Hey, everyone. Two WoT players here. I’ve never played it. – Me too, I turned it off. – And never will. Where do we drop? I don’t know, can we drop anywhere? Well, yeah. Let’s drop Hadiqa Nemo and fight. When do I drop here? I think it’s right about time. Where are we going? This house. Yes, on the left. There was something. Did you see it? No. I have a sticky bomb. New sounds? – Enemy here. – Yeah, let’s go. Killed him. I’m lagging like hell. – More around here. – Look, it looks destructible. Yes, you can shoot through it. Can I? Yea, it’s Rainbow Six. I have a bomb. Stick it onto this destroyable wall. New sounds are cool. Can you hear the sounds? Is it a Nokia? This is fun. Let’s push. I’ll throw the bomb. Drop right away. Same spot? On the mark. I have hyper speed. What’s that over there? No idea. Why is it similar to a grenade? It sticks to the target, it’s different. I mean, why not make it detonatable? There is an enemy up close. – What’s going on? – Black zone. Stop it! There is a nuclear war going on. Yes, outside. Get out! – You can find an MK here, right? – I don’t know. Is that it? I guess it’s a small bunker. Should we demolish it? Let’s go into the fight. Why can’t I get out? Well, I’d say why… I see a drop over there. I can’t get out of here. – How do you like this new map? – I don’t really know, hard to say. – It’s playable. – Well, it is a fun one. Need to explore it more but this is definitely not an esports map as it won’t fit 64 players at once. So I don’t think it should be added to the pool. – It’s perfect for a pub though. – I agree. It’s super fun and not boring at all. That’s just your first impression. What I don’t like here is that it’s a 2x scope tops. Contact on the ridge, at 235. Towards the bunker. – Not even a 3x scope available? – Nope. Well, that’s a downside. Wow, take it easy. He’s up there. Tagged him. – Behind the rock. The farthest one. – I’m coming. At 290, ridge. – This sound might get annoying after a while. – Yeah. There is a 3x, actually. That guy had one. – This is probably top-tier loot. – Yeah. – We can go here. – Let’s not do that. I say we drop at Al Habar. – Drop now, Kemba. – I’m falling super fast. I want to go to the left side. Yeah, towards that tall building. – I can’t land onto the roof? – You can. I mean, you won’t be able to go down afterwards if you do. The door is open, what? Maybe it’s because I went in. Nice, I found a hookah. – What? – Hookah. – Do you know what that is? – I don’t smoke. – Neither do I. – I’m dead. – So am I. I landed a headshot on him. One more time. He’s dead. – What are you doing? – We’re dead. That was too loud. Mom’s calling, be right back.