling
when you’re in a stadium and it’s pretty quiet but there’s still a game going on the whole hockey thing is huge in Canada
and it feels like everyone knows how to play ice hockey and that kind of is
because everyone wants to become the next big hockey player and also check
out instagram and hashtag hockey mom with over half a million of pictures
it’s pretty insane ice hockey is not only the national sport of Canada it’s
also a symbol or even a way of life for many Canadians it’s pretty funny as well
that a country that is so rewarded for being such a peaceful country is so
deeply connected with ice hockey of sport that actually demands fighting
many Canadians feel very strongly about ice hockey and would even say that ice
hockey defines Canada there was a goal somebody was cheering
against all along that’s why she apparently what Otto was playing that is
how it is because of the government town quiet it’s like in a silent disco just
you watching it in my experience people in Ottawa are pretty politically correct
and actually kind of boring as well they give you one word answers and their
biggest adventures are Netflix and chill and spending the weekend in the cottages och it to enter your child’s the chips
become inaudible senators to your starter Jesus and senators dog skaters that’s the way the nicotine Steve that
Ottawa apparently push an update that i don’t you like the game buddy good even
though we lost yeah your care but you don’t care
it was totally good game that’s all that matters