– I’m digging a hole
but the question is why. – That’s true.
(playful music) – Yes!
(group laughing) – James, you seem excited. – I’m an epic Minecraft gamer. I use to play this a lot after school. – After school?
– Yeah. – It feels like a very
young person’s game. – It is but it’s coming back. – It’s coming back? – Yeah.
– Did it go away? – It’s number one most watched gaming, gaming game on YouTube. – Gaming game!
(group laughing) – Okay and it’s like blocks, right? – Yeah, you’re in a
world of blocks and you– – World of blocks! (laughs) – You chop down trees and dig stuff and make things and it’s– – A world of blocks.
– Yeah. (laughs) Just a heads up, so you can’t really win the game but you can lose. – I know what I’m doing.
– That doesn’t sound too good. (group laughing) – Fine, let’s play.
– Fine, let’s play. (playful music) – So I have a brick in my hand. – No, that’s your hand. – Is that my hand?
– Yeah. (laughs) – And how do you move because– – So left one’s for walking. Right, everybody come
back to where we started. – Where was that? (group laughing) – How do I get outta the water? – Seems like Rob has always
got (mumbles) already. – Yeah, I think I can see someone now. Oh, that’s the first
time I’ve seen someone. – Oh okay, can you see,
look how the sun is. – I sorta have got to– – There you are, hello. Hey, James.
– Oh yeah, here we are. – Everybody form a circle. – Why?
– Wait on me, I’m coming. – Have you got something planned? – No.
– (laughs) A team meeting. (group laughing) – Sammy’s all the way down the side. – (laughs) Where are you? – Is the sun setting? It looks like sometimes it’s darker. – Oh, the sun’s setting and you said that’s when nasty things come out.
– But then when you go this way it doesn’t
look like it is setting. I don’t know.
– What are you doing, James? Okay.
– Oh, what do I… – I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh, ooh, ooh, I did something! Oh, I dug a hole. – Oh, it’s a very good castle isn’t it. Okay, I gotta stop just looking upwards. So how did you do that? Do you push, oh! Oh, I’m not into this. – I’m digging a hole but the question is why.
– That’s true. If I keep going down what will happen? Is that what you’ve been doing? – It’s getting dark. I’ve been pressing R at the back here. – Right, right, right, we should be digging the same hole. – Oh, there’s a zombie or something. – Oh God, it has gotten dark. How did it get dark that quickly? – [Crew] Has anyone figured out what you’re supposed to do yet? – Absolutely not.
– No, no. – No idea what I’m doing. Well, you said we’re
supposed to build things but it feels like we’re
only destroying them. – Oh, someone’s shooting at me. – What are you guys doing over here? – How do I pick up my
ax that I’ve got now? That I can attack people with. Okay, I’m gonna hide in this hole for now, whoa, no I’m not! – I don’t know that the
ax kills this thing. (upbeat music)
– Please. – I feel like I’m just
always looking at the ground. (Sammy laughs)
(James laughs) – Well, I went for a swim
before so that’s fun. – Oh, did I just find
something on the ground? What’s that?
– I’m not enjoying this. (Sammy laughs) I’ve got you, sheepy boy.
– All right, much prefer when there’s light.
– Oh, he’s running away from me but he is faster than me. – Can I run?
– I’ve got something– – Oh, God, oh!
– Here, sheepy. – But then how do I collect it? – Oh, we killed one! – We killed one! Good for us. Are you killing me? James! (laughs)
– I want your pick ax. (James laughs)
– What?! No, no, no, no! (groaning) This stick, I think. – Where are you guys? You’re over there? – James is attacking me. (Sammy laughs) It’s not fair.
– Very unkind. You guys have known
each other for a while. (group laughing) What’s that thing? It’s running at us and (group yelling). – Ah, James died! James got eaten by a spider! – What is that? Oh, God, oh! Who did that? Who’s doing this? (group laughing) – I haven’t done anything. I just walked around, gone for a swim and I’m trying to find people. And nobody wants to talk to me. (Sammy chuckles)
– I wanna move faster. – Yeah, I wish we could move faster. (playful music) (Rob groaning)
– Trees? Where are the trees? – That’s what I’m doing. – I was shot by an arrow. (Chloe laughs) – How do I pick something up? – Oh, it’s so dark. – It is very dark, I think I need different eyes for this. – When does the sun come up? – Oh, those are arrows. I don’t think I can pick them up. – Is this a tree? Have I found a tree? I’d really love to make it daylight. I get quite scared when
they’re in the dark. Oh God, I think there’s one of the spider things on top of me! (Sammy laughs)
– I found it on the box. – There it is. – Oh God, there it is! Oh, oh, before I knew it I was dead. – I’m really struggling.
(James laughs) I just don’t even get the game. – Okay, at least I can see the trees now. Oh, look, trees over there. It appears that I’ve cut
down the bottom of the tree but it’s still upright. Um, group, I’m cutting down the trees but just the bottom of the trees and somehow this game
defies all sort of gravity. (Chloe laughs) And the top of the tree is still there. How’s it doing that? Or maybe I cut this bit down. Will that help? – I think you need to get
rid of all the wood bits. – Oh, wood bits. (grunts) Can I jump and cut, like (grunts)? It doesn’t seem like that’s possible. Oh, I see, this bit’s got wood. (laughs) Got wood. – Okay, I have food in my inventory now but I don’t know what to do with it. – You can–
– Eat it, presumably, but how? – (laughs) I think I cut down the tree. – Dark wood, oak plank, torch, food. – Where did you get the food from? – From a box.
– Oh. – I think I need a tutorial
on how to use the controller. (group laughing) – What about this guy? James, are you guys just standing here with this donkey?
– With a donkey. Hello, donkey.
– What’s this box here? (group laughing) – It’s raining now.
– Oh, it’s raining. – Is the donkey a foe or a friend? I chopped down a hell
of a lot of that tree. – Ah, spider, spider! Run away!
– Where? Where? Is it near my donkey? Get away from my donkey. (playful music) – Oh okay, so in my thing I seem to have five wood, woods. – Five woods.
– I just hit the donkey with a block. – Do you think I could
make a table out of the, wait, what did you say, a table? – Okay, I have a crafting table. I have one, how do I use it? – Oh, you gotta put it down. – How?
– (laughs) Like you put down a block. – You might as well ask me to build the Eiffel Tower.
(group laughing) I don’t know how to do it. – I think you can probably do that in this game.
– Oh, yes! I’ve got my first block. – To craft, R.
– If I wanna use this log, open recipe book, recipe book? – Table, grab my menu, sandstone, construction,
torch, crafting table! – What are you doing? Where are you? What one are you?
– Top left. – Top left.
– Okay, so that’s in my hand now. And it’s my little thing in
the top right, my menu thingy. And then I when I hover
over it they disappear which is very upsetting. – What about table?
– Who’s that? That’s you, James. – I do not understand this at all. – Oh press LT, LT!
– LT. (laughs) – What’s that? Have I just set a fire? (Rob laughing) Am I an arsonist in this game? (laughs) What’s this? – Where did you go? – What’s the question mark? I don’t understand this.
– Oh, oh! – I don’t even know
what I picked up, shit. – I, I’m even–
– Oh, I just got 18! (James laughing) – Oh, no.
– Oh, here we go, here we go. Here we go. Wait drop, drop is down, down, LT. – I can see the spider again. – Oh that looked good to me. – That did look good now I assume I need to
make it into a table? – [Crew] Crafting table.
– Crafting table. How would I do that? I put the piece of wood that I’d previously taken from a tree a part of the ground. I don’t know if I support
this kind of logging. (laughs) I think that now I need
some sort of implement to make the wood into something else but I don’t think I have it. Do you think the donkey can help? – I feel like I’ve heard people talking about Minecraft for years and I can’t believe that this is what they were talking about. – This is it, yeah. – What is, are you doing it? (mumbles) – Okay, so you had to get
the wood from the tree. – Yep. – And put in the
four little crafting box. See those four little things there? – Yeah. – And then when you do that, you see on the bottom of my screen. – Oh, you’re putting
that there. – And then when you do that, it gives you a plank of wood. And then when you put
four planks of wood there then it gives you a crafting table. (playful music) – That was shit. (group laughing) – Agreed, agreed.
– I feel like I need to spend like thousands
of hours to understand it. – By why would you,
like, do anything else? The control panel thing–
– Yeah, it’s confusing. – Very confusing
– Didn’t like it. Didn’t seem intuitive. I was trying to put the blocks of wood in my little avatar’s hands. I didn’t know it had to go
in those boxes to the right. – No one tells you that do they. – It’s a lot harder than I remember, especially with the
controllers, it’s a lot harder. – And little kids play it. But you do remember?
– Yeah. (group laughing) – It wasn’t fab, no. – You didn’t share until the end really. – I was struggling and
I wanted you to help me. – You were jumping in the water. (group laughing) – We did at least tell you that you needed the second thing to look around. – Yeah.
– True. (group laughing) – I did at least know what that one did, I didn’t like it.
(Sammy laughing) – So would we play Minecraft again? – No.
– No, not with James. – Not with James.
(group laughing) – You’re out, yeah, kids playing that. They must be very dexterous. – It’s probably good
for kids not for adults. – Yes. (laughs)
– Not like boring for adults but also like, I don’t get it. – They must have a lot of imagination. I feel like I need a game
that’s got the imagination already built in. – Very low fire game as well. – It was.
– Yeah. (playful music)