[♪] This would be a good time for a bump or just a quick escape yourself with the puck because the are all coming over there. All of them, all five. Now, we’re in that point in the season where every game matters that much more. So as usual, go out there and play hard, play together and find a way to get it done. Okay? Here we go. [♪] Let’s go ladies! Gulls on three. One, two, three, Gulls! [♪] One of the things that will help us play better is passing the puck to our team. One thing that will help us play better is if we play smarter. Now, the other aspect of hockey that we’re doing right is we’re crossing the red line and we’re dumping the puck in every single time and we are losing the foot race. Alright? It’s about want. You have to want to beat them. They want to beat you. I don’t think we want to beat them. We thought we could just put the skates on and the socks and the game jerseys and it would be easy. College hockey is never easy. You have to go out there and earn it. Penalty kill 85 percent for the Kangaroos this season, 60-of-80. 1:07 left to go in the power play with 2:13 in the game. In front, the shot from Gibbs and she scores! The game-winner! Jillian Gibbs on a power play goal and Endicott will win the game, three to two. Took some time but a good set up and Jillian Gibbs cashes in the game-winner. You guys just like the dramatics, don’t you? [laughter] There we go, good job. Alyssa, good work. [applause] The first period was rough. You kept us in it. Then we found our legs and we started playing. That was a great effort, way to come back. You guys just like the comebacks, I guess. I prefer, for my health, not to spot them leads but way to go. But way to go. Great job. way to capitalize again Gibby but that was a good team effort, top to bottom. Everyone involved. Good job. So, enjoy it. Be smart, because we’ve got a big week. A big, big week. [cheering and laughter]