he had a weekend where we were coming
down to play bass and friday night and then at UMass Boston Saturday afternoon
draw through the baskin game please do mass Boston at umass boston scored my
first college rule at UMass Boston they were the number for team in the country
practice Scott Washington the next year kind of shut my eyes but my stick out on
another one in second period yeah and then uh you know beat the number 14 in
the country in a third period what to take it face off and I’m going to use
the term toe pick and basically that is when i scaped I got stuck in the ice
yeah and as I was rotating the rest of my body kept moving it away and I felt I
felt everything come out of my growing again it was different than the last
time because I’ve never felt so much pain I never broken a bone da Gama would
yeah I mean other than my pinky toe seven times but other than that I had no
you know major Hawking a distant cousin James and ease I knew something was
definitely wrong they dragged me off the ice I couldn’t see if he later joined
the FBI and went back on the bus back at the school went to the doctor within the
next couple days got some more imaging MRI the stuffed and they said that uh
when I addict attendance two are completely off the bone and I made my
sports hernia or awareness so you know at that time I knew I was open season
big question what’s the prognosis we’ve been telling you I’m still waiting
what’s the situation the prognosis is that are you know I went under the knife
and they put everything back together mhm so i’m still in my recovery time
right now yeah fingers crossed started physical therapy this week actually yeah
so i’m going to get that going you know two three days a week for a couple
months and we come summer I’ll be you know ninety
two hundred percent and then I go into my normal summer training it can be
ready to next fall so so if all goes well with if all goes well this time
we’re back on yay back on the edge next fall that’s just amazing yes you
Oh the moon Oh