Tell me where is your father? Do not know. – Hey! What is this? Why are you punishing a child? We are asking information
about Nagaiah Naidu sir. Will you beat a child for that? Are not you ashamed to tell
that you are a police. Leave him.
– He is the son of Union leader sir. If he punish, he will tell
about his father place. Leave him, get out from here. Do not be scared,
nothing happens to you. You will be safe till I am here. Your father has no danger. Got it? Tell this to your father without any fear. No one harms you. Father!
– Veeraiah! Did police beat you?
– It is ok father. I did not tell anything.
Why is police searching you? They are calling you a terrorist
and cheater. What is that? They are saying that they will kill you
shoot you if they see you. Why father? Being a Union leader is crime father? Father.
– Come on move. Father! Father! You lost shelter.
Your heart broke. Dear child, who is the
one who hit you? Do not let the tears to roll down
Go ahead with courage. Time never stands still.
It will always pass. Baba, shall I ask you something?
– Why not? You are very religious and pray
regularly. You are very generous. You ever hesitate to give for others,
in what you have. But during night, you transport
this stuff. Is not it wrong? Not at all, as any work which
feeds many can never be wrong. Police have come.
Let us make a move from here. Catch hold of everyone
and remove them. Get the footpath vacated. Get lost. This is government land. Rascal!
– What did he say? He is uttering abuses
against you, sir. What was that word?
Come on, speak out. Rascal! Speak out!
Are you tired? Are you angry?
Do you want to hit me? Come on hit me. If I give you a kick,
you will be no more – What? What did he say? – He is from
Andhra, I cannot understand Telugu. You, an Andhra idiot, speak out
the same in my language. He will never change.
Start the vehicle. Mr Veeraiah, are you injured
severely? – Were you beaten? Brother! What is this?
I hate you. He is suffering with
fever since two days.. ..but still he wants
to go for his job. He will listen to none other than
you. Please convince him. Father, give it to me.
– Veeraiah, I have promised them. So, what? Does Mr Manikyam not
have anyone other than you? Inform him about your illness.
– Not for that. Mr Pullaiah’s mother expired.
– So? He has no money
to conduct the funeral. So, do you want to conduct? I have promised him to help
in conducting the funeral. Once given, this Hussain will
never take back his word. He wont change his words.
You go inside. What are you saying? – I will go
instead of you to get the goods. Brother! You did not want him to
go, then why are you going? Dear Veeraiah, let this sinful
work be ended with me only. It is not a sin as long as
it provides food to others. Shakeela, take him inside. Veeraiah, this is your first time.
I will take care of everything. First, bind all these tubes
to the salt packs. For what?
– Do what I say. Why these many salt bags?
Are we in salt business? Do what I say. Tie those tubes
around the bags. That is why idiots like you should
not be entertained in this job. I am searching for the rope.
– There it is. Mr Veeraiah, what are you doing?
What if the goods are lost? What will you answer to
Mr Manikyam? Everything is lost.
We will lose our lives soon. Stop the nonsense
and drive the boat. Go!
– Your wish, I do not know. Veeraiah, customs people have come. If they sense the material, we
will be imprisoned for 5 years. But it is not there. – Yes, you
already threw it in the water. Greetings brother. Hey let them go, you come. We have escaped from custom
people but.. ..If we go without it,
Mr Manikyam will kill us. How will we get
the material out? You have thrown it in the sea
along with the salt bags. What will happen to salt then?
– It will get wet. If it wets?
– Then it dissolves. After dissolving tubes comes out. Then our material comes out. You are very intelligent. What are you doing there?
Get it fast. Give money and take the material. Throw 200 and get the material. Not Rs.200 dear but Rs.2000. What, Is it Rs.2000? Every time Baba take Rs.200 only right. Why you asking Rs.2000? Hey showing arrogance? Sir troubles if he know this. Take the material by giving amount. If not?
– I will throw in sea. Are you threatening me?
– No! Hey fool! Do you know its worth? You tell, I do not know. Hey you stop it man. Then amount? – I will give
what you have demanded. Who? Hussain people. Rs.2000 is it, tell me.
– Yes sir. Do you not have shame to tell that? Inform this to inspector Khel. Hussain should not be alive. Understood? What happened Veeraiah? From where you got huge amount. Your money only. Where you rescue your life daily for that. I do not want this much amount. Not for you but who comes
for you to help them. But my wage is Rs.200 only. For me and sister
I will take Rs.200. This is for you. Come. Come fast. My smile is like Diwali festival.
My words are like a song. Both my heart and age are
like ambrosia. My sweet dreams are like waves
and are awaiting for you. My age is provoking mischievous
thoughts in my heart. When this youth
and beauty remain. When my desires are provoked,
come to play and sing with me. My smile is like Diwali festival.
My words are like a song. Both my heart and age are
like ambrosia. My smile is like Diwali festival.
My words are like a song. My friendship will
fulfil your hunger. Everything of mine
belongs to you. Made me to spell. Beauty is blossoming today. Castle of desires
had been built today. Come on let us play and enjoy. Are you from Andhra?
– Yes. Shall I ask you something?
– Yes. Will you relieve me soon? It will be alright
if you leave me by 1 a.m. Why? Do you have
to go out and earn more? Not at all.
Tomorrow is my maths exam. If you leave me little earlier,
then I can practice. Are you studying? – Yes
Are you going to school? – Yes. What is the name of the school?
– Dadabhai Nowroji school. Which standard are you in?
– S.S.I.C. Tomorrow is my half-yearly exam. If you go away,
they will send someone else. I will sit here only. Where are the books?
Ok. Go and study. Baba had been
taken away by police. What?
– Yes, he has not yet come back. Brother! What is this, Brother! Why did they kill our Baba who
never betrayed anyone? Tell me. I want Baba. You have promised
to give anything that I want. I want Baba now.
Please get him for me. Are you happy now? You are
responsible for this. That old.. was earning something.
You have not only killed him.. ..but many families who were
dependent on him. Who had arrested Baba?
– The same, Mr Sathakoti. Where is he?
– Who knows? Escort Shakeela to home.
– Leave it. Do what I say. Do not drink heavily. Who is it? You! Would you like to share? Drink. What happened? Any information?
– No sir. Is anyone suspected?
– We are investigating. Let me see. Where are the witnesses?
– There are no witnesses, sir. None is ready to speak out.
– You know Telugu. Why Do you not ask them
in Telugu? He was beaten to death in
public but without any witness. How is it possible? I have tried by all means but no
one is ready to speak out. So many here, and none has seen.
They are doing it purposely. If they do not tell themselves,
I will make them tell. Who killed the inspector?
– I do not know, I did not see. He will be punished until he
confesses the truth. I do not know.
I have not seen. Do you not see what is happened
in front of your house? Until someone say the truth this
boy will be beaten up. I do not know.
I did not see. Idiot tell me. Who is that killed him.
– I do not know I did not see. I know it.
I saw it. Do you know the culprit?
– Yes. Who is it? If you are afraid to reveal in the
public, you can tell me personally. I am not at all afraid, rather I
am very much satisfied. It is a satisfaction of seeing a
man who could kill this animal. It is a satisfaction of having a
possibly peaceful life in future. It is a satisfaction of having a
godlike person to protect us. Why should we reveal his name? If we reveal, you will be
awarded a medal. We will never ever reveal his
name to you even if we die. We do not know anything.
We have not seen anything. Do you not have sense
to punish such a small kid? You may be able to hide the
truth. But remember this. The one killed is a police officer
and department will take strict action. No need sir. We had two tea.
– No, I do not want anything. What is this newly?
– Yes no need of money. If you come it is enough. Veeraiah, no need to give come on. What? That is like that, come on. Greetings, my father is dead. Greetings, my father is dead…dead. From birth he is like that.
Mind is not matured. Greetings, my father is dead. Mother, father is dead. Is she wife? I am very I will only give the monthly income of him. Veeraiah, what are you saying?
– No need. No need of money. Madam this is not for you,
for this boy. I know how son leads
life without father in this age. My father is dead. Do not know how he face the problems,
Please do not say no. I will pay remaining money too. What is happening here? They construct factory it seems. Then all our houses? They will renew it. They owned this land. Who?
– That man. Ok, any one knows Hindi well here? He knows.
– Can you talk properly? Yes.
– Ok let us go. One minute sir. What is happening here can you explain it? Can you not see. We are working here. Will you please shut up? He is saying that they are
in work not to disturb. His business ok, but why should
he come here and do? Ask him that. Please excuse us, will you let me know
what is happening here? Can you not see? We are
constructing 10lakhs factory. 10 lakhs can you express.
Go and mind your work. Go. 10Lakhs factory..
– Here there are 10000 families. How can they renew it? Do they own this land? What the hell
do you think of yourself? Actually, they are
asking about. Greetings. You can direct
your queries to him. My deal is over with him. Go and ask him. Greetings sir. By God’s
grace, you are here in time. How are you, Mr Krishna? We are in dilemma, but luckily
you are here at the right time. Sit sir, sit. What Mr Veeraiah? – They are
talking about some factory. Yes, they bought this land. How can he do that?
– What else can we done? This is a waste land.
So he paid money and bought it. Why Do you not convince him?
– I have tried but went in vain. Show them the documents. These are the approved
documents. What shall we do now?
– I am helpless. We can do nothing but vacate. Since we never paid any rent or
tax, we have no right. How much did he pay you? How much did you get
by selling us? Is everything alright, sir?
– Of course, yes. Then, come and join us
– Just a minute. Get the car. I will go with him. Who are you?
Why have you entered inside? What happened? We want him to realise the pain
of losing shelter. Come on. – Please wait.
What are you doing? Please sir, kindly stop it.
My kids are very small. I do not want that land. Veeraiah, please.
Kindly stop this. Ask him to tear the documents
– Take out the documents fast. Tear it fast. Do you remember me? What about the maths exam?
Have you given it? Do you not like me?
I will go away then. It is not like that. I am scared, because I might cry
if I talk to you. I do not want that to happen. Actually.
– You may continue to cry. I want to marry her.
– What? Marriage? – Just now. Are you alright? We do not even
have a sacred yellow thread. Get the things arranged
– But. – Do what I say. This is a sacred
unknown relation. This is a tune of love
of heart. You are a God who turned a
vile flower into a sacred one. Your sweet smile makes the
unseen love and affection alive. You are my God of the temple
but residing in my heart. You are the tune
and lyrics of my life. You are my heart,
my life and everything. I got you like a moon light in
the scorching heat of the sun. You stood as an asylum to the
blossoming tender jasmine plant. You have propitiated
my deserted life. You are an embodiment of
affection, passion and love. I am totally yours. This is a sacred
unknown relation. This is a tune of love
of heart. What do you want? – We would
like to meet Mr Naidu. My dad is bathing. Are you his son? – Yes. Your good name please!
– I am Surya. – I am Radhamma. Your father had the same looks
when he came to Mumbai. What do you want?
– Police arrested my son. I want him to be released I will go and send my father. Father! Come fast.
Many have come to meet you. Come fast. – Go and get my clothes.
– Ok. Who is kissing my wife?
– Your daughter. That is why, so dare. Just a minute. You may go now. Greetings. – Greetings. You wait. Come in. Greetings. – What is the matter? Police bet my soon and taken away. Is your son guilty?
– Nothing at all. Then, was he arrested
for no reason? That is fine. Which station?
– Chembur sir. Who is the inspector in Chembur? Mathur Sir. I will make a move. You may come now. Hey! Why are you crying? My father sent out from home. What you did? – I theft money. Ok, never repeat this. Hey hero give money to her. What is that wound? – I felt down. Balu, are you going to school regularly? Why are you crying?
– My mathematics teacher punished. What have you done?
– I have solved problem incorrectly. Ok, what is the teacher’s name?
– Kappaganthula kamaiah. Mr Iyer inform Chalamayah
and ask to punish him. Are you fine? Meet me later on. What do you want? Rascal asking me.
– I was kidding father. Catch him. He is the one who kept cap. He sat last. Sir, Naidu brother arrived. What?
– Veeraiah Naidu brother came. He is very dangerous but looks simple. Welcome.. Come, come,
Are you fine? Hey, he is talking Hindi. Talking Hindi, Come on. Three tigers are waiting for us.
Four if Lalaji is included. Considered together, their
property is worth 100 crores. Are they looking like that? We are just local criminals but
they are international criminals. They moved to all countries,
and did all types of business. These are the most wanted by police. We are 5th. He is a big shot,
well known in this area. Naiduji, meet him He has 52 ships
and a man power of 400 people. And he is..
– Greetings – Greetings. Oh god! He..
– I know him. He knows everything.
– He is very intelligent. I do not know Tamil well.
– It is alright. It is a question of
thousands of labourers. Big fight is going on.
Do you know what for? They are worried
about police raids. Why does not he stop? Not only had that 30 lakhs
caught up in ship. Mr Shetty is claiming
it to be impossible. I would like to try it once. You will do what the Chettiar
could not do. – You are a child. I will bring his valuable stuff
from the ship with no danger. It is impossible. What if you get caught?
– What if I get it out? Why not? You may try.
– It is impossible. Inform Mr Shetty that if I
succeed in this so claimed.. ..impossible task, harbour
should be handed over to me. If he succeeds in this, he will be
owner but not Mr Shetty. – Thief. I should not talk with him as I
might lose my status. You talk. Let him go. After all,
some one has to do this. I have also decided.
Let Mr Naidu try. What do you say?
– We agree. This is my final decision.
Mr Naidu, you may proceed. You are very lucky
to have got the chance. I have come to the sea after a
long time but with empty hands. I should have got a bottle. Why did you not get then? I came alone, I would have got a lady. If you are that much crazy you get it. What did you say? – I just said
that you should have.. her also, if you are
too desperate. A dynamic female is inviting me
for the enjoyment. She claims that it can be only
once. What is it? See it in the dark. You have a
companion to enjoy the joy. A dynamic female is inviting me
for the enjoyment. She claims that it can be only
once. What is it? Stars should be seen in her
Deeds should turn me up and down. Desperate kisses are deserved
in a hurry. Stars should be seen in her
Deeds should turn me up and down. Desperate kisses are deserved
in a hurry. I should enjoy the curves. You dance, I will sing.
Let the boat shake. A dynamic female is inviting me
for the enjoyment. She claims that it can be only
once. What is it? Sari and the blouse are
whispering with each other. My naughty desire
should be fulfilled. Sari and the blouse are
whispering with each other. My naughty desire
should be fulfilled. I will immerse in you
and curl around you in Toto. Come on and rest in my lap. You dance, I will sing.
Let the boat shake. A dynamic female is inviting me
for the enjoyment. She claims that it can be only
once. What is it? See it in the dark. You have a
companion to enjoy the joy. A dynamic female is inviting me
for the enjoyment. She claims that it can be only
once. What is it? Greetings Lalaji. I have got your
highly valued material. You got the material! What a splendid
wonder you have done, Mr Naidu. What will you say
now Mr Chettiar? Mr Naidu, how much
money do you want? It is my presentation to
Mr Chettiar family. I warned you before not
to allow these fellows. See now. How did he manage to bring,
though the Customs were informed. None of this will work. Let us
break his bones by sending men. Our prestige will be lost if this
spreads outside. Then the whole Chettiar will be
finished- Brother, kill him. That Naidu, his wife and his
children no one should be alive. Naidu please save my daughter. Who are you? – My daughter
may die in my hands please save. Stop, stop what happened? She is vomiting blood since two
days and unconscious. I am very poor.
Please help me sir. 2days.. Go and get my shirt. Where is the emergency ward?
– There it is. Time is up. Child condition is very critical.
– But I am helpless. Mr Iyer, please explain him.
– What if the condition worsens? Ask his name.
– Your good name please? What for?
– Ask his residence address. He would like to know your
residence address. Ask him regarding his
family details. He has to treat this child if he
wishes his children to be safe. Go and start the treatment. Were you all playing games when
the child was struggling for life. Mr Iyer, why did not you
call the ambulance? I called but they refused
to come to a slum area. So what? – Actually, no ambulance
had come there till today. How old is the child?
– One and half year old. Will the doctor make her alive
once she is dead? Do not we have any value
for our lives? What could be the cost of that
ambulance. – Nearly Rs.50, 000. We shall buy 5 then,
for our locality. It will be very expensive.
– So what? Sit.
– You please be seated. Mr Iyer, ask the nurse
regarding that kid. Do not worry. Everything
will be alright. She is out of danger. But she has to be kept under
supervision for another two days. But expenses. – Do not worry about
that. Money is not a problem. Everything will be alright. Doctor has come.
– Sir.- Thank him. You have saved a life which we
cannot do. Please do not mistake me. Rain is falling like flowers on
this beautiful evening. The pure hearts are delighted
and dancing with joy. Look at it. The new tune has come up. We
are the sole owners of this joy. We own this joy.
It should be forever. Rain is falling like flowers on
this beautiful evening. The pure hearts are delighted
and dancing with joy. Look at it. There are no hurdles on
your way. The way I walk is like a
flowered bed for you. Our unity will keep the
hurdles away. We have our constitution meant
for our own welfare. We do not have any discrepancies
amongst us. Ethics and morals form our life. Let us enjoy. Rain is falling like flowers on
this beautiful evening. The pure hearts are delighted
and dancing with joy. Look at it. The new tune has come up.
We are the sole owners of this joy. We own this joy.
It should be forever. We have a caring God just
in front of the eyes. We offer our prayers to you
Distribute your affection to all. This is a dancing day of delight. Let us enjoy. Rain is falling like flowers on
this beautiful evening. The pure hearts are delighted
and dancing with joy. Look at it. The new tune has come up.
We are the sole owners of this joy. We own this joy.
It should be forever. Rain is falling like flowers on
this beautiful evening. The pure hearts are delighted
and dancing with joy. Look at it. Both have slept on your lap? See Suri, he is sleeping as you
with a leg on leg. He will be saying 100 times daily
that he should be like you. Truly. We are doing wrong.
– Why? Let my job finish with me why for them. Children should not get such thoughts. They should study well,
should do higher studies. Send them both to Vizag. Let them stay with Shakila and study. Then they will not get such thoughts. What? Thinking your child
will be away from you? No, Can you stay without them? You are taking care of them very well,
can you leave them.. Am I important?
Children are important. Shall I say one thing? I will die at this moment very happily. Mad girl.
– It is real dear, very happily. Naidu sir. Save this poor lady. Who is that? It is on my head. Please come out sir. Who are you? What happened to you? Please say him to come out.
– Enough go. Say Naidu sir not to come out,
save his life. Neela, come inside fast. Father. Mother. Mother. Mr Naidu, everyone is waiting
for you. If you come.. By the time I immerse the
remaining ashes in water, no.. …male of Chettiar family
should remain alive. Who is it? Please leave me. Who is it? Do not cry, dear. Suryam, take care of your sister. Keep tickets with you. Father, everyone is saying that
you are responsible for.. …mother death. Is it so? Father, is it true?
Tell me. Father tell me. Father. My dear sweet darling, you are a
pearl. Who has hit you? Who has hit you? Who has hit you? Tears should never roll down
from your eyes. You should go ahead
in your journey. Time is never still. It will
move along with your life. My dear sweet darling, you are a
pearl. Who has hit you? Who has hit you? Who has hit you? Please move aside.
Greetings. This is my first child.
Please bless him and name him. Male or female? -Male child.
– Call him Ganesh then. Hold this, dear. Do not fight with him.
I will give some more. I conducted the prayers on your
daughter Radha name. Send her this. The tiny tot
will be blessed. Tiny tot! Naidu,
did you hear this? Mr Shastri, she is a
thunder but not a tot. Wait and watch Mr Naidu
hurdles henceforth. Do not worry. Carry on. Naidu is a Oldman now. Radha dear, please slow down.
Be careful. Father, do not get scared.
– Radha, please stop. Father, what happened?
Are you alright? What Mr Veeraiah Naidu?
Do not act smart. Naidu is old now.
– You are the culprit. Can I meet Mr Naidu?
– Be seated. He will come. I am Shankar. I was his
frequent visitor long back. I have recently stopped coming to
him. I want to meet him urgently. What is the matter?
– I need only 5 minutes. Father is in prayer. He will
take another half an hour. You may tell me the problem. You can reveal it to him.
He is Mr Naidu son. I have only one son. Since 4
years we were undergoing.. ..severe hurdles. He has got a
job in Dubai recently Everything is ready.
He has to leave tomorrow. Tell further. – But, while coming
from the passport office. You may continue. He accidentally hit
a boy with car. What about the child?
– He died on the spot. My son left the car on the spot
itself as he was very scared. But he is innocent. The child was
illegally playing on the road. His future is destroyed now. Go to the nearby police station
and lodge a complaint that.. ..your car is missing
since 3 days. Lodge the complaint and register
it with yesterday date. Mr Suryam, leave it to me.
I will manage. – Okay. Ramaswamy, do you have driving
license? – Yes sir. Where was the occurrence?
– At Matunga. Go to Matunga police station and
surrender yourself. – Ok sir. Take money from Iyer.
I will manage the rest. Do not worry. Your son will leave
for Dubai tomorrow at any cost. Do not worry. I am Mr Naidu
son. I will not break my word. I will leave son. You did a great work. You have
grown and beaten Naidu today. You are a carbon
copy of your father. You are very great. Naidu, may
you be alive for 100 years. Your son is a gem. He is much
much better than us. You would have seen it.
– I saw. Surya, this is none of your
business. – But father. Go inside. I would like to become an
inspector. – Do you want to? He wants to be like his father.
He had gone for the selection.. ..interview as well. He was rejected due to his
psychological impairment. Baba, I am very fit and fine.
Do you want me to prove? It is alright. You are my inspector henceforth.
Only mine. Send him to me from tomorrow.
Let him come and go. Sir, S.P. is coming.
– Which one? – Mr Raghava. Why is he coming here?
– I have no idea. – Let him come. Is that all? – Yes sir.
We have come only for that. I am Mr Raghava. – I know.
I know you since 20 years. You may come in. I have neither search warrant
nor the arrest warrant. No one comes here
with the warrant. You can search as per your
wish and you are welcome. I have not come here as a police man.
I have come for your help. Please be seated. You may sit there.
This is my habit. I would like to talk with
you in privacy. You may tell now. Next week is my daughter wedding.
– Very good. But, it is cancelled now. Currently she is
bed-ridden in hospital. What happened? Indirectly I am the culprit as I
brought her up like a guy. Last night, she went out for
shopping but came back.. a victim of rape. Four idiots of well reputed
families are responsible for this. You are a police and entire
police dept. is in your hands. Get that rascals and brake their
bones so that.. …their buckets will be kicked
in no time. I found them. But I can neither
arrest nor punish them. But why? – Only because they
are the sons of vile ministers. I would not have spared if they
were the ordinary men. I have informed to I.G. as well.
He asked me for the proof. But I do not have any proof. He asked me about my property.
Not there. He said that, they have both the
power and the property. He told me to keep quiet as I
stand no where in comparison. But I cannot keep quiet. I cannot
tolerate my daughters condition. That is why I came to you for help. I will take care of it. You should not stay here for
longer leave now. I will take care. Radha seen us. Not only you I have seen your character. Innocent boy on road..
– See dear. He made a mistake so he got punished. Who are you to consider it is wrong?
What right do you have? Dear Radha, you are talking
without knowing.. What? Father, make one thing clear.
What do you think of yourself? Do you consider
yourself to be a God? Who are you to decide
the right and wrong? Why have you done this crime?
– Because I have given a promise. To whom? To father like me. Why have you promised to kill
someone? – He is a culprit. Whatever it is. But you have no
right to punish the people. That is the duty of law and order.
They will look after that why for you? You are educated without any trouble
so you will talk like this only. But we are not like that. We know the value of food,
shelter, hard work and money. Do we have hope that will
be alive till night? No not there.
That is why we.. Do not think of court and police station. We will be alive only
if we hold the sword. But, can you justify your deeds? I follow whatever
my mind says. So, shall I follow
as per what my mind says? My mind says that he is wrong
and he should be punished. How dare you slap an elderly
person like him? Naidu, please cool down. From where did she learn this
dirty habit? – Of course, from us. Please leave me. Why did you beat me?
I want the answer. Dear, you should not slap him.
– So, you found me wrong. It is the same. My mind
says that you are wrong. What you think is right
it is not correct for all. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Slapping me is not a wrong deed. But you are torturing the public
which is definitely a crime. What can I do?
– Father, please give up all this. I will die then. Will you be the same forever?
Will you never stop this? I will stop. But tell them to stop
first. – Who are they? – Everyone. Who are they? Ask that idiot union leader to
stop, I will stop then. Ask that rascal who kill the
innocents and shows it as a.. ..suicide and escapes to stop
I will stop then. Ask that idiot Seth who wanted
to engulf the shelter of poor.. …to stop.
I will definitely stop it then. Ask that notorious killer of your
innocent mother to stop. I will surely stop it then. I am not selfish. I have to be
like this as I have no option. Are not you ashamed
of your deeds? Not at all as long as the
innocents are saved. Is not killing someone a crime?
– Radha dear, you will not get it. I do not need to get your point.
I do not want to understand. Leave me. – Please dear,
understand my problem. Uncle say him to go
– Radha. Say him not to talk to me.
– Radha. I will say you leave. Listen to me.
Go Naidu. Can I meet Mr Veeraiah Naidu? He is not well. – Can you
please allow me to meet him? Please be seated. Father, S.P. Raghava
has come to meet you. Shall I call him?
– Ok. Are you not feeling well?
– Nothing much. Get that chair.
Please be seated. Do you know Pandu Ranga?
– He is my ex-employee. Police have arrested him. Tomorrow is the case hearing.
He became an approver. You are thrown into
troubles because of me. Being a police officer
I cannot afford to stop this. Please consider and
try to stop this. I have come to inform you.
I shall make a move. By your grace, my daughter is
quite better and happy now. Call Mr Chalamaiah.
– Father! You had sent him to Hyderabad
for some work, do you not remember. Father, I will handle this. Do you not trust me?
– Surya dear. Do not worry dad. I will manage. Pandu should not come to the court ..and even if he comes he should not talk. This should be done by the
outsiders but not by our people. Those outsiders
should know no details. We should be
no where in the picture. Father, I will manage this. Mr Naidu. I promise to speak the
truth, nothing but truth. I am Surya
Pandu … Do not reveal in phone
Come home. I just wanted to inform so that
you will be out of tension. Mr Suryam, Pandu chapter is closed. Who has asked you
to come here? He did not even utter a word. Father, shall I disconnect? Father, what? Nothing you come.
– Ok. Why have you come here?
– Do not worry I escaped everyone and came.
So, do not bother. They ca not do anything.
-Have you changed the vehicle? No, but why to change? What happened, Mr Iyer?
What about you Mr Inspector? What is the matter? It is surprising to see you
all early in the morning. What happened Mr S. P.?
Why are you here at this hour? God is very rude.
– Is anything wrong? It is all God’s wish.
We are helpless. What are you talking is anyone injured? Why are you behaving like this? Mr Naidu, kindly try
to console yourself. What is wrong?
Tell me the fact. What happened to Surya?
Where is Surya? Go and call Surya. He is scorched. You will not be
able to tolerate. Please do not see. Father! Why are you sleeping?
Who has beaten you? Do not let the tears to come out
let the life to go on till the end. The passing time continue with
you till the end like a saga. The rising sun is sleeping today
Dear child, who has beaten you. I will go away.
I will leave you and go away. I cannot live here at any cost. First it was mom, next it was
brother and if I stay here.. ..for some more time,
I will die out of my anguish. I do not want myself
to be your child. I will consider myself to be an
orphan. I will go back to Vizag. Please do not stop me.
Do not be a hurdle for me. I care a damn about you
Please leave me. You have neither wife nor son
So, forget about me as well. Conduct my funeral also
and forget me. Radha dear.
– Please leave me. May Lord Ganesha bless us. I had conducted the worship on
Radha name as I usually do. Shall I enquire regarding her
whereabouts at least now? No. I have promised her that I
will not interfere in her life. Poor child! She might be
undergoing a tough time. Impossible. She is my child.
She can manage well. Hey see who is that came. If it is new officer tell him to come
here and have god’s blessings. Tell him that I said that. Naidu brother I will say. We have no permission
to conduct this pray. Whom should we ask permission
to conduct prayer. Not that sir we did not take permission
for this speakers and lightings it seems. Do we take permission any time,
We are conducting from 30 years. We asked that, from 30 years many are happening
from now that should not happen.. Who is that?
– Wait for some time. Who is that officer?
– Newly appointed Assistant commissioner. Assistant? – Commissioner.
– Who is that Iyer? Orphans Mandir. They are used by poor people.
How if we cease them? I know how they are used. This is veer Naidu’s topic
we will face problem. Who is giving you the salary
police department or they? Move. Move aside. Move, get in, and go. I know idiot, you are killer. Get in. Who is that? Who is that, beaten up Chalamaiah. Assistant commissioner. Who?
– Commissioner. In public he took with hand
cuffs beating throw. Hey shut up your mouth. Do you not have shame to say that? What you all are doing there? Do you have bangles to your hand? In 35 years any one raised
hand on Chalamaiah? If he does will I leave him. What Iyer?
What he want? Why did they arrest him? Do not know sir. Hey what happened to you? Why do you not ask him?
Do you have stones in your mouth? That A.C.P is killing everyone
whoever he sees. Go you became old. What are you doing idiot
why Do you not ask him? If we ask they may arrest so.. Gosh! Fear that they will arrest. You will be shivered if you
see the police uniform. Look at me. Be brave
A coward can never be strong. Where is the commissioner house?
– Naidu, please do not go there. What do you mean?
He arrested our Chalamaiah. Who knows his house?
– Do you know? Are you scared to tell me?
– Naidu sir, I know his house. Is commissioner at home?
Go and call him. Commissioner Sir! Who is it?
– Father. I had no option.
So, I had to go for it. I wanted at least my children
to be loyal and secured. So, I married a police officer. Does he know your details? -No,
he knows me as an orphan only. Even I believe that. Wait a minute, dear. Is it your child?
Is it a male child? Father, please!
You should not see him. He should never come to know
that you are his grandfather. Please go away from here. Do you know, I have got an
arrest warrant for Veeraiah Naidu. Where is Veeraiah Naidu?
– He is not here. Then, where is he?
– I do not know sir. Where is Naidu?
– I do not know. Where is he?
– We could not find him. Where is Naidu?
– He is not here. Then, where is he?
– I do not know sir. Check thoroughly.
Be quick. Where is Veer Naidu?
– I do not know. Check thoroughly. Where is Veera Naidu?
– I do not know. Naidu Sir, please run away.
Policemen are coming. Run away police are coming. Police are coming run away. Leave me. You could not arrest
Mr Veeraiah Naidu. Am I right? Yes sir.
– But, why? He has public support. No one is
ready to reveal his whereabouts. Today, one lady has burnt
herself to save Naidu. I can do nothing but wonder
about this behaviour of public. Someone might be providing him
with the prior information. I did not get your point. Are you aware that Mr Naidu
has two children? I heard that they lost their lives
in some petrol bunk accident. Son was the only victim in that
but his daughter is still alive. He sent both of them to
Vizag in their early childhood. Majority do not even know
that he has a daughter. But, what is the correlation
with this case? Sir, why have you come here?
We will manage. My God!
– Naidu sir. What is this Mr Iyer? – I kept my
mouth shut in the interrogation. All of a sudden, I became brave
– Take him to the bed. Please take rest.
– You should be alright. I do not mind sacrificing myself
my life for you but.. should be alright.
May you have a long life. Anjamma, this Veeraiah
has come to see you. She is unconscious since then. Doctors said that
they are helpless. She will be. Naidu, please. God! It is enough.
Please stop it. Ranga.
– Yes sir. Where is the phone?
– Sir, it is here. Connect me to A.C.P.
– What are you doing? I prefer to talk with A.C.P. Then, what is the use
of their sacrifice? If I do not, all my efforts till
today will go in vain. My policy is to sacrifice one for
four but not hundred for one. This ca not be justified.
– Mr Veeraiah. – Please leave me. Father, are you on line?
– This is Veeraiah Naidu on line. Can I talk to A.C.P. please!
– Father, are you alright. He is in search of me. Tomorrow is your mother death
anniversary. Kindly tell him.. ..that he can arrest me after
the rituals are done. I will not.
– Please dear. Do you know, what will he do
then? – Of course, yes. Please tell him.
– Father, I cannot. Who was on line?
Who was it? With whom were you talking?
Tell me the truth. It is my father
– Oh! Say it is Veeraiah Naidu. What does he want
to know about? Is it information about next raid
or next concealing shelter? What did he tell you?
– He wants to meet you. He has asked you to come and
arrest him tomorrow. Veeri Naidu has been arrested.
We want you to be the approver. He has named my son. I will
never utter a word against him. You should be the approver.
– No way. Veeri Naidu has been arrested.
– I know it. You should be the approver. You do not have to be afraid of
anyone. Security will be provided. Why? Do you not know
about Veera Naidu? Of course, yes. That is why I
ca not utter a word against him. See, he is the killer
of your husband. Yes. – Knowingly why you are not telling? No I will not. – But why? Because he was taking care of my family. He made my son to a human being. That is why I will not tell.
I cannot say! Leave us alone. Sit down please! I heard that Veera Naidu ever hesitate
to help. You should help me. I am an ordinary human being and
you have arrested and put me in jail. You are an A.C.P.
How can I help you? In the beginning even I thought
that you were an ordinary man. I was very eager and
adamant on arresting you. But, I consider
it to be an amiss now. Both of us are doing the
same thing but.. ..the only difference is that
I do with the uniform. That is why I have come to
beg for your help. You are well educated and talk
big words. I am an illiterate. I will help you if it is within
my power. Tomorrow is the final hearing.
But riots are still continuing. If we stand against the riots,
many innocents will be killed. The Court hearing should be held
without any hurdle tomorrow. You only have to help us.
– But. I am sure that Veera Naidu can
do this, if he really wants to. You may be sentenced to death
in the Court judgment. I was supposed to be sentenced
to death at the age of 10 only. I assure that no problems will
be faced by you tomorrow. I want one more
favour from you. You should bless your grandson tomorrow. Why were you kept in jail?
– Dear child. Have you done any mistake? Are you good or bad? Tell me whether
you are good or bad. I do not know it, Babu.
I do not know it myself. What is your name?
– Veeraiah Naidu. Do you know my name?
– I do not know. My name is also Veeraiah Naidu
like yours. Naidu, nothing will happen to you.
We are with you. Naidu, carry on. Do not worry.
We are all with you. None of them can harm you.
You have support of so many people. Go and come soon. Prosecution could produce no
evidence against Mr Naidu. Mr Naidu is released
without any punishment. Father. A star has fallen. Lustre is lost. Only tears are left now.
Legend is ended. A story has come to an end. Moved with the companionship of
time and remained as a saga. He is an immortal hero. Remains in our heart forever.