[Music] [Crowd noise] ANNOUNCER: He’s denied as the puck up on edge. Abruzzese turning, shooting, blocker save made by Galajda. Barron, keeping it alive but not much room to work. And now it comes free – big shot! The Crimson, move in in transition, tried to center, Bowlby was cutting, now loose in the circle. Shots 20-10 in favor of the visitors. Mallott in tight, couldn’t fend off a double team. Now it’s loose in the circle, Berard a quick shot! Dornbach in tight, that one rolling free in the blue paint! And covering up on the goal line. Dornbach stepping in, holding behind the net. Now thrown to the slot, shot, they score! The Crimson finally break through it’s Jack Drury with his 11th goal of the season. With 4:05 to go in period three. [Music]