[Music] Yes, Harvard goes up a woman and a score. Where she hails from. Inside entry pass, there’s the defense from
the Wildcats but the spinning-swivel shot. Harvard’s taken a lot from the outside, as
this one’s deflected along the way. Slowed down for Zoe Banks. Well up ahead of the traffic is Olivia Price. Price with only the goaltender to beat, up
and over the top. Into the net. Inside pass, another save. That an even better one. Angie Varona won a coaches award from head
coach Ted Minnis last year. Outside shot. Harvard inside. Shoots and scores, Gorlinski. Borden Wahl to the opening. Shots, scores. Jordin Hale, hails from Chicago, Ill. A clean takeaway here for Harvard. It’s gonna be a rush in the other direction,
Olivia Price. It might be a 2-0. Wahl is in the middle. Price, waiting, over to Wahl. Scores. A lot of experience already, not a lot but
a little bit of experience already for the first-years and a field block there. Three-time girls water polo All-American from
17-19. Oh and it just sneaks by. Heading home, Harvard on the rush again. Same sort of situation it’s Pursell. Pursell ahead of everyone. Scores again. [Music]