Hey guys. This week we’ll be doing something a tad different. See, every week we tell Hector to go smurf
and win in a specific way. Be it late game macro, lane dominance, recall
timings, etc. This is to teach you guys those specific concepts
so that you can obviously improve. But this week, we’ll just let him…smurf. Instead of forcing him to play a specific
way so we can teach a single concept, we’ll just let him stomp the game how he normally
would. Therefore, we don’t really have any specific
missions this week. Just a general one, which is to really think
about your actions. See League is honestly just a Cause and Effect
game. Before making a decision in the game, you
should always think about what the effects of that decision will be. Once you become good at knowing what *will*
happen, you can pretty easily control the outcomes of your games. You’ll notice as we break down all of Hector’s
decisions how almost everything plays out exactly as he wants it to. And with that in mind, let’s get into the
game. For this replay, he’ll be playing Lucian against
players who were Gold to Platinum elo last season. Hector’s first decision of the game is to
immediately mute his Hecarim. We’re sure you know this, but you can usually
tell when someone won’t say anything relevant the whole game. Soraka moves forward as the second waves crash
to force a trade. This is technically okay by the Soraka player. Her play was fine, but her thinking Hector
should move up instead of securing these last hits and level 2, then being really annoying
about it is why she’s immediately muted. Hecarim is then coming in for a pretty early
gank, so as they hit level 2, Hector doesn’t hesitate and blows both his summoner spells
instantly to score an easy double kill. We do want to point out that this should not
have gone as well as it did though. Vayne didn’t heal. What Hector actually wanted was to trade his
life here for Vayne, then he’d die to Thresh. That’s a kill on Lucian vs just an assist
on Vayne. Not only that, but she’d miss this entire
wave crashing into her tower. Definitely worth. On top of that, since crashed waves slow push
back into the other side, Hector would come back to lane with an item advantage and easily
freeze vs Vayne to obtain a huge lead. But low elo players have terrible reaction
times, so he’s rewarded with an unintended double kill. Afterwards, he does make a small macro mistake. He didn’t want to shove this wave initially
since his goal was to buy Vampiric Scepter and just freeze vs Vayne. But that’s not the best buy he can get at
the moment. By shoving this wave he gets 1100 gold to
buy tier 2 boots. These are a great early purchase to snowball
lanes. The speed lets you initiate trades easier,
and allows you to evade ganks especially when your summoner spells are down. Now believe it or not, ADCs are actually allowed
to roam. You just have to do it correctly. Hector notices that Ekko is very low in mid
lane, and a huge wave is crashing into his tower. Ekko will be stuck there for a while longer,
and with his tier 2 boots purchase, Hector can potentially get there in time to punish
him. This is primarily possible because he cleanly
crashed that earlier wave into Vayne’s tower before basing. Vayne and Thresh won’t be able to crash the
wave into his tower fast enough with their slow wave clear, so he won’t miss many minions
by making this roam. He does get pretty unlucky here with Ekko
dodging his Q, and leveling up *barely* denying him the kill. Okay, situations like this is where people
forgo using their noggin and go on auto-pilot. So many players would randomly auto attack
this wave for no reason. Hector just won the lane for Le’blanc. He’s handed her a freeze and a blown Ekko’s
flash. If you know anything about mid lane, it’s
that setting up a Le’blanc with a freeze against a player with no flash leads into the easiest
ganks ever. Of course, many Low Elo Le’blancs won’t appropriately
make use of a huge advantage like this. That doesn’t matter and don’t ever let that
influence your decision making. Knowing what *should* happen is more important
than what actually happens. As he paths back to bottom after his gank,
we see Vayne trying to cut him off in the river. This is a *huge* mistake by Vayne. As Hector glances at the wave, notice the
obvious difference. Hector could roam because the wave is shoving
back into him, and he’s not missing many creeps. Vayne on the other hand is missing a ton of
farm for no reason. While Hector does misclick the blast plant
causing him to take way more damage than he should have, it still doesn’t matter. Who cares if you’re at 200hp when your opponent
can’t punish you for it anyways. Once he gets back to lane, Hector sets up
the freeze we discussed earlier. Unfortunately, in his efforts to zone Vayne
he damages the wave a bit too much. Maintaining freezes this close to your tower
can be tricky, and even good players screw this up sometimes. This prompts Vayne to just walk away and fake
recall which is actually pretty smart by her. Let’s watch how Hector reacts, then break
it down. That may not seem fancy, but he just completely
denied Vayne’s fake recall option. Let’s first address what the point of a fake
recall even is. You go out of fog of war from your opponent
and begin channeling your recall. If your opponent continues slow pushing, you
can base, buy items and come catch the wave before it hits your tower. With full HP it makes getting dove much less
likely and allows you to farm safely. Your opponent obviously doesn’t want that. The fake recall just means you cancel it once
your opponent begins fast shoving the wave. The wave is now pushing into your side faster
and not being slow pushed. This means you miss less overall CS and are
in a safer lane position. This is why the second Vayne left vision,
Hector began immediately shoving the wave. But once he saw her back in lane, he completely
stops auto attacking and continues slow pushing. Now she longer has that option, because the
wave is shoving slightly too quickly into her tower and pretending to recall wouldn’t
accomplish anything. Basically, despite Hector messing up his own
freeze, he’s forced Vayne to stay in lane at low HP and opened her up to easily be dove. Once the wave crashes, we do see Vi in mid
lane ganking Le’blanc. This is great information since we now know
this dive won’t be countered. Hector and his team could dive on this wave,
but generally you try to avoid dives while there’s enemy minions present if possible. They can creep block people in tower range
during the dive, block skill shots, do extra damage etc. This is why Hector waits until he clears the
next wave to ping his Hecarim to come in, and as you can see the dive is clean and effortless. After the dive, Hecarim wants to share gold
instead of doing something productive. You should know by now how we feel about sharing
gold as an ADC. As the second tower plate falls, ask yourself
this question. Do you *really* want to sit here with 3 people
and spend 12 to 15 seconds to share 40 gold? Of course not, that’s not remotely time efficient. Hence Hector dips immediately and does Hecarim’s
job for him. This Ekko is constantly overstaying in lane
at the verge of death. This time, the roam does result in an easy
kill. Unlike last time, the wave situation is a
bit different. It’s shoving back into Ekko instead of Le’blanc. Thus, Hector actually shoves it out this time
and fixes it for her. Tragically, he does waste his E and Vi happens
to be there to punish him. Whatever. Mistakes happen, and at this point his team
is so far ahead it won’t matter. He respawns and makes his way bottom. Unfortunately his Soraka is ganking mid for
some reason…as Soraka. So he has to lane 1v2. He looks for the 1v2 opportunity once Thresh
wastes his hook. Then after waiting out his cooldowns he flashes
forward knowing all their CC has already been expended for an easy kill. Then he just kites towards his Soraka to make
sure he lives. Knowing that Vi is mid, Hector and Soraka
just keep pushing to eventually take down the tower because there was no way she’d make
it down here in time before it fell. Take note how Hector immediately un-mutes
Hecarim and Soraka once he’s stomping the game. His frail ego is only held up by the praise
of the gold elo players he carries every week. But yeah. The game is really over at this point. Hector stomped mid and bot so hard that it
doesn’t matter that the enemy Garen was fed. Poor guy forgot his role is irrelevant. The advantages Hector secured this game were
never off of his mechanics. It was always his understanding of the effects
from the decisions he was making that allowed him to always be in control of the game. This allowed him to have such great map impact,
even as an ADC. That’s going to be it for this week guys,
thanks for watching.