It’s time to play a memory
game with the Paw Patrol. Are you ready? Ready For action Ryder, Sir. Here’s the first
question, look closely at this jungle scene
and watch for a sneaky pup. Which pup do you
remember seeing? If you guessed
Tracker, pawsome job. I’m all ears. [LAUGHTER] Ready for the next question? Let’s go. Hey, Rubble check this out. That was on a
real pirates head? Try it on. What kind of pirate gear
did Ryder give to rubble, an eye patch or a pirate hat? It was a pirate hat. You have a rem-argh-able memory. Argh! Shiver me timbers. Question 3, check out
this scene featuring everyone’s favorite chicken. MAYOR GOODWAY: Eat
your corn, Chickaletta. It’ll make your
beak nice and shiny. Do you remember
what snack Mayor Goodway gave to Chickaletta? If you said corn,
you’re a memory master. [BURP] For question 4, let’s
head to Farmer Al’s. Baa, Baa. Baaa– whoa! [CRASH] Which pup was dressed
in his sheep costume? Yeah, it was M-aaa-rshall I’m an undercover sheep. Baa. Last question, look
closely at the Paw Patrol. Just yelp for help. And I couldn’t have done
it without all my pups. Now take another look. Do you know which
high flying pup has gone missing from the picture? That’s right, Skye. Way to play. This pup’s got to fly. You did a pup-tacular
job remembering. [LAUGHTER] You can find more videos like
this in the free Nick Jr. app. [MUSIC PLAYING]