hello guys today i made a video about how to control recoil in pubg many of us played counter strike before pubg and in CS the recoil pattern is the same always so you can compensate using your mouse so we can see the pattern we can shoot millions of times and the pattern will be ever the same in pubg all the sprays are random i’ll shoot twice 30 bullets using akm to you notice the difference and when i put a flash rider the pattern become more stranger at the m16a4 i tried to shot at burst fire i tried to click the same speed and the pattern is very similar you can compare there is atachments that help us to controil recoil we have the angled foregrip and the vertical foregrip i got a m416 and i’ll shoot with vertical foregrip and after without side by side you will notice the difference horizontally they are almost similar but with vertical foregrip the shoot doens’t got too high without the vertical, the shoot got in the clouds the same test using Scar-L with vertical foregrip and after wihout we notice the same thing no control horizontally, but the shot doen’t got the clouds a detail, if you do the test standing, crouchiung or prone that affects the precision crouching gets morre precision than standing and proning is the best posistion for precision i’ll do a test using SCAR-L, i will atach angled foregrip Shoot in 3 positions after this
‘ill atach the vertical foregrip and shoot in 3 positions again so we noticed in these two tests that vertical foregrip the shoot is not going to high in 3 tests the shots got vertically better than using angled foregrip however, horizontally the angled foregrip it is much better i repeated the test again, now using a supressor ill test in order: angled foregrip, vertical foregrip and without both you guys will see the pattern difference so we noticed with angled foregrip we have the best pattern horizontally with vertical foregrip we have the best vertically pattern however the worst horizontally and the pattern without angled of vertical got the average so, my conclusion is vertically all weapons will go the shots aways go high but horizontally is completely random so, i use angled foregrip because vertically i can compensate using the mouse and horizontally the pattern is randomness i can’t compensate left or right so, i always use angled foregrip i’ll show a video controlling the recoil to new players how i control the recoil one thing, the speed I lower the mouse may differ from your because of the dpi settings of my mouse i use 700 dpi to play pubg and the default sensibility in game so, thats it subscribe the chanell thanks for watch