I hope my boys weren’t too hard on you
but I’ve been hearing some pretty disturbing rumors that you’ve been
placing bids for my territory behind my back of course they can’t be true
because you know I’d let you borrow it for your race but
that doesn’t give you permission to make new deals on you need to recognize opportunity when
it strikes right you rather the Americans get it I’d rather you know you
place cockroach I had to act fast if their Russian bastard wants a
battleground on Miramar he deals with me nobody else of course of course I was
just making arrangements so that you can make a decision what do you know about
him well has he told you about his plans I know as much as anyone else really
he’s wealthy connected some say his reaches everywhere
I think you know as well as I do he gets what he wants this is my territory
I get what I want oh I I’m sorry okay honey just didn’t sell like you’ve been
giving a choice I’m the only choice that matters and my answer is no you tell him
to stay the hell out of me tomorrow unless he wants a war you’re right the Badlands are yours he
should answer to you I’ll get him on the phone let me just step outside to get a