Welcome to Survival Instincts where we show you
three different methods of survival. So, you’ve been playing
the safe game for a while and perfected the art of looting, only to have it ripped away
before you’ve even fired off a shot. Come on, Jim. And maybe you’ve tried hot drops
a few times only to find yourself back at the lobby
because you’re up against players that know how to handle these aggressive
situations better than you. Well, Survival Instincts is here to help
as we examine “hot drops”. Let’s take a look at a few different ways
to handle hot drops, such as when to “push”, “hunker down”, or “bait the enemy”. Let’s start with push. Pushing an enemy player
requires confidence. But it also requires a solid understanding
of your positional advantage in reference to where they are. Grab a gun and act fast
for that quick kill. Don’t get too hung up
on a backpack or supplies. A few seconds can mean the difference
between winning a quick battle or running into an unwinnable situation. That was a rough one. Maybe let’s try to hunker down this time. Hot drops at popular locations
like The Arena are incredibly competitive. Your priority will be to find a gun ASAP
and deal with any immediate opponents. You’ll have to deal
with player after player so be prepared for a few fights
and loot with a swivel on your head because you just became
high-priority targets. Pro tip, maybe res your teammates
before charging outside. Let’s take a look
at how you can use an opponent to bait the rest of their team. If you notice that an enemy player
has peeled away from his unit, let your squad know
and change your drop spot to cut off the enemy player from his team. Guy landed around this warehouse. Let’s drop around here and push up on him. Oh, yeah, I see him. Copy that. With the player surrounded.
Get your guns and close in on him. Okay, I see him, west side
of the warehouse. Push, push, push! Okay, I’m coming.
All right, moving in. Pushing from the east side
of the warehouse. All right, cool. I’ve got eyes on you. He’s on the other side of the wall.Throwing a stun grenade. I’m pushing! This team will now likely
stop their looting to save their downed teammate.-I see a guy, he’s pushing towards hotel.
-He’s a dead man.Knocked him! Okay, he’s got two more friends
coming out of The Arena, marked All right, I’m moving in on them.
”Nade, out! And knocked one! I see the last one, I’ve got him. You’ve just been promoted
from scrub to badass. Next time you play,
don’t be afraid of those hot drops and keep playing PUBG! SEASON 6 AVAILABLE NOW