Hello Guys..what’s up !! welcome to your own channel- Strinner02. Todau i am not here to show anything to you.. But i have a little request for you As you all know PUBG Mobile college competition is going on and our team INDIA has reached PMSC Asia final So, i saw today that our Team INDIA membaer- IND NOVA has requested on youtube on their channel IND Nova that voting lines are opem and all should vote. So, i myself is supporting team IND NOVA I am votimg for them as i want them to win Asia finals. INDNova told that they peroformed good in first two matches. 6 matches are in total. They can not disclose details as rules of the competition does not permit so. But the main point is.. IND Nova has reached finals and need our votes to win. So, we should vote for our team india. And i myself is gonno do that. as i want them to win. thats why i will vote for Team IND