Hit him once What?! Teammate: Enemies at slope They came down or…? Can’t see him Teammate: Car coming Where? Direction? Teammate: Don’t know Get down! Stop jumping! Thought you knew where Heard them Afraid of enemies behind Teammate: 1 more Shoot them He jumped down 1 more upstairs He tried to kill me! This is a fan! He tried to kill me! Someone came to find me Someone shooting you? One, he died Ah… I became transparent Aiyo, so scary! Ah people will say I’m a hacker! Will report me! Really looks like I’m a hacking How to change back? Woah! Run! Full squad! They’re securing locations! So scary Teammate: They shot flare gun Shoot here Eh didn’t kill him Teammate: Let’s go let’s go! All low health, 1 knocked Snipe him Low health Teammate: Can’t hit him Teammate: 1 in wooden building Enemy: Let us go, BuQiuRen! They want us to let them go, how? Low health Still have enemies WanYu don’t shoot! My fans! Enemy: Tried matchmaking into same game as you many times… Enemy: Finally met you, I’m so happy! I’ll explode the car, looks dangerous Enemy: My teammate is there Enemy: Number 1, come revive me, QiuGe won’t shoot Enemy: WanYu… that’s my teammate… Is the yellow guy behind the building your teammate? Eh… yellow outfit enemy Not his teammate He drove here, can’t see him now Follow me That’s him Enemy: BuQiuRen, can you not kill our teammate? Enemy: He’s in bluezone, no more meds Where’s he? I’ll give him meds In toilet? Keep your gun and get in the car! I’ll drive you into the circle Don’t be nervous WanYu, stay close to me Scared I get knocked by this player in my car You kidnapped my fan Brother I’ll give this car to you I’ll drive that car Drive away Don’t follow me anymore Teammate: There’s a car here Teammate: I’m getting shot Teammate: Get revenge for QiuGe! Teammate: Let’s go Teammate: They killed QiuGe, too skillful Teammate: See, they’re very good Stop here Teammate: Remove your clothes so I can recognise you Teammate: Enemy running there Car coming Teammate: Let’s go